Gangaa update Saturday 17 October 2020

Gangaa 17 October 2020: Sagar brings Ganga upstairs. She says what madness is this. why did you bring me here forcibly? I said I don’t want to talk to you. He shushes her by keeping a finger on her lips. He agrees that he is an idiot.

Gangaa 16 October 2020 update

I understood things late but I finally did. She wants to go but he asks her if she remembers what happened 10 years ago. Flashback is shown. Sagar had made her wear one anklet. He had kept the other one with him. Flashback ends. You broke all the ties and gave it back to me when I came back. He shows it to her. She recalls doing so. Either Sagar will make me wear the pair in both my feet or I will never wear it. He says you think I forgot everything. No, I kept every memory related to you with me, including this anklet. I was waiting to make you wear it.

I took time in understanding the real meaning of our relation. But I did understand. It isn’t friendship but love! He makes her sit down and then ties an anklet in her each foot. Tears roll down her cheeks. She stands up. She removes the anklet and hands it back to him. Relations, memories, you kept them all safely to come to me when you will realise it. Ask me what it is to stay away from you. I have learnt to bear this pain by staying away from you and even after your return! 10 years, 112 days, 34 hours and 25 seconds – I have only loved you!

Some updates missing here…

Amma ji scolds Prabha. What did you do? She is a widow! Why did you keep the shagun’s saree on her? Prabha acts to realise her mistake. I forgot it. You did injustice with a nice girl. No colours or wishes. She will spend her life this way.

I feel pained to hear anyone calling her a widow! Ganga tells her not to feel bad. I have got used to hearing it. You are right. I don’t have a right on these colours or on wishing something. I am widow after all! Sagar feels bad. She turns to go but he holds her hand. You are not a widow. You aren’t! Everyone looks at them in shock. Prabha smirks. Sagar repeats that Ganga isn’t a widow. Madhvi makes Sagar leave Ganga’s hand. Have you lost your mind? Sagar says it is truth. Ganga is Ganga, pure, pious Ganga.

That’s it! Our worse society has named her widow in the age she could not understand what it means. Is this justice? He asks his Dadi if she is proud of her this society only. Ganga’s life isn’t colourless. She has an equal right on colours like everyone else. He picks up the sarees. Yellow means Shagun. Since Ganga has come in the shagun, what has gone wrong? He questions his mother. You always wanted a daughter. You have raised Ganga like a daughter. Why was she insulted today? He asks his Dadi the same question. Sagar says a girl makes her doll wear pink clothes.

Ganga too had a right on it but you snatched all colours from her in childhood only. Her toys, happiness, you snatched everything from her! He notices the sindoor box in Supriya’s hands. He takes it from her. this red colour is of live and marriage. Your society wiped this colour off Ganga’s head with what right? She cried, shouted but no one showed mercy. Dadi tells him to stop but he sticks to his words. He calls her society, its rules wrong. Everyone is doing what they like. No one cares what Ganga feels. I wont take it anymore. I cannot bear it. She has a right on the colours too. She will get all those right and in front of everyone’s eyes!

Sagar tells Ganga she was right. I couldn’t understand it back then on now. I knew everything that you were going through but I ignored it all. You don’t need to hide their relation from anyone. I will return all the colours to you that the world snatched from you. He fills vermilion in her head in the presence of everyone. Ganga looks at him teary eyed. Only Maharaj ji looks happy.

Sagar drops the sindoor box and holds Ganga’s hand. Amma ji calls it wrong. I kept saying that this girl will bring doom to our house. She proved me right. Madhvi asks Sagar to leave Ganga’s hand but he does not. She slaps him. I am asking you to leave her hand! Are you mad? Clear this vermilion. He refuses. This is sindoor, not some Holi colour. It cannot be wiped and then put again. This is the colour of my live which will stay in Ganga’s forehead forever.

From now and today onwards, Ganga is my wife and your DIL. Madhvi tells him to stop it. You have lost your mind. Leave her hand. Ganga and Sagar hold hands tightly. Madhvi looks at Ganga. Sagar tells his mother he has held Ganga’s hand for life. No one can separate us now. Amma ji wants to try. She goes inside for second and comes back. She asks Sagar to leave Ganga’s hand. He shakes his head. She hits on Ganga’s hand to make them let go of their hands but in vain. Sagar thinks of the childhood times when his Dadi had done something similar.

Supriya tries to stop them but they pay no heed to her. Sagar tells his Dadi she can try as much as she wants to but now neither the hands will part nor them. Ganga says you can hurt as much as you want to but this vermilion has stamped our relation. You ignored it years ago too. Amma ji says you are blaming me. She badmouths Ganga. We have seen Ganga since childhood. She had her eyes on Sagar. We saw it all. You cannot be the DIL of this house till I am alive!

Janvi calls Yash. She asks about some news of Sagar and Ganga. Ratan signals Yash not to tell anything to Janvi as of now. Yash lies to Janvi. You dint send me money. Janvi agrees to send right away. I don’t want Ganga to make use of my absence in any way. He agrees. Send money for now. He ends the call. Poor janvi has no idea Ganga and Sagar’s love story started as soon as she left. He receives a message from bank. Janvi has sent half of the money. Ratan wonders if Pulkit arranged the money or not. He gets Pulkit’s call just then. They decide to meet in the evening. Yash asks him how he can go before Pulkit. You are fooling him by someone else’s name. Ratan says it is not just you who is smart. everyone is celebrating in Chaturvedi Sadan but soon they will being to mourn.

Amma ji gets tired by beating them. Sagar asks her if she got tired. I told you it is useless to try to separate us. Don’t try. You say you love me the most but you couldn’t understand me. you don’t know what Ganga is for me. Amma ji calls Ganga his toy. I brought her in this house in childhood for your entertainment. You used to play with her. I cannot let a road side girl become the pride of this house, this temple. It cannot happen. He gets angry. You can call me anything but Ganga will get her rights in this house, in this very temple!

Madhvi asks Sagar to say it is a lie. You acted in a rush. This isn’t truth, say it. Sagar says I did it all in my senses. It will be good if you accept it. You have to live your life with this truth only. Amma ji tries to pull Ganga with her but Sagar and Ganga stand holding hands. They refuse to leave each other’s side. Madhvi comes there holding a knife in her hand. Let go of Ganga’s hand or I will kill myself. They are stunned. Ganga leaves Sagar’s hand. Amma ji takes her with her. Sagar tries to go after them but Madhvi warns him against it.

Amma ji brings Ganga to her room. Your eyes, your rebellion, your madness! You know what this madness will cost? She replies that Radha ji would have never loved Kanha ji if she had thought of the consequence. Amma ji slaps her. Don’t take God’s name to hide your sin. Aren’t you ashamed? How do you get so much strength? Ganga says I get it from the self-respect taught by Bappa, Babu’s teachings and today from Sagar’s vermilion. Amma ji says neither the vermilion nor this self-respect will stay! I will just show you.

She pins Ganga to the wall and begins to wipe the vermilion off her head. It falls in Kanha ji’s feet. Ganga notices the same. Amma ji asks her where is it now.Dont make me mad. Ganga keeps looking at the idol. See for yourself, where is it! It is in Kanha ji’s feet. Amma ji looks at it shocked. Ganga walks up to her. A widow’s vermilion fell in your Kanha ji’s feet. It became all the more pious. How will you deny it? Amma ji takes her out to explain what a widow means. Outside, Sagar tells Ganga not to listen to anyone.

Madhvi calls out for Sagar. She shows him something. They are his childhood memories (toys or his stuff). I kept them safely. What should I do with them now? Those 9 months that I spent with a happy wish? What should I do with it? the trouble I had to bear to raise you? What to do with our relation? You refused your mother’s love for a stranger girl? He denies. I dint do it. You refused the most important decision of my life. You know how much I love. She asks him to swear on her head that he will leave Ganga for forever. He asks her if she wants a value for her motherly love.

I can die if you want me to but don’t snatch Ganga from me. She is my soul. People live even after dying. There is nothing beyond soul. Madhvi says you have started talking big. She pours kerosene over all the collectibles and sets them on fire. Everyone tries to talk her out of it but in vain. Pulkit pulls his mother aside. What happened to you? Madhvi tells him to ask Sagar. He did such a sin that cannot be washed ever. He filled vermilion in Ganga’s forehead. He wants to marry a widow! She breaks down.

Pulkit comforts his mother. She is crying. He ruined everything. Sagar admits doing it. it might be wrong in other’s eyes but it is good in my view. I wont change my decision. They hear a song about love and rebellion. It is Prabha’s ringtone. Sorry. I had no idea it will ring in this situation. Madhvi glares at her.

Yash tells Janvi what Sagar did. Janvi is shocked. This cannot be! Sagar cannot do it. Ganga is behind it. She snatched my Sagar from me. She breaks things in her room and cries. The call is still on. Yash smiles hearing her cry. Ganga’s words echo in Janvi’s head. She imagines Ganga before her. I told you Sagar is mine and will come to me only. You lost! Janvi refuses. You cannot win from me! I know how to make Sagar mine and defeat you.

Niru comes to Janvi’s home. Janvi’s father introduces him to big guys of Mumbai. The intro’s are exchanged. Janvi signals her father. niru notices them. Janvi’s father wants to announce Janvi and Sagar’s marriage in his friend circle. I will find a date of next month and inform you. Niru agrees. The people compliment Sagar. He should become the member of bar council. Niru thanks them. I am sure Sagar would want to make his own way. Janvi’s father says there is nothing in Banaras. We all want his good. They feed sweets to one another. Janvi thinks if Yash was here then he would have known how easy it is to trap a father who is all concerned about his son’s future.

Amma ji brings Ganga to the ghaat. See all those dead bodies. Their bodies are finishing but we widows have to end everything inside us while we are still living. We have to stop having any infatuation in life with anything. Widows have no face or existence. You have everything till you have a husband. You also lost a husband in childhood? Ganga says no. my son is alive! Amma ji is sure no one will accept this marriage.

Ganga says wow, you accept the wedding of childhood to the boy I did not even know. I got cursed to be a widow. The marriage, which I accept from heart, will not allow me to be a married woman? What are you trying to scare me with? This is all hypocrisy. You remember when and why I filled vermilion in my forehead? I did it to save your grandson. You used to punish me for every little thing in childhood. When you knew what I did, why did you choose to ignore it? You did so as you are selfish! You were quiet as it was about Sagar. You somewhere agree that that act saved Sagar’s life.

This is called double standards. I am not like you. I do what I say. What I have done, I will live it till life. You are a widow. You lived a relation and saw it ending. How can I accept it when I did not live it? I can accept it if something happens to your grandson! Amma ji warns her not to say anything against her grandson. Ganga knows she only cares about her loved ones. Why do you say a widow has to stop thinking about anything else when your own wishes are still very much there? Till when will you overlook the truth? Your wishes are hidden in your heart.

Closing your eyes to it does not change the truth. You have lived your life. You might not want someone to touch you sweetly in this age but I do. I want someone to touch my soul, talk to me sweetly! I have always seen Sagar that ways. Amma ji tells her to stop but Ganga continues speaking. All my wishes are alive and will remain so. Neither will I kill them nor will I hide them somewhere. If I was in the age when women were made Sati, no one would have still stopped me from living. Why should I do something like that today then? Ganga will live and get her rights!

Amma ji says nothing changes by what you say. You are 19 years old but there is nothing left in your life already. You were, are and will always be a widow! Ganga refuses to accept it. She loudly shouts that Ganga was, is and will always be alive! Amma ji looks at her stunned.

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