This is fate update Saturday 13 November 2021

This fate 13 November 2021: Kritika is wondering what dress she should wear, she is selecting not knowing Rishab walks around her, he mentions the dress which would look best on her, she gets excited hugging him, she exclaims that she missed him a lot, Rishab also says that he missed her but is not really happy at all, Kritika exclaims that she has understood Karan called him, Kritika exclaims that she has informed everyone Prithvi is the best choice for her, Prithvi is peaking into the room, he is shocked to hear the voice of Rishab.

Sherlin sees prithvi, she gets frustrated so asks the reason he is looking inside, Prithvi responds how her husband Rishab Luthra has come back, Sherlin is shocked to know so says that she was not aware, Prithvi mentions that he has immediately started to end his marriage with Kritika, and

it should not have happened because their entire plan revolves around his marriage.
Rishab says that he has always stood by her in each and every decision but he is informing her that Prithvi is not the right choice for her, Kritika explains that when she was getting married to Akshay everyone was happy but Preeta did not like him, Rishab says he trusts Preeta so knows that she might be right to say that Akshay is not the right person, Karan asks him to talk of Prithvi which is why they have come, Rishab warns him to stop saying that she is filled with anger so he must let her calm herself, Kritika exclaims that she loves Prithvi and desires to marry him, Sameer explains how she is not making the right choice and they as her brother cannot let it happen because he is not an honest person, Kritika exclaims that she would die if she is not able to marry Prithvi, Rishab threatens to be angry with her if they ever talk again of breaking her marriage, Kritika exclaims that she desires that they all stand with her when she is getting married otherwise she would not be able to live, Rishab is not able to see her so hugs her pleading that she calm down.

Prithvi is really happy that Kritika is taking his side, then exclaims how he only gave hundred thousand rupees to the criminals who teased her but then says that he had to give them two lacs more as he got in his act, Prithvi asks her to see how she is taking his side, she gets in front when he leaves, Sherlin thinks this means Prithvi has married her with proper planning.

Sarla is shocked to hear from Sameer what Kritika said to them, Rishab is trying to convince Karan when they see Sarla, karan takes her blessings and Rishab also greets her, they all exclaim the extent of happiness which they have after seeing him, Karan asks them to not be so happy because he was not able to achieve the task for which he was called, he was not able to stop the wedding, Rishab exclaims how Kritika is right because they were not able to provide any proof against Prithvi so until and unless they have any solid proof they must be happy with her decision, Karan leaves when Rishab also follows him.

Sarla exclaims that she feels Rishab is right and they cannot meddle with the life of Kritika because of the threat which Kritika gave of taking her life, she turning to Preeta warns her to not even talk in this matter as everyone would feel she is trying to break the marriage just like the previous time when she tried to expose Akshay, Sarla makes her swear that she would distance herself, Preeta agrees then Sarla leaves instructing Shristhi of all the tasks which she has to perform and that they must hurry as there is not enough time.

Sarla is trying to call an auto, Janki standing in the back is thinking of what Prithvi said to her, if her son was in love with Preeta and not able to marry her then how would he feel, Janki exclaims how Preeta is so pretty that anyone would fall in love with her, Janki asks Sarla if she feels Prithvi is an honest person, then responds how she knows what character he has but even then he was talking politely with her in the house and anyone who doesnot know how he is would believe him,

Sarla exclaims that she also thought he was a nice person which is why desired to get Preeta married to him however Karan at the last moment married Preeta, she accepts how she felt bad for him but could not believe the words which he said after coming to their house while being drunk and even kidnapped Preeta to marry her, she cannot forgive him then Sarla is finally able to stop the auto.

Preeta advises the worker to consult Shristhi as she knows the decoration which needs to be done, Shristhi brings a box of stones mentioning that she has brought them to hit Prithvi and his brother just like the last time, Preeta warns she should not do anything of the sort because they would do what they were asked to and just decorate the house, Preeta takes her hand but they both see Prithvi, he presents a flower then praises her for her beauty exclaiming how his brother was not able to come, Prithvi mentions that he was wondering when Shristhi say she would not let him get married to Kritika, he says she might be trying to save him for her Shristhi says that she doesnot have any interest in him because he is not the person, she would hit him with a hammer when Prithvi calls Karina and hands her the flower before leaving.

Shristhi says to Preeta how can Prithvi think that she would like to marry him as he is not of her type, Karina comes asking if they realize that the entire wedding functions are on the same day, Preeta says that they are aware but she mentions how it doesnot feel like it as the decoration has not even started, she exclaims that she asked them to first hang the yellow flower at the gate because the Pandit jee advised it would end any problems in the life of Kritika, she explains that she only gave them the duty because Prithvi asked her nicely, Shristhi exclaims they do not need anyone to plead for them and if she is so worried then should hang the flower by herself, Karina gets furious, she asks how did Shristhi dare say this to her.

Karina asks why she dared say this to her, Shristhi says that she is going to have a drink as is fed up with her scolding, Preeta tries to explain on her behalf however Karina warns her to never defend her sister as she would herself hang the Torren . Ganesh asks if he can prepare the breakfast for Dadi, Preeta says that they have to cook special breakfast for her.

Shristhi enters the room, Sameer comes out of the bath and is naked with just a towel around his waist, Shristhi says she is not worried about anything and hands him the shirt, he also says how he needs to put on his pants so she should turn away, she asks if they both are not a team and asks if he would help her stop the marriage, Sameer says that he would not help her because whenever he tries to help her, Karina catches him and he gets in trouble, Shristhi asks if he doesnot have any sympathy for Kritika because she is marrying Prithvi, Shristhi asks if he has gotten scared then exclaims she doesnot need the help of anyone and would everything alone.

Karina is standing at the front door thinking why did Shristhi challenge her because she told her that the Turren should be hanged first however she doesnot listen to anything which she orders, Prithvi sees her then thinks what is she doing, he asks what has happened, Karina says that she has ordered Shristhi to hang it however she did not listen, Prithvi taking it exclaims that she should not do such work as it doesnot suit her character and status, Prithvi taking it orders the worker to hang it and leaves, Karina thinks this is the only thing which she doesnot like of Prithvi.

Preeta is cooking in the kitchen when Prithvi leans against the door calling Preeta his jaan, she immediately asks what he meant, he then calls her his Bhabhi Jaan, he asks why did she consider him as her enemy as one he was her dear friend and they had a relation by which they both were close but then someone else came near her, he mentions it was just a crime but before that he was close to her and they had a relation of jee amongst them which he has now took again,

Preeta inquiries what he wants, he responds he only wants her side which she is not giving, Preeta calls Ganesh however prithvi says that he will not listen but he only desires her asking why is she not considering him, she shouts at him, he exclaims that whenever she shouts like this he feels pain in his heart, asking why is she doing this as he feels she considers him to be a scoundrel, Preeta says that he is just like a scoundrel, Preeta once again pushes him away, he mentions this is what he likes of her, Preeta once again tries calling Ganesh however Prithvi mentions how they both are just alone.

Prithvi says that when they both were about to be married, Karan came between them and he is just a scoundrel which angers Preeta and she throws red chilli powder on his face, he asks what she is doing, she explains he must not think of her as the same Preeta as now she would show him what she is capable off before pushing him away and leaving, Prithvi after washing his face exclaims that she poured chilli on his face while she is the one who is angry.

Karina is walking and is about to slip but Shristhi saves her, Karina instead of thanking her scolds her, she mentions how Shristhi would not have organized such a Grand event and only knows how to work in their Kumkum Bhagya hall which is why everything is a mess, she asks about Preeta, Shristhi question why is she like this as she was just saved by her yet she is scolding her, Rakhi also comes saying how Shristhi was not at fault and Karina should at least thank her, Shrihhti stops Rakhi saying how she doesnot need any appreciation from her because Karina is not capable and leaves, Karina questions if Rakhi saw how Rudely Shrishti behaved, Rakhi exclaims that she was not wrong and Karina should have at least thanked her, Prithvi sees them both, Rakhi leaves making an excuse that she has some work.

Prithvi coming to Karina asks if he can say something to her, Karina asks so he says how he desires to say something important to her and it is that she is really sweet but is stubborn according to some however he knows that it is not true, Prithvi exclaims he feels Preeta is trying to ruin the family by creating differences amongst each and every family member, she can see because Rakhi was talking rudely with her even when he knows that her relation with Rakhi was just like sisters so he feels that Preeta is following the direction of the Britishers which is divide and conquer so she must stop it because he feels this is not the same, Karina leaves him when Prithvi says Preeta should stop creating problems otherwise he would fill her relation with anger.

In the night Rishab asks Sherlin if she is trying to say anything Sherlin exclaims that she sometimes feels love for Rishab, he inquires what has happened because she just feels love for some time because jee knows she hates him so what has happened, Sherlin turns when Rishab exclaims how she has also gotten mad however Sherlin says she was thinking something, he doesnot like Prithvi then how he can allow his marriage. Rishab says that a lot of things have happened in his life which he did not desire just like his marriage. However, it happened so they have to live with it, if Kritika desires to marry prithvi then they have to live with it because she thinks he saved her life.

Preeta is overlooking the decoration when Kritika asks the waiter if he brought her sweets however she sends him away, Preeta asks what has happened when Kritika exclaims how she was craving for sweets however there are none in the house and all the sweets are in the Parshad, exclaiming that if she got to eat from the corner sweet shop then it would be really beneficial, Preeta exclaims she can solve it and then shows Kritika the Zomato app by which they can order the food as they have partnered with the shops, she reveals that the best part is they take into consideration each and every hygienic step, she further exclaims how they have home cooked food which is best for those students who come from other cities, Kritika also agrees exclaiming that it is really cool.

Zomato delivery boy arrives, he calls Preeta Luthra, she comes with Kritika and taking up the parcel, Kritika opening the box takes a bite and takes the spoon towards Preeta but then doesnot give her, she realizes that she has not dressed so would rush back, Preeta also agrees asking that she should eat without any worry.

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