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Perfect husband 13 November 2021: She turns and gets glad seeing him. She cries and hugs him. She says I was so scared, where were you, I thought I will be lost. He lies to her. Bela and Rangeela like the hotel stay. He feeds her the sweets.

Pushkar asks Vidhi to order food. He receives a courier at his hotel. He gets shocked seeing his pics with the actor. He reads the threatening letter. He thinks who is following me. He asks who has sent this. The receptionist says a lady has come and gave this for you. He goes to look for the lady. He sees the cctv camera and says I want to see the footage to know who’s that lady. He talks to the manager. He warns him about filing police report. Manager agrees. Vidhi gets shocked seeing Urvashi. Pushkar checks the footage and gets angry. He scolds the manager. He says if anything wrong happens with me, I will see everyone. He sees Urvashi talking to Vidhi. He gets shocked.

  Vidhi talks to Urvashi. She says Pushkar went out, he would be coming. Urvashi says I wanted to talk to you, its imp. Vidhi asks what’s that. Urvashi says I want to show you something. Pushkar comes and checks the spa pamphlet.

She asks how are you, do you remember me. Vidhi asks what happened. She says he feels we are back biting about him. Vidhi says there is nothing such, Urvashi runs a spa here, she is inviting me. She says its a big city and even then we met. Pushkar gives her prasad. Vidhi says I will go washroom and come. She goes.

Urvashi says you got scared that I may tell your truth to Vidhi. He asks what truth. She says you are insane, you doubt others and hurt, you have no control on your anger, you wanted to kill me. He asks her to leave. She says I m getting peace seeing your tension, what will you do when Vidhi knows your truth. He smiles. He asks did you see puppet show, someone runs the puppet. She says I m not your puppet. She coughs. He says then go and tell my truth to Vidhi. She says I will surely say it. He sees Vidhi coming and gives water to Urvashi. Vidhi asks are you fine.

Pushkar says I told you to talk less. Urvashi goes. He says she is fine, she just had something spicy, sit. She asks what’s this red color on your hands. He says its nothing, maybe sindoor, sit, we shall have something. They eat food. He recalls adding sindoor in sweets. Urvashi thinks to fulfill Pushkar’s challenge, she will ruin him. She comes to them. Vidhi asks are you fine. Urvashi signs no and goes. Vidhi says she wanted to tell me something. Pushkar asks really and smiles.

Vidhi asks what happened, she is hurt. Pushkar says another misunderstanding now, she doesn’t mean in my life, I m smiling since its out official first night. She smiles. Rangeela decorates the room. Bela gets glad. They dance on udi udi jaye…. Pushkar gets Vidhi to the room. She sees the floral decorations and gifts. She smiles. He asks her to wear the saree and come. He says finally, our love story will get completed, how did you like my surprise. She says a lot. He says I wanted to make our night special in every way. She says I m glad, the gifts are beautiful. He says you will look more pretty, go and change fast. She says tomorrow. He says no, today itself. She says I don’t want to spoil this beautiful saree. He says I said today… fine leave it. She stops him. She goes to change. Bela gets bitten by bugs and asks Rangeela to take her home.

Vidhi comes. Pushkar says now my bride is ready. The power goes. Pushkar says I will call reception, its strange, even phone isn’t working, we should have not come here. She says don’t leave me alone, I m scared of darkness, I will come along. He asks where is your phone, use flashlight, I m keeping door open, stay careful. He goes. He sees the lift working. He runs back to room. The actor comes and asks why did you call me here, I can’t fake the acting, I lied to your wife and took blame on me, what shall I lie more, marriages don’t work on lies. Vidhi gets shocked and turns to see that guy. She asks what, you lied about the test. Pushkar comes and gets shocked. Urvashi switches on the lights.

Vidhi refusing to listen to Pushkar. She goes. Urvashi comes and says you have lost Pushkar, this was the answer to your challenge, don’t under estimate any girl. Pushkar says you played your move, you have to pay for this soon. She asks him to first handle Vidhi. She goes. He looks for Vidhi. She tracks her phone and reaches her. She sits sad on the beach. She cries holding the Gajra given by him. He says our relation is at the same place again, give me a chance to clarify please. She gets angry. He stops her. He tells her about Rajshri’s broken marriage. He says I have seen my aunt having an affair with my dad, think what I have gone through. He gets angry and tells her about his childhood. He says that day was the worst when I have seen everything by my eyes.

Fb shows Pushkar seeing his dad Arjun and aunt Sarojini romancing. Pushkar says my mom trusted them a lot, they made fun of her trust, I saw the seven vows of marriage breaking in that house. FB shows Rajshri getting shocked seeing Arjun and Sarojini together. Pushkar says Diwali was celebrated everywhere, just my house got sunk in darkness, my mom never celebrated Diwali, I lost belief in all relations, I was always afraid to make relations, I always found weakness in people and just doubted them,

I doubted on you, I won’t clarify, I did wrong to take you for tests, I played with your feelings and self-esteem, I m your culprit, I m just saying the reason for this crime, I don’t want to lose you, I will not stop you, I will accept any punishment today. Vidhi cries. He says you know since I got you, I have seen a hope in you. Rajshri recalls Arjun and Sarojini. Rajshri confronts them for the affair. Arjun tries to deny. Pushkar looks on. Rajshri says you cheated me, you lied to me. She asks Pushkar to go out. He refuses. She says listen to me, just go. Rajshri asks is this a joke, tell me what’s going on. She says you have two children, this is my sister, come to senses, why did you cheat me.

Sarojini makes her away. Rajshri’s mangalsutra breaks. Rajshri slaps her. Arjun raises hand on Rajshri and stops. He says we got distant because of your behavior, I never got happiness from you, Sarojini understood me, she is the type of wife which I wanted. Rajshri gets shocked. She falls down and gets hurt. Pushkar runs to her. Arjun says you couldn’t understand the needs of relations, you forgot to become a good wife, I can’t keep this unwanted relation, I want to get free, we will have our world somewhere else. Rajshri asks do you want to get free from me or children. They argue. Arjun leaves from the house. FB ends. Vidhi says Rajshri has gone through a lot, she always keeps smiling, raising two kids needs courage. Pushkar says this is my story. She says when my marriage broke, I lost belief in relations, time passes by, we can’t make past apart from us, but we should try to move on. She holds his hand. They leave. He smiles.

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