This is fate update Monday 8 January 2024

This is Fate 8 January 2024: Preeta walking is checking if she kept the tickets, Karan replies there is nothing to be worried about when he is going with her, Dadi walking to them starts performing the Arti of both Karan and Preeta, Rakhi also gives them yogurt to eat, Dadi says Karan takes a lot of time to prepare for any holiday but got ready so quickly because he is leaving for honeymoon, Preeta replies that she is the one who did all the packing and he has not done anything of the sort,

This is fate 7 January 2024

Karan says that Preeta wants to go to the honeymoon, she beats him on his hand so he prays what is she going to do with him when they reach Manali. Dadi asks them to hurry up otherwise they would miss their flight, she advises them to not miss their chance as she wants to once again become Great Grandmother, Preeta starts smiling when Shristhi advises they both should not waste this blessing so they can have some more children in the house, Preeta hits Shristhi when Karan mentions she is in such a hurry, they both leave.

Karan is driving the car, he asks why is Preeta making such faces, she questions if he does not know what is causing her to make such faces, Karan does not know when Preeta asks if he thinks has not done anything wrong, Preeta blames he made fun of her when Karan asks when did he do it, Preeta informs he made her feel really embarrassed in front of the entire family by saying she wants to go for their honeymoon, Karan smiles seeing her angry face, Preeta mentions she is really tensed because of how slow he is driving because they might miss their fight, Karan questions how can he do it in such traffic, but Preeta replies she is not going to say anything to him, Karan starts driving really fast when she requests him to not drive like it, Karan finally agrees only if she says I LOVE YOU, but Preeta does not agree however Karan still drives fast so she is forced to say it,

Roxy asks Natasha if they should compete with the car when Natasha requests him to drive slowly because they have to safety reach Manali.Bani Dadi in the Luthra house asks Shristhi why did she get late, she replies she thought of coming but when she went there Dadi was ill and so she thought of taking care of her, Rishab and Sameer both enter the house, Shristhi and Dadi realize that they both are tensed, Sameer says they are right to think because they went to find out the truth about who was wearing the same clothes as them both, Rishab informs Natasha was in that dress and were doing it with the help of Roxy who is her boyfriend, Rishab informs that he even met Sherlin who helped them a lot but he felt really bad after seeing her condition as she was suffering, but even her help was of no use,

Shristhi asks how can anything good happen when they left her here, she would have surely helped them. Rishab introduces them to the detective who has helped them find out the truth about the party night, he informs that his men informed him that Natasha and Roxy has also left for Manali today, Rakhi is shocked explaining that even Karan and Preeta have gone for their honeymoon.

Karan and Preeta both enter the resort when the manager greets them and even asks the worker to bring the keys for their room, Preeta mentions they had booked a cottage, but the manager informs hey would get it by evening but for the time being would have to stay in the room.Natasha and Roxy also enter the resort, Roxy explains they came here on an urgent trip so need a room, the receptionist then gives them a key to the room which is available.The receptionist explains that she has seen both these couples somewhere, she finally realizes that she saw them both in a drama serial, which she is able to watch.

A couple is walking when the lady explains this bag is very lucky for her and she cannot let it out o her sight, her husband explains that she is the Lakshmi of their house and every good thing is because of her. The worker drops the bag of Preeta when the lady comes to her asking if everything is fine, she informs she won the competition in her village which is of cooking and she really likes to cook the food, the manager comes explaining their has been a landslide due to which the phone connection would not be good for some time.

Karan is walking with Preeta when he exclaims that someone is getting a call, Preeta replies it is his phone, he sees that Mahesh is calling him who tries to explain they have found out who was behind everything and it was Roxy and Natasha, Karan mentions he cannot hear anything so would call back just as the connection is retrieved, Mahesh is really worried when Sameer also comes informing that Rishab and gone with the detective, Mahesh instructs him to call the hotel.The manager is trying to explain that it is not up to them and their engineers are working with the teams to complete all the activities, she informs that she was about to get some important calls.

Roxy asks Natasha why she is placing the clothes in the wardrobe because they do not have to live here forever, she mentions she is really tried of running as they first ran away from Rishab who came into their house and then were about to get in an accident while they finally landed in this hotel room. Roxy asks if they both should not do what they were supposed to do, she says that she feels they should go to his mother’s house, Roxy replies he meant they should kill Karan Luthra, Natasha gets furious asking if he has gotten mad since only Rishab was suspected of killing them the last time but this time if they try to do anything wrong then they would be blamed for it, Roxy blames that she still has feelings for Karan, Natasha leaves angrily saying she needs some fresh air.

Karan and Preeta are about to enter their room when the couple comes mentioning they feel as if they have seen them both somewhere, but Karan replies he has not seen them anywhere, they both leave. Preeta enters the room when Karan vows to show her what he is capable off.Rakhi and Dadi hear in the news that all the connectivity has been lost with Manali due to a landslide, Mahesh mentions this is why they have not been able to reach Karan and Preeta or even the resort, Shristhi informs Sameer that if he marries anyone else other than her then she would scare him after being a ghost, Sameer cannot understand anything when she reveal she is going to Manali to informs Karan and Preeta di about Natasha,

Rakhi instructs Sameer to also go with Shristhi.Preeta after entering the room says it is very cozy and cute, Karan asks what about him, Preeta runs out to the balcony where she is enjoying, karan tries to catch her however she tries her best to run away, they both sit down at the swing, Karan pulling her close to him mentions he really missed how they both would spend their life with each other.Preeta mentions even she missed him lot, Karan asks why did she miss the most, Preeta replies she missed the tearing of her dupatta because ever since he left nothing happened to the, Karan says she had a severe problem with it, Preeta informs she used to call him with a lot of other names, Preeta asks if he does not know this is the love language of girls because if they say that he should not talk,

then he must never think of even stopping and also try to calm her, Preeta explains and if the girl gives a boy the nickname then it means she has started to like hi, Karan asks why are girls so complicated and she would have saved his name with that nickname, Preeta explains she one day felt she has to change it so once again set it as Karan, he says even he felt the same of her so kept her name as nickname, Preeta asks if this means that even boys have a secret love language, Preeta explains she is really hungry,

Karan pulling her close to him explains even he is hungry, Preeta walks away so he wonders what did he just say, he starts following her.Mahesh is constantly trying to call them in the house, Karina asks where is Rakhi so he informs she has gone to pray in the Mandir, Dadi explains she is really worried of wat might happen, Mahesh explains if Bhagwan has sent Karan back to his family then nothing wrong is going to happen, Rakhi also asks how can she not be worried when she is getting such weird thoughts of what might happen to their family, Karina hugs Rakhi when suddenly the photo frame of Preeta and Karan falls down, Rakhi picking it up mentions the photo of Karan’s marriage has broken, Dadi exclaims it is a bad sign when Mahesh questions why is she worried because this is nothing of the sort, he assures he would once again try to call them.

Natasha is walking in the hotel thinking she is not saying anything against Roxy even when he has so many criminal records, Natasha is shocked to see Preeta and hides recalling how she fought with Preeta that she deserves the attention and love of Karan, she even challenged that she would marry Karan in three days, and Peeta confronted her in the room hen she instructed Roxy to run away, Natasha gets really tensed seeing Preeta walking towards her, she thinks Roxy is planning to kill Karan but she did not want it and after seeing Preeta all the bad memories of the past have once again emerged, Natasha wonders if Preeta came here alone, she plans to follow Preeta.

Karina is trying to call someone, Rakhi comes asking if she was able to contact anyone, Karina informs she thought her friend lives in Manali so she would request her to go and check on them both but even her phone is not able to connect. Rakhi while crying sits down thinking it is her mistake, she thought both of her children could spend some quality time together when they have been away from each other for so long, she discussed it with Maa jee who thought of this plan, she keeps blaming herself for all that is happening, Dadi asks her to stop talking such things, she sits beside Rakhi explaining they both had made this plan and would they think wrong for their children, she asks did they know it was going to happen in Manali, she is crying asking why is Rakhi still blaming herself, Dadi explains nothing happens in this world without the desire of Bhagwan and she knows he would not let anything bad happen to their family,

Rakhi apologizes to Bani Dadi explaining she is really tensed so doesn’t know what she is talking about, Karina requests them both to stop crying as they say certain situations arrive in life which should be left on Bhagwan as he surely does not let anything wrong and they must only think of positive things. Mahesh is worried.Preeta is walking when she feels someone is following her and so turns however Natasha manages to hide, Karan calls Preeta by whistling and she asks why he called her like this ad it is not right, Preeta calls him The Karan Luthra hearing which Natasha is shocked, she thinks of the night when she pushed Karan in the river.

Shristhi is driving when Sameer requests her to drive a bit slow, Shristhi asks him to not tease her since if he does not tease her then she would be able to focus on the road, Rishab calls Sameer asking where is he since they have to leave, Sameer informs he is going to arrive in a few minutes, Rishab replies how is it possible as it would at least take him fifteen minutes, or is he coming in a helicopter, Sameer mentions he feels they are in a plane because of the speed at which Shristhi is driving the car. Shristhi gets furious and starts beating Sameer, Rishab asks if they both are fighting but Sameer drops hiss mobile and is not able to talk with Rishab.

Roxy is waiting in the room playing a game when there is someone knocking on the door, he gets furious wondering who is there, Roxy opens the door questioning what has gotten into her since he was playing the game, Natasha asks why is he not asking why is she so tensed, Roxy blames her for constantly arguing with her and even ruining his life, Natasha says he must not forget she is his girlfriend and leave him at any moment, because he has been very rude to her, Roxy immediately gets up apologizing to Natasha, she is really furious and says he better be sorry, Natasha says that if he does anything of the sort again, Roxy explains then she would leave him. Roxy asks what happened because of which she tried to enter the room, Natasha explains she saw Preeta in this hotel, Roxy explains it cannot happen because she was in Mumbai till this morning, Roxy does not believe her when she takes him with her so he can look for himself.

Rakhi is praying while walking in the Luthra mansion that nothing wrong should happen to her children, she gets dizzy when Mahesh quickly comes to help her sit down, he requests to believe in Mata Rani as there is no reason to cry, Rakhi replies she has utmost trust in Mata Rani but what about the fear she ahs in her heart, Mahesh says she must not think to much about the fear that it become the truth, Karina and Dadi are also crying seeing them both, Karina explains she felt she got the best brother in this world but he is even a very good husband, as he is trying his best to take care of Rakhi Bhabhi.

Dadi mentions does Karina know that they have always worked through the problems together in every bad situation, Karina agrees with Bani Dadi, who asks that parents are most happy when they become parents because they are about to even give their lives for them. Karina explains they live was ruined after hearing about Karan, but what about her brother and sister in law because they were just taking a breath, Karina explains if something happens to Karan this time then they both would not be able to survive it, Dadi hugs Karina requesting to not talk like this as nothing is going to happen to her children.

Karan and Preeta both reach the restaurant, Preeta explains that it is a very nice place when Karan mentions Dadi ahs a very good choice, the new couple are excited to see both Preeta and Karan and they call the, Karan whispers they both love them so much that they should also shift into their room, Preeta and Karan start joking with each other before going to join them when Preeta explains now she can say that she has seen Preeta somewhere before, the lady requests Preeta to try this apple juice as the waiter mentioned that this juice came from the garden located in this restaurant, Preeta and Karan both request them to not force the waiter as he is already serving the table.

Natasha and Roxy also walk into the restaurant when she points towards Preeta, Roxy also agrees and she explains the man sitting beside her is Karan Luthra, Roxy explains his face might have been ruined the day she pushed him in the river, and he might have gotten a plastic surgery which is why no one was able to recognize him. Roxy explains that he has changed his mind and they should not kill him because they would not get anything, Roxy explains they should leave this hotel however the waiter says that they cannot leave this hotel, and not only them but all the other couples because this is time for them to enjoy and they should give their mobile to the waiter who will come on their table, Natasha gets worried thinking if Karan is going to recognize them due to this dance.

In the night Rishab asks Sameer to take his phone out as it has gone under the seat, Sameer replies he is trying to take it out, Rishab jumps back when Shristhi suddenly stops the car in front of him, Rishab questions how are they driving the car and should be a little more careful, Shristhi apologizes to him requesting that he should get in the car, Rishab explains that the door is locked so will he sit on the roof, Sameer explains this is what he was just saying, Rishab entering the car is still scolding when Shristhi starts driving, Rishab instructs her to ether slow down or let Sameer drive, she agrees to drive a bit slow, Rishab thinks he would text Karan and inform him about the situation, Sameer asks what is he going to tell Karan, Rishab replies he will only warn Karan that both Roxy and Natasha are also in Manali.

Preeta and Karan also start dancing on the song as a couple when both Natasha and Roxy are trying their best to stay away from them both so they cannot be recognized, Karan and Preeta both are really enjoying their moment together, suddenly the women comes to Karan requesting to dance with him since her husband is not good at dancing, karan starts dancing with her after taking permission from Preeta, her husband also requests Preeta for a dance as they both are left standing, Karan immediately comes back to dance with Preeta and they both once again start enjoying their company, both Karan and Preeta are smiling, Natasha and Roxy are trying their best to not get noticed by either Karan or Preeta, they both with a smile finally end the dance as the song also finishes, the entire crowd present at the restaurant start clapping for Karan and Preeta, they even announce that their dance was the best amongst all the couples, he requests them all to once again take their seats since they will serve the dinner after a while.

Karan and Preeta sit down at their table, Karan with a smile says she should see the love of a brother because he got Rishab’s message even when there is no signal, Preeta with a smile explains that the messages get delivered when they get the signal. Karan gets really serious after reading it and when Preeta asks the reason, Karan explains both Roxy and Natasha tried to kill him and he would surely take his revenge and get them arrested within half an hour, Preeta getting tensed asks how would they find them both, Karan informs that they are here in Manali, he explains Rishab managed to just inform him only because he might be getting worried for them, Karan explains even if his face is changed then he would surely take his revenge as he is the same old Karan Luthra

Natasha and Roxy both enter the room, he explains that both Karan and Preeta are here and this means their life is in danger, Roxy explains that before Karan can do something to them, they have to end them because there is no other chance, Roxy explains they have to kill Karan in a way which does not reveal any proof, Natasha agrees with Roxy as for them to live, Karan and Preeta have to die. Natasha asks how they can get out when there is a restriction, Roxy explains they would have to die in this same hotel, Natasha does not understand anything when Roxy explains they would surely live in peace.

Rishab is still trying to contact Karan, Sameer asks if he is able to contract, Rishab replies if the call had connected he would be talking with Karan, the drier asks if this is their first time in Manali, explaining their time is really bad because there is never the network due to the Landslode, Rishab corrects the driver mentioning it is landslide, Shristhi asks how long is it going to take for them to reach the resort, the driver says five minutes, Rishab getting irritated asks what kind of watch does he wear since he has been constantly saying since the past one and half hour that it would only take five minutes, Rishab suggests he should give the car to Shristhi since she surely drives very fast, the driver replies that he is the only one who drives this car and if they do not want it then he would stop this car.

Rishab apologizes to the driver requesting that he should show any attitude. Shristhi and Sameer also assure it was just a joke, when Sameer explains in order to drive fast, they need such a driver.The waiter apologizes to Karan explaining they would not be able to give them the cottage because the guests are going to leave on the sixth, Karna asks how is it possible because they planned for it, Preeta tries to calm him down assuring everything is fine however he is not convinced, Preeta replies it is their mistake because they arranged everything at the last moment, Natasha is trying to hear their conversation when her phone rings, Karan gets alerted and tries to see who is there but he is not able to find anyone, he then enters the room.

Natasha while walking in the passage, answers the call from Roxy, he explains he has brought the kerosene which is in the car so she asks him to always be ready.Preeta explains that even this room is really nice as she said it is cute, Karan picking the bags walks to Preeta mentioning they are for her, she is looking at them asks when did he buy them, Karan replies he purchased them on their wedding day and thought he would give them to her when they re alone. Preeta is amazed to see that they are saree, Karan takes her o the mirror explaining he has brought some dresses for her which he wants her to wear, Preeta gets a bit tensed seeing that they all are western dresses while she only wears traditional Indian dresses, she walks away but he follows her to show another dress,

Preeta takes a step back refusing to wear it, he still hands her a dress but she declines, Karan starts requesting but Preeta is not convinced, she keeps staring but finally takes one of the dress with her to the bathroom. Preeta is shocked to see that all the lights of the room are turned off, she sees Karan is decorating the room and he is stunned to see Preeta in a western dress, he is not able to take his eyes of Preeta, as she is looking really beautiful, Preeta also feels a bit shy so she lowers her eyes, Karan walks up to her as she is standing waiting for him, he holds her but she once again turns back, they both sit on the swing staring each other in the eye. Karan leans close to Preeta but she still runs to his back side, Karan pulls her hand as she tries to run.

Natasha rushes to Roxy who is waiting for her in the parking, she asks him to come as they both take out the kerosene.Karan once again pulls Preeta as she tries to leave, she also smiles but then walks back to change while Karan is still waiting for her, he enters the room with rose flowers which he starts throwing on the bed, before lying down on it, he is smiling for once again being with the love of his life. Karan is sitting on the bed when Preeta once again returns wearing the other dress, Karan signals her to come close to him, she slowly walks over to him and sits in front of him, they both then stand against the pillars of the door. Natasha and Roxy slowly reach the door of the room with the kerosene.

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