This is fate update Sunday 7 January 2024

QThis is fate 7 January 2024: Nidhi enters the house, Anjali following her questions what has she done by letting Arjun go so easily, when she told that Arjun deceived her and married Preeta, she thought Nidhi is very intelligent and you 1can handle everyone so easily, Anjali wwwwblames herself for making such mistake because she threatened the Luthra’s by her name saying that her sister would make them suffer but she ruined everything,

This is fate 6 January 2024

Nidhi mentions it is enough, Anjali questions why would wshe do it, Nidhi angrily replies that Anjali is wrong because whatever she said in the Luthra house was true, Nidhi questions why did Anjali think of loving him when she knew that he was engaged to Nidhi, Anjali apologizes to Nidhi saying she did not knew how not to love him, and says Nidhi also loved him when he belonged to someone else. Nidhi asks who could she do it when she knew he was her love and had the face of her husband,

Anjali replies that she tried to stop this marriage, Nidhi angrily says but it was for her own selfish desires, because Anjali wanted to become his wife. Nidhi says she still loves him a lot but has sacrificed it because now he has remembered the entire truth, Nidhi threatens that she would stand in front of Anjali if she even thinks of trying to harm Arjun and his family, Nidhi says she would always remain his best friend, Anjali gets furious with Nidhi so tries to slap her but Nidhi stops her saying Anjali knows how bad she can be with those who are not good, Anjali is not capable of showing love. Anjali leaves saying she hates her and Karan along with everyone else.

Preeta is taking off her jewelry when Karan comes to hold her from behind, she questions what is he doing when he replies he is trying to help her, Preeta pushes him away saying she does not need his help, he asks if she feels something but Preeta says that she does not feel anything even then he must stay away from her, Karan says that she wants his kiss, Preeta replies she has fulfilled her promise when Karan says she is wrong to think it was fulfilled, Preeta once again demands he should leave her, Karan angrily goes to sit on the bed she asks what happened, he says she asked him to leave so he would let her go,

Preeta asks if he no longer desires it, Karan gets excited asking if she really means it, Preeta stops him saying they say that when the husband is angry they should never be given any sort of gift, Karan asks who has told her such things as they are not the truth, he pulls her close to him mentioning he no longer needs any present from her and would himself take it. Karan is about to kiss Preeta, kavya calls him so they both quickly back away. Rakhi along with Karina and Bani Dadi also enter the room, Karan makes the excuse that there was something in his eye, Rakhi replies but his eye is fine after seeing them all in his room,

Karan agrees with Rakhi that the dirt went from his eye, Karina asks why Karan not replied to what kavya said, as she asked in which eye did the dirt went. Karan tries to leave, Kavya explains she still wants to sleep with them both, Rakhi and Karina both offer her to sleep with them but Kavya insists on sleeping with Karan and her mother, Karan stops them both mentioning he has missed a lot of moments with kavya and even though she is not that old he still wants to celebrate and play with her, Karina mentions what can they do in such a situation, they both leave while Preeta also starts playing with Karan.

In the night Anjali is driving the car thinking when Karan expressed that he really loves Preeta and she also assured that Karan only belongs to her and would not be the husband of anyone else, she thinks that he did not care for her feelings even when she explained that she would die without him, her own sister vowed to stand against her if she even tried to harm Karan and his family, Anjali starts yelling feeling immense pain, she thinks everyone hates her when she loved Arjun but he still hates her, she blames Preeta for wronging her since she took everything away from her and made her Arjun as the Karan, Anjali also blames Bhagwan jee for stealing everything,

she says that Arjun was the most important person in her life but even he was snatched away from her.Anjali stops the car after seeing a truck, she takes off the seat belt and starts driving straight towards the truck, the driver does not notice the car at first, Anjali does not try to divert the accident, she suffers a major injury which causes immense bleeding, and she is even unconscious.

Nidhi is in the house when she gest a call, she is shocked after hearing it and so throws the phone.The doctors are performing the surgery on Anjali, Nidhi after reaching the hospital asks the receptionist where Anjali is, she is informed that Anjali is still in surgery, Nidhi sees a doctor so asks about Anjali, the doctor mentions this case is very complicated and he still must consult his senior doctor about it. Nidhi sees Anjali in the ICU, she starts crying standing outside thinking when Anjali mentioned she hates them all, Nidhi is not able to control her emotions.

Rishab and Sameer are working when Mahesh seeing them both asks what is going on, Rishab quickly turns off the laptop asking what is Mahesh doing here so late at night, Mahesh asks if they are eating Lado, Mahesh explains their mother hides the Lado but she does not know that he is aware of the place where she hides them, but he did not find them there today.Rishab asks Mahesh to come and sit with him, he shows Mahesh that in the video of their farmhouse party it can be see that those two people were wearing the same clothes as him and Preeta je, so this means they wanted to kill Karan and it was a planned murder, Mahesh replies he does not want to think about this past events, Rishab is however worried if the same person once again tries to harm Karan, Mahesh asks why do they not ask Abhishek,

Rishab is shocked asking who is he, Sameer informs he is the same person who brought the video to them, Rishab demands his mobile number.In the morning Preeta is preparing breakfast, Rakhi enters explaining that her Mahesh papa desires to have Poha with his morning tea so can she make it, Preeta assures she would make it, she asks what is Rakhi maa doing here, Karina also enters explaining Garesh did not bring her green tea, Preeta assures that she would make her green tea along with all the other things required for the morning tea, so in the meantime they both should go out and sit with the rest of the family. Karan enters the kitchen while whistling, Karina and Rakhi are shocked, he immediately acts as if he is searching for something, saying he thought they all would eat the breakfast here in the kitchen,

Karina holds his ear saying she would tell him where are the chairs and things, Karan apologizes saying he really missed how Karina bua would scold him and even the care of his mother, Karina asks what else did he miss, Karan tries to fumble and is not able to say anything, Rakhi replies she feels he is shy while they both are in front of him, Rakhi suggests he should also find a chair so he can have the breakfast in the kitchen.

Karan asks Preeta what happened, she angrily replies that nothing important has happened so Karan says that someone is angry but Preeta says everything is fine, she mentions she has a lot of work so he should leave since she even has to make Poha, Karan turns to leave when Preeta asks if he is actually leaving, he replies she herself asked him to leave so Preeta gets even more furious saying he would do whatever she asks him to do, Karan questions if he wants to know the truth but she is not interested, he mentions he would see her everywhere and even in every women present on the road, he explains she is in his soul and he was not Karan with Preeta because of which he was Arjun,

but when he once again saw her, the Karan returned, Preeta gets emotional.Karan informs Preeta that he really desired to come and just fight with her so he can hear her voice, he would come to their party so he could see her face and the relief he got after seeing her cannot be seen anywhere, Preeta getting emotional asks if this is how much he loves her, Karan replies he loves her a lot, Karina enters with kavya and Rakhi, they are all shocked to see them both hugging, kavya calls her baby doll hearing which Karina takes kavya away,

Preeta gest furious asking why does he call her as baby doll when he knows she does not like it, Karan leaves and Preeta thinks how he would tease her with this name.Sherlin is walking in the market thinking that she felt her mother would accept her when she reveals she left Prithvi but she also threw her out of the house and now she does not know where she would go, Sherlin starts fighting with a person who hits her, seeing this opportunity a thief manages to run away with her bag, Sherlin starts crying wondering what can she do now.

Nidhi is waiting in the hall when the doctor comes out, she asks what is the condition of her sister Anjali, the doctor informs Anjali is fine and alive, Nidhi is relieved asking if she can meet her just once when the doctor informs that Anjali has slipped in coma, Nidhi cannot accept it however the doctor explains this situation is not permanent and Anjali would surely come back but they do not know about the time. Nidhi starts crying standing at the door.Sherlin is crying sitting on the bench when Rishab notices her, he walks over to her explaining that he is sorry but there would surely be a reason because of which she is crying, he asks if there is anything which he can do to help her,

Rishab is about to leave but is shocked to see Sherlin sitting there, she stands up and he asks what is the matter that she is behaving like this, Sherlin replies she is paying for her sins because she did a lot of bad things and they say that they have to pay the price in this same life, Rishab requests her to wipe off the tears, and asks if she wants to sit. Sherlin reveals she left Prithvi because he was never loyal with her, and tried to marry Preeta even after she sacrificed everything for him by deceiving Rishab but she got the same in return, Rishab is furious, he asks if he can help her.

Sherlin holding her hand requests him to forgive her after what she has done to him, he requests her to not behave like this, Sherlin requests for some money as even her mother threw her out of the house, Rishab replies that he would surely give her the money, and found out that Prithvi was thrown out of the house because he did not pay the rent, Sherlin replies she does not want to talk about him, Rishab explains he also came here to talk with her because he need something from her.Rishab explains that he wants to know the truth about Natasha as she was her cousin, Rishab asks if she knows who is actually Karan, he informs Arjun is Karan,

Sherlin starts thinking about that night when she said that Natasha should marry Karan but she instead killed him, but her boyfriend explained that it is all because of Prithvi because he pulled off her mask, Sherlin tries to act she does not know the truth, Rishab explains that Karan was alive because of his good deeds but his memory was wiped off and he finally remembered everything, Karan hid the truth because he felt that Rishab and Preeta planned everything against him. Rishab asks how many times they would want to take revenge from them, Rishab explains she needs money, and he promises to even give her a house in return, Sherlin is hesitant but then reveals the location of Natasha’s house. Rishab sees Sameer and then informs they have to go somewhere;

Sameer is shocked to see Sherlin but they both leave. Prithvi immediately calls Natasha mentioning he has bad news for her.Dadi gives Mahesh an envelope, he is startled seeing it and so thanks her but Dadi replies that he should first see the name, Mahesh asks what would both karan and Preeta do by going to Manali, Karina angrily says that he should stop talking when Dadi informs that Kavya is just like Karan as she would not even let both Preeta and Karan stay together which is why they both should go to Manali.

Karan brings tea for the entire family while Preeta also gives Mahesh poha, karan explains he heard someone took his name, Karina informs that his daughter is just like him and not letting them both spent some time, so this is why Dadi has planned a honeymoon trip for them both and they would have to leave for Manali. Karan goes to Preeta mentioning even she planned a trip for them both but is just acting as if she is shocked, Karina explains that they both would have to leave today as the flight is of three pm today, Karan and Preeta rush upstairs to start packing.

Rishab and Sameer are at the door when they do not open the door, Rishab asks him for a suggestion when Sameer says they should break the door, Rishab questions why he always acts like a criminal, Sameer mentions that they might be the same people who tried to kill Karan bhai. Rishab calls them to come out after entering the house, Roxy secretly tries to run away but Sameer says he should stop, however Roxy still tries to run away but falls when Rishab hits him with a book, Natasha also hits Sameer from the kitchen, she even sprays something in both their eyes, saying that they would not be caught until their revenge is complete, Rishab and Sameer are furious when they are not able to stop them both.

Preeta in the room asks Karan to hurry up because they must leave for Manali, Karan mentions he feels he would really miss Kavya, Preeta agrees saying this is because he got to spent very little time with her, she is sitting on the bed with him explains she would romance with him. Karan argues with her so Preeta gets angry saying she no longer wants to go with him, Karan gets furious asking if she would not leave and says they can spend the entire trip in these same clothes, he starts teasing Preeta even more by calling her Baby doll.

Karan explains he is really bad because he forgot to call Nidhi as he ahs to sign some papers, he calls her asking if everything is fine since she seems worried but Nidhi assures there is nothing wrong, Karan apologizes because Dadi planned a honey moon trip for them both, Nidhi says that he should enjoy his time with Preeta.Karan ends the call when Preeta asks if Nidhi really loved him, Karan says she is jealous but Preeta replies she likes Nidhi, Karan requests Preeta to hurry up while he would complete the packing.Nidhi sits beside Anjali thinking she is her sister no matter the situation between them, she thinks it is her mistake and she should not have let Anjali leave when she was so furious. Nidhi prays that Anjali should get better as soon as possible.

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