This is fate update Tuesday 9 January 2024

This is fate 9 January 2024: Preeta is standing beside the pillar when Karan walks close to her, he leans towards her however she manages to tuck away and run, he follows her, Natasha and Roxy secretly enter the room through the window, they slowly manage to hide behind the couch, Karan finally get close with Preeta as they both reach the balcony, they both are dancing together while finally enjoying their moment together, Preeta hugs Karan with a smile on his face, he once again tries to kiss her but she walk away. Karan follows Preeta hugging her from behind, she turns towards him but covers her mouth with her hands, he therefore kisses her on the cheek,

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she starts smiling and then once again enters the room, Natasha and Roxy both hide seeing them enter the room. Preeta stands in front of the bed when she notices that she still has not worn the last dress, Preeta feels a bit shy, but Karan picks it up presenting the dress to her, Preeta takes it in her hands then asks him to turn back before taking the other red dress with her, Karan does not notice it but starts smiling.

Karan is smiling while standing in the balcony, Natasha signals Roy to come out and they both once again start pouring kerosene in the room, they try to be as quick as they can be so they are not caught, Natasha then causes one of the candles to fall before they both run out of the room closing the window.Sameer enters the hotel but is not able to see anyone at the reception, Shristhi enters the cabin when Rishab explains that someone would surely come and question their credibility, the receptionist comes asking what is Shristhi doing when she replies she is doing the work of the receptionist, Shristhi explains she wants to know the room number of Karan and Preeta, the receptionist refuses explaining they cannot give private information,

Rishab agrees with their policy but shows the photo of the entire Luthra family, she informs that Karan is staying in room number one hundred and two, the manager offers to take them to the room. Natasha and Roxy even light the door of the room. Karan while standing in the balcony suddenly feels that something is wrong and is shocked to see that the room is burning.The women is watching television an feels excited thinking she is surely going to try this dish, she feels something weird and tries to wake her husband Akash asking if is feeling a bit to hot,

but he replies he just wants to sleep peacefully whoever she is not at all convinced so decides to talk with the manager, she is shocked to see the flames from under the bed.Karan while entering the room wonders how it caught such fire, he tries to blow it out, Preeta also coming yells that there is fire, Karan asks her to go into the bathroom. Preeta gets scared.Rishab and Shristhi are both very shocked to see the fire and they decide to call for help, the lady opening the door is stunned seeing the fire and asks Akash to call for help.

Natasha and Roxy both reach the balcony when she exclaims that soon enough everything is going to end, he should just wait and watch.Preeta coming out asks what happened, he advises her to wet a towel and come out wearing it. Rishab and Shristhi both try to rush inside but the manager stops them explaining they have called the fire department and if the family also rush inside then the fire team would have to first save them then Karan and Preeta, which is not at all suitable, Rishab agrees so they all get back when the manager assures, they would save everyone.

Preeta comes out with a towel when Karan picks a bed sheet mentioning he would wear it, Preeta notices that it is also on fire and then she once again rushes inside the bathroom to pour water on it, they both head outside.Rishab and Shristhi run downstairs when the manager explains they have called the fire department and it would surely come very soon, Shristhi mentions they all should rush outside but the manager tries to convince them that this portion of the hotel is not affected, Sameer asks how do they know that the fire is not going to spread, so they start evacuating everyone.

Karan and Preeta both manage to run out when they see Akash and Neha calling for help, Karan and Preeta decide to also help them and they throw the blanket to Akash asking him to wear it and come out, Karan starts instructing Akash to be careful and come out safely, they all manage to run out of the hotel.Roxy and Natasha while standing there thinks that it is time to have a drink, they are shocked to see Preeta and Karan coming out of the hotel, Neha and Akash think they are nice people so request them for a ride but when Karan is about to fight with Roxy, he points a gun to Karan seeing which everyone is shocked,

Preeta tries to beat Natasha arguing what did she think would happen because Karan still managed to return to their family and she was not able to do anything, Natasha questions if Preeta has lost her eyesight since Karan is still facing a gun, Roxy explains he never intended to kill Karan this time but his destiny is not as good as that of Karan and he would have to spend his entire life in jail, Neha not being able to bear the threats questions what does Roxy think of himself as they should put the gun aside and then come to face them, Akash tries to reason with her to stop.

Karan once again starts arguing with Roxy when Preeta stands in front of them both, she then quickly pulls Natasha in front of Roxy, giving Karan the opportunity to pull Roxy to the side. Neha asks Akash to go and help them but he says that he would not fit in their fight. Neha herself goes to help them both.Karan is still battling with Roxy when Rishab comes with Sameer and Shristhi, they manage to get both Roxy and Natasha arrested who the police explain were being searched for their past crimes have finally been caught from Manali,

Karan and Preeta both are relieved, Rishab also consoles Karan assuring everything would be fine, they all are relieved to be safe.In the night Mahesh is really worried along with the rest of the Luthra family in the room, Kritika coming asks if they have seen the news, Karina questions what is she talking about when Kritika explains they are saying Roxy and Natasha have been arrested, she turns on the news where they all are shocked to hear that Natasha and Roxy set fire to that hotel,

Rakhi is glad to see Rishab along with the rest of them on the news, Mahesh replies they are very ill mannered children as they should have informed them. Neha comes to thank Preeta for helping them, Rishab answers the call from Mahesh who asks if they are all fine, Rishab assures they all are fine, Mahesh angrily explains they should at least inform them, Rishab walks to the back as Rakhi is not able to hear them, Rakhi gets worried as she is not able to see them,

Karan smiles explaining someone should make a video call.Rakhi along with Karina and Mahesh immediately wave at the children when Rakhi explains they all should return back as soon as possible and they are going to take care of Roxy and Natasha, Rishab assures that he will handle everything, Rakhi suggests that Preeta and Karan can stay back if they feel like while Rishab and Sameer along with Shristhi should return back home.

Nidhi is in the hospital, she is shocked to hear about the incident at the hotel in Manali, she gets worried for both Karan and Preeta as they have also gone there, she tries calling them both however is not able to reach any one of them and so she once again decides to try and call them.Shristhi informs since the signals have returned, she booked the flights, Rishab says that the airport is very far away and it has also gotten very late so they should leave, Karan offers to drop them.

The manager comes apologizing for whatever happened, he explains they had no idea how dangerous Roxy and Natasha were, even when one of his employee explained he saw them both on the news but t is his mistake, Karan says there is nothing to be sorry for but all the furniture of their hotel got burned, the manager explains they have prepared another room for Karan and Preeta, and if Rishab jee along with Shristhi and Sameer would also like to stay then it can also be arranged however Rishab replies he will leave however Shristhi and Sameer can stay here but they both also decide to leave with Rishab je. Nidhi calls Rishab asking if Karan and Preeta are fine since she heard the news about the fire incident, Rishab replies they all are fine, she requests to talk with Preeta,

Rishab agrees and hands the phone to Preeta, she informs Nidhi that they all are fine and then hands the phone to Karan, he also assures there is no problem at all, Nidhi while crying says he must always praise his fate, for having such a beautiful wife. Rishab explains now they are going to leave, Shristhi also hugs Preeta.The manager comes explaining the new room is ready, Preeta says Nidhi was getting really worried for Karan, he says she is getting jealous, but Preeta does not believe it at all. The manager shows the new room and explains he even brought the bag which they left at the reception, Karan smiles thanking him, Preeta cannot understand so questions what is in it,

he explains that they say if someone desires anything with a pure heart then he surely gets it, he explains he brought dresses for her but the rest of them got burnt in the fire however one of them is still safe. He explains she must wear it and she cannot refuse him at all.Karan is waiting when Preeta comes out wearing he dress, he is not able to take his eyes off her so walks over to Preeta, they both walk to the balcony when he holds her from behind, she starts feeling a bit nervous but then they both lie down on the bed together while only staring each other,

Preeta holds the hand of Karan, he then pulls her a bit close to him.In the morning the doorbell rings, Mahesh explains he is going to open the door however Rkahi stops him saying she is going to be the one to open the door, the entire family is shocked to see Rishab standing at the door, he is stunned asking what happened when Shristhi explains they all felt Karan and Preeta are coming back from the honeymoon, Shristhi pulls Rishab inside and he starts smiling.Preeta and Karan also walk to the door when Rakhi explains that they both cannot walk inside until the Arti is finished, Rkahi explains that Rishab has even filed the complaint against Roxy and Natasha so they both are going to be in jail.

Karan and Preeta take the blessings of the entire family but Kavya explains they have to take her blessing, the entire family starts smiling as they enter the house, kavya explains she wants a boy, Karan does not understand it, Kavya explains Shristhi said if she allowed them both to go then they would bring a boy or girl for her but she only desires a boy, Kritika leaning against Karan explains that now even kavya has given her instructions on who does she desire to have in this house, Preeta leaves explaining she will go and freshen up, they all laugh saying she is feeling a bit shy.

Preeta enters the room and turns to see Karan standing, he mentions he just wants to make them happy but wants twins, Preeta asks what can she do about it, he crawling to her explains he can surely do something about it, Preeta hits him with the pillow saying that everyone is at home, Kavya enters the room requesting her mother to not hit Mr handsome, he says it is her way of showing affection, he informs Kavya that she will very soon get a good news, Kavya does not understand when Preeta mentions there is a cake for her in the kitchen, Karan says that he will surely have the twins since he is The Karan Luthra.

Preeta and Shristhi are walking with the tea when she suddenly starts feeling ill, Karan helps Preeta into the room and Mahesh immediately calls the doctor requesting if she can come to the Luthra Mansion, the doctor after checking Preeta announces the good news to the entire Luthra family, they all start rejoicing and celebrating when Garesh even takes a photo of all of them together.Five months have passed when Rakhi is performing the pooja, Karan and Preeta also come to the pooja when Karan is also acting as if he is pregnant, they all start making fun of Karan and even beat him for teasing Preeta, however Karan and Preeta both are happy.

Preeta is sitting on the bed when Kavya brings fruits for her, Preeta explains she already has a lot to eat however Kavya informs that Mr Handsome instructed her to take care of her mother, Karan also brings more fruits for her, Preeta mentions she has already had a lot of them, Karan starts to act as if he is talking to the unborn twins, who are complaining about Preeta for not eating the fruits, she while smiling says they would surely not complain about her eating, Kavya and Karan both force her to eat them explaining that the children need them. Preeta smiling prays to Bhagwan that her family should always remain happy.

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