This is fate update Monday 3rd June 2019 – Season finale


Monday update on This is fate 3rd June – Season Finale!

Sherlin tries to convince Manisha that Prithvi is innocent and that she must ot take any step in angry that she will regret in the future, Manisha says that she cannot say anything because Manisha got greedy for Rithwik and must have understood it a lot before, She says that Prithvi is the one who killed her Rithwik and she will tell the truth, Sherlin tries to calm her down but Manisha assures that she will tell everyone the truth and also all that happened to them was because of bot of them, Sherlin gets sacred and begs her to not tell anyone. Sarla says that she feels that they just talk with the goon and he wills surely tell if she ask him herself, Shrishti conforms that the police are interrogating him and her will tell, Sarla says that she feels that if she ask who send him after the Luthras then he will tell. Prithvi thinks in angry why Sarla is so loving to the Luthras. Preeta says that he is a goon and will not understand compassion but just knows how to deal in money. Karan says that he is being tortured and soon will say the name if the mastermind, nearing this Prithvi asserts to cough, Karan says that they might even know him, Constable says that they must go home as it might take time to interrogate. Preeta says that she must go to the Luthra house as Dadi fell, Sarla permits her to go, Shrishti also says that she will go with her, Prithvi thinks that he is dead now, Sherlin thinks of calling Prithvi to make him know that Manisha has gone against them.
Rishab asks Dadi if she okay and they hug, Mahesh come sand says that he is really angry with her as she does not love him like she loves Rishab, Dadi seeing that he is jealousy start to tease him.

Dadi ask Rakhi come and sit with her as she also feel, Karna comes with Preeta and Shrishti asking how she is, she says that when Preeta and Karan, Rishab are with her nothing can go wrong, Dadi starts to make a joke and everyone jumping at the moment try to have a beautiful moment, Sherlin gets annoyed with this over reaction, Prithvi comes and asks Preeta o come outside as he is waiting for her, Rakhi asks him to talk with anyone he wishes while reaming in their house as it has a lot of fresh air, He tries to make an excuse to find Sherlin, Rishab however stops her to not force him because he knows their house. Everyone starts to talk of what happened, Rishab asks her the events, Karan says that the inspector started to torture Billa and he will soon say the name of the mastermind, Preeta also points to the fact that Manisha lost her love without any reason, Kartika says that she was not just any girl but had a lot of hand in what happened to her boyfriend and that she did really and things to their family, Samer also elaborated what happened and what they must do to take revenge, just then Dadi sees her coming and as soon as she arrives she asks Rishab why he did this to her. He asks her what he did, she says that he murdered her boyfriend , everyone is not able to understand but she starts to blame him for Rishab’s murder, Prithvi thinks that she must blame him for anything but not talk of him otherwise he will kill her, Sherlin is also not able to comprehend that is happening, Manisha starts to yells a him saying that he wanted to say the truth to Rishab because he felt that Rishab was a good person and will make him go to jail, he pulls his color at which Kara gets angry and ask her to leave, she says that she will destroy him for what he has do ne, Rithwik felt that his family was a good family and can never do anything wrong but she will now make him pay. She starts to get aggressive but Preeta comes and stops her from saying anything further saying that she cannot blame Rishab like this just be sure he is quiet, she still pays no heed and turns even when Preeta warns her of severe consequences. Preeta says that she will now hit her if she steps any further but Manisha says that she will do what can be done and one can stops her, when she turns Preeta come sin between both of them. Manisha assumes that they both have killed Rithwik together and calls them a Satan, Preeta stops her and starts to count the god virtues that Rishab has.

She says that he is a caring person and is always trying to mend the relations and one who is capable of this can never harm anyone. Preeta is still arguing with Manisha trying to convince her that Rishab is innocent and she is mistaken, he is not a person who can kill anyone. Karan bashes out at Manisha saying that if she really love Rithwik then she would not have agreed to marry him but she did and they even thought that she will back out as she loves Ritwik but she never did and now is blaming his brother, he asks her to tell the name of the person who made her do it but she does not say anything. Manisha says that he did really good but and she also did wrong but when Rishab came to know her plans he killed Rithwik, hearing this Rishab gets angry and asks her to not say any word. He say that if she has anything hen she can say it to his face, Shrishti says that she must not say any word as she is not capable of saying anything and not of the class, Preeta says that the killer is sin police custody and when they will came to know of the person they will arrest the mastermind, the inspector come in and they all go to ask him. he says that the killer has said a name and the name of the person which the driver said is also with them, Preeta turns to Manisha saying that the police will say the name of the person who killed Rithwik, Shrishti asks why he came to the ir house but he will not find him here, he says that they have come to arrest the person as he is in their house and has a close relation, Prithvi thinks that now he will be in jail, Karan again asks the inspector.

He walks in the hall and ask the subordinate to bring handcuffs, he then says that he has to arrest Rishab against murder charges of Rithwik, Karan and everyone is left shocked and they say that he is mistaking and there Is something wrong, Inspector says that they must not interfere as he has the arrest warrants.

Karan says that he must clear his facts and Rishab is not a murderer everyone starts to take his side assuring that Rishab is not a murderer,Shristhi says that he must find the correct person, Prithvi leans towards Sherlin asking her to start the acting’s she also starts to act like she cars for the Luthras. Manisha says that she heard from her ears that Rishab killed Rithwik as she went to the police station and heard that Rishab killed Rithwik and paid Billa,
Preeta asks the inspector to again investigate as Rishab cannot be a murderer and has done nothing wrong saying that she feels that someone has bought him, as eh is just a goon, Prithvi is thinking at Preeta is correct and he said the Murder, when the inspector was coming he got scared wondering if the hired gun had said the truth but he was able to buy him and his plan against Rishab succeed.
Everyone is in panic, Manisha comes and says to the inspector that they have a grudge against her because she had filed a molestation charge against Karan and so they are trying to take revenge, everyone gets angry and asks her to shut up. Karan again tries to confess on behalf of his brother, Manisha again ask him to arrest Rishab. He decides to take Rishab to jail, they all start to cry and plead him to not take the step. He asks the inspector to give him two minutes and comes back to hug everyone asking Karna to stay strong who is not able to control his emotions and bursts into tears, he turns to everyone saying that he will also miss them and cannot live without any on of them, he says that they have witnesses and he cannot do anything so they must have some patience, he says that if they believe in him so they must not cry as he will not be able to live in the jail, he hugs everyone and turning towards Preeta he say that she must protect his family in his absence as he knows that she is capable, he hugs Karan saying that he is his little brother cannot live without him, he asks Karan to protect his family also asking Mahesh to take care of Rakhi.

Rishab assures to Manisha that he considered him as his little brother and will make sure that who killed him gets what he deserves, Manisha asks him to g o away because he will never come out, he also says that he will remove this doubt, he goes with the police leaving everyone crying. Karan heads to his room where Preeta also follows him. When Rishab moves outside the media surround him and start to ask questions regarding what happened and why he killed Rithwik Shrishti and Samer ask the media to stop but the inspector says that they must not do this, Shrishti says that they media only wants the news and will do anything, Shrishti burst out on both the institutions and says that Rishab is innocent, He calms her down asking her to relax, she says that if they misbehave then she will
beat them, he asks Sameer to take care of Shrishti, and goes to sit in the van. Karan goes in his room and locks himself I after this he starts to cry thinking that what happened to this brother was wrong as he was innocent, Preeta ask him to open the door, he says that he does not want to talk to anyone and she should leave, she insists that she will not leave but eh gets frustrated and starts to throw things away, he says that he will not open the door, she makes him swear on Rishab life, he gearing this opens the room , she comes and hugs him where e they both start to cry, he feels ashamed that he was not able to do anything to save his brother. He says that Rishab meant the world to him and did everything for him.

Preeta says that they both will do anything and will eventually bring Rishab back, he says that hew wans his brother and when he is not with him everything feels not right. He after sitting says that Rishab was his life and he did everything for him, he always comes to wake him before his practice matches and will never leave until he is awake, Karan says that he started to call him mom just to tease him, he says that he will get lonely when Rishab is not with him, he walks without any worry knowing that Rishab would be able to help him in any situation. He recalls every moment when his brother helped him in situations that were proving bad for him, Preeta tries to calm him saying that they will bring him back because they know that Rishab b is innocent, he asks her to swear and she also makes a promise saying that nothing will happen, Rakhi comes and Karan goes to hug her, Preeta is not able to see their pain.


  1. A friend who introduced me to zee world movie stopped and I need to stop too, your movies ALWAYS ends tragically…bad over good!


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