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Monday update on Mehek 3 June 2019

Karuna says Kanta we are glad you came here. I have a new hope that they will be one. Kanta says I regret coming here. Kids forced us so I came. Karuna says Shaureya can change. I am sorry for what he did. Kanta says I have no hope from him. Karuna says yes but I have hope from Mehek. She can change him. She has her stall in front of his so she can keep an eye on him.

Shaureya says to Mahek why is your stall here? She say because of you. When I am not around your bp turns high. If I take this food truck somewhere else you will be roaming around and beating people who try to talk to me. You feel like this is your right. So I brought my food truck here. Now go to your white chillies and look at me and my truck all the time. He says this will remain a stall. Calling it a food truck doesn’t raise its standard. I will see how long it stay here. And you are not Miss universe that I want to see your face 24/7.

Everyone in the truck is cooking and selling food. Consumers are extremely happy about the food. Svetlana says in heart blo*dy losers. Kanta says to Mahek why are we here? We shouldn’t repeat mistake of going near Shaureya again. We have to change location of food truck.

Suvetlana comes and says have gol gappy. You are our guests too. Not just caterers. Mahek eats it and feels it bitter. Mahek sits somewhere and says why my head hurts. Suvetlana mixed bhaang in the gol gappy. Suareya comes and says why didn’t you play holi? She says you look like a pappaya and laughs. He says I know you are waiting for me. You want me to put colors on you first. She says I won’t let. I am not your property. He says you are my property. No one can stop me from putting colors on you. Mahek says catch me if you can. She runs. He says I will. You can’t stop me. Music plays. Shaureya puts colors on her. They both dance with everyone. Everyone is drunk and enjoying dancing. Shaurya picks Mahek and drops her in the pool of colors. Everyone is dancing. Kanta looks at them in anger.

Mahek comes home. Shaureya comes after her. She says go from here. He says I will put colors on you. She says I won’t let you. I will hide in washroom. The door doesn’t open. Mahek opens the door. She says I won’t let you put colors. He says you can’t stop me. They both fall in the bath tub. Kanta is looking for Mahek. Mahek says don’t touch me. He says I will. You can’t stop me. I will put colors on you. Shaureya puts colors on her face. He says see. Mahek rubs her face on his and says see I put on you too. They both play in the bath tub. kanta is coming in that direction to look for Mahek. Kanta says Mahek where are you? Mahek and Shaureya are laughing.

Kanta is walking towards the room. She looks in the room. Shaureya holds Mahek’s hand and comes near her. He caresses her face and kisses her face. The song hum tum plays in background. Shaureya runs his hand in her hair. They are very close.

Kanta is searching for Mahek. In bathroom, Mahek and Shaurya are lying in bathtub and carassing each others faces with love. Kanta comes in their room and sees foot trails to washroom. She comes in bathroom and sees Shaurya and Mahek hugging each other in bathtub, Kanta throws water on them, Mahek sees Kanta, Shaurya says what your bitter chachi is doing here? Kanta pulls Mahek out of bathroom, she says lets go home silently, Shaurya mimics her and says is there no romance in your life?

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Mahek asks Shaurya to stay silent, Shaurya says she is jealous of our love, he giggles and says call Jeevan and enjoy in bathtub too, Kanta is awkward hearing it, Kanta drags Mahek from there.

Shaurya is lying on his bed, he wakes up and has headache, he drinks lemonade, he has hangover and tries to get up from bed but falls down, Shaurya comes in washroom and looks in mirror, he washes his face and looks at bathtub, he recalls how he and Mahek fell in bathtub, how he applied color on her face, how Mahek rubbed her cheeks on his, how Mahek kissed his nose and got close to him, Shaurya smiles and starts laughing, he starts leaving but steps on Mahek’s earring, he holds it, his head is spinning and says how to get over this hangover?

He looks at Mahek’s earring and smiles lovingly. Kanta says to Mahek that you say something and do something else, if you have nothing with Shaurya then what was all that? Mahek says nothing is going on, i am sorry but it was all mistake and nothing else, i dont know how i drank bhaang for first time. Kanta says then you went with him to play holi in his room? Mahek says i didnt go to him, he approached him. Kanta says we have indian values, we play holi with our fathers, sons and husband only, it might be only mistake for Shaurya but in our society, these mistakes become black mark on our lives so try to forget Shaurya as your wrong past and move on, Mahek looks on tensed.

At night, Mahek is lying in her bed and recalls Kanta’s words, that she has to forget Shaurya, she recalls Shaurya playing holi with her, their intimate moments in bathtub, she gets up from bed unable to sleep. She gets call from Shaurya and is stunned, she sees Nehal sleeping beside her. She takes his call and says dont call me. Shaurya sees that she has cut call. Shaurya calls her again. Mahek takes call, Shaurya says i want to meet you rightnow, Mahek says i dont want to meet, Shaurya says if you dont come out then i will ring your door bell or else i can jump your house wall, i am outside your house, Mahek says are you mad? go from here, Shaurya says you made me drink bhaang, Mahek says i didnt make you drink it, even i got drunk, Shaurya says from the time you brought that truck there after that only i got drunk with bhaang, now bring tonic for me to take off this hangover otherwise i will come in your house, Mahek says i am coming, stay there, she ends call and says i am stuck with a mad man.

Mahek comes out of her house and sees Shaurya standing there, Mahek gives tonic to Shaurya and says drink it, take off your hangover and leaves from there, Shaurya says did you put poison in it? Mahek says drown it fast and leave. Shaurya drinks it and says it has such bad taste, Mahek says drink fast. Shaurya drinks it and says one more time Mahek’s recipe has worked, great, Mahek takes bottle from him and turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand and pins her to wall, he says let me say thanks, Mahek says what is this misbehavior, dont touch me again.

Shaurya shows her earring, she says its mine, she tries to get it but Shaurya pulls back, Shaurya says you might want to leave my house but your things dont want to leave my house, Mahek looks at him with sad eyes, she tries to snatch earring but Shaurya pulls it away, Mahek says we are not kids, give it to me and leave, Shaurya says i didnt stop you, take it from my hand, Mahek tries to grab it from his hand but he raises it in air bringing Mahek closer to him to get it, he says dont worry i dont bite.

Mahek says what is this drama? we are not making film at night, if you dont want to give it then keep it with you, she tries to leave but Shaurya puts arm around her waist blocking her, Mahek says leave me, let me go please, anyone can see, Shaurya pins her to pillar, Mahek says you are not doing right, Shaurya caresses Mahek’s face and tucks her hair behind her ear, he makes her wear her earring, tumhi dekho naa.. yeh kia hogya.. tumhara hun main plays.. they share eyelock getting lost in each others eyes.

Shaurya smiles at her, Mahek says what is this play? first you broke me and now yourself coming close? dont do all this please, we will not meet from now on, i will do everything i want in life, Pammi and Ajay comes on street and sees Shaurya and Mahek close, they hide behind wall and watching them. Mahek pushes Shaurya away. Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya says Miss Sharma tomorrow is first day of your business, there is too much competition in market so all the best. Mahek leaves from there, Shaurya broadly smiles at her.

Mahek is getting ready, she prays to lord to make everything fine. Mahek comes to her family and says we are getting late for first day of opening food truck. Mahek touches Balwant’s feet, Balwant says bless you, do everything with help of elders. Pd gives her photo of her favorite actor to put in trunk.
Kanta and Nehal are in market buying veggies. Pammi is there and says to other woman that i saw your Mahek and Shaurya hugging and very close to each other at night on street, Mahek has gone out of hands. Kanta hears it.

Ajay says i am happy that i got saved from Mahek, her family is cashing Mahek, they have sold Mahek, they have no respect but they have sold Mahek to do business. Kanta comes there and slaps Ajay, she says you would talk about our character? i will pull your tongue out if you say anything about Mahek, she says to neighbors that you are believing this Pammi who has no character? if you people throw dirt on Mahek again then i wont spare you, Ajay says i am not lying, i saw Mahek and Shaurya all over each other last night, Kanta says what proof do you have? if you talk bad about Mahek or my family then i will hang your upside down, she leaves with Nehal. Ajay looks on.

Mahek’s truck is placed outside Shaurya’s restaurant. Mahek is cooking in truck’s kitchen, Shaurya is sitting outdoor and staring at Mahek. Mahek looks at him, she sees him staring and puts huge tub infront of her so Shaurya cant look at her. Shaurya comes to their truck, Mahek hides in kitchen. Jeevan asks what you want? Shaurya gives 1000rs and says i want food, Ravi says are you joking? Shaurya says you talk like this with your first customer? i want 10dishes, Ravi says you will eat that much? Shaurya says customer can order as much as he wants and you think i have so low standard that i will eat this oily food of yours? i am buying this lunch for my workers.

Mahek says okay we will take your order. Mahek gives him remaining amount. She packs his order. Kanta comes there and glares at Shaurya.

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