This is fate update Monday 3 January 2022


This is fate 3 January 2022: Mahesh calls his sons, Karan immediately rushes to hug him exclaiming he is looking really beautiful, Mahesh replies he is even more happy because of Karan as karan is about to be a father and he will be a grandfather, Rakhi looks at him and Karan signals him to turn back, Rakhi asks why is being so stubborn as she feels that one who is coming to their family would be the most handsome, he replies she can be even more pretty, Mahesh replies then they would still retain the title of being handsome, Karina asks where is Preeta, Karan replies she went out for some work, Karina explains that why did he let her go out alone because the girls should not eb allowed to go out alone, then Karan sees her coming, Sherlin immediately asks Karina bua to come with her because they have to prepare before Dadi comes back.

Mahesh hugs Preeta explaining she has given them the best gift of their life, they all leave when Preeta stumbles and drops her purse dropping the test kit, Karina picks it up for her then asks what is it, Preeta replies she just wants to be sure if she really is pregnant when Karina replies that they do not test the pregnancy using the kit and always call a women to confirm the test as she had a pregnancy before Kritika and had been a miscarriage which is why Dadi got superstitious and so they always call a women, it was different in case of Sherlin as she was already in the hospital but Preeta is pregnant and would not use the kit, Preeta leaves when Karan hears them.

Preeta in the room wonders why can she not use the kit as it would prove if she is actually pregnant, she doesnot wan to ruin the happiness, Karan enters the room handing her the kit, she asks if he really bought it for her, Karan replies she can be sure if she is pregnant and should only him first as he is the father and has every right to know if she is going to be a mother, Preeta worrying asks what would they do if she is not pregnant, he replies even then they would be together, she rushes into the bathroom in excitement.

The party begins and the guest start arriving, Sarla also enters along with Shristhi and Janki, they are welcomed by Dadi, Sameer hugs Kritika who is with Sameer, she leaves Sameer also praises Shristhi for her looks, she asks if She is going to be an aunt then who is he, Sherlin asks if she has come, Janki questions about Preeta and Sameer leaves, Sherlin asks if she has brought the necklace for her,

Janki replies that she has brought loads of happiness and knows Sherlin is jealous of Preeta because she is going to be a mother and she should remain jealous, Sarla asks her to come as she needs to talk with her, Shristhi takes her aside explaining she needs to talk with her, Shristhi questions if she believes she lost the child because of Preeta, Sherlin agrees but Shristhi replies she was just suspicious because of Mahira but now is sure that she got hit by the truck on the same road on which she tried to kill Preeta, Sherlin questions who told her, she replies she got to know because of her nervousness and the fear lurking form her eyes, she is really nervous, Shristhi turns in anger.

Preeta comes out of the bathroom, she is stunned and not even able to say anything, karan helping her sit questions where is the kit then rushing into the bathroom fins the kit, he coming out replies that it is positive and this means she is pregnant, Preeta starts smiling and hugs Karan, she exclaims she was a lot tensed before and there were a lot of questions in her mind, he questions if all of the questions have ended, Preeta mentions that she doesnot feel anything, Karan mentions that it is just the start and would take some time, they once again hug each other, Sherlin entering he room exclaims they are happy while she has both Prithvi and Rishab but is still alone, she knocks on the door exclaiming everyone is calling them for the celebration, Karan mentions they will come after getting ready.

Sherlin is really frustrated thinking why is everyone asking for just Preeta when they are celebrating the birthday of Dadi, Karina also questions her but she gets frustrated then replies she ahs called them and they are just coming, Preeta along with Karan walks down the stairs when everyone starts calling for the celebration of the child, Preeta hugs Sarla and she blesses her a lot, Karan also takes her blessings, she wishes them both, Shristhi asks if she can now meet them but Sarla allows her saying she is still not finished, Shristhi then hugs them, they start joking when Janki replies that she is filled with the aurora of the new child, Shristhi exclaims that she should give birth to the new child and it should be a girl but not like her as then she would not be the one and only in the world.

Preeta and Karan exclaim they should wait for everyone to arrive, Rakhi exclaims it is for the opportune moment that not everyone has arrived and they should keep it hidden for some time, Karan replies he desired to post it on social media but they stop him, Sameer says he has already posted it, Mahesh scolding him asks him to delete it, Karina also exclaims she has made a mistake, she clarifies that she did not post anything but forgot the cake in the kitchen, Preeta exclaims she will bring it but Rakhi stops her saying she would not work but now Sherlin would take care of everything, she asks Sherlin to bring the cake, they all help Preeta to leave.

Sherlin reaches the kitchen exclaiming she hates Preeta, Prithvi calls her asking about her health and the party, she exclaims the entire family is working for Preeta and not even care for her, she was not given a birthday but they are now throwing a grand party for her, Prithvi tries to explain that her pregnancy was hidden for a lot of time but after the family found out they treated her with a lot of care, she exclaims it was just an act as now they are caring for her, completely ignoring her, she exclaims she feels as if they were treating her child as adopted, Prithvi replies that it was the truth as he was the father of the child, Sherlin however exclaims her child died because she went to kill Preeta and she is the murderer of her child, she would now make her pay by killing her child in this party, Prithvi tries to warn her to not do anything that would cause her to be thrown in the jail but she says he must not try to scare her, she has made up her mind, Sherlin ends the call, Prithvi is tensed wondering how he must stop Sherlin from trying to kill the child.

Sherlin asks Prithvi to see that she will kill the child of Preeta today in the party, Prithvi tries to shout at her warning that she must not do anything of the sort, she ends the call, he gets worried thinking how should he stop her then thinks of calling Kritika and try to inform her that Sherlin will try to harm Preeta, he tries calling her but Kritika is enjoying with the family and they laugh at Karan who questions what did he say when Mahesh says that he had never been so possessive regarding Preeta.

Prithvi thinks how can he stop Sherlin when he is far away otherwise he would have done anything to stop her, the entire family demands Karan to promise, he eventually accepts that he will not fight with Preeta under any circumstance and would remain by her side, he even promises to not take any step even if she fights with him and always stand by her side, the entire Luthra family is joyed, Shristhi exclaims that it feels really nice to see them all so happy after such a long time,

Mahesh talking to Sarla exclaims it is because of her daughter, Karan asks that it is not just the efforts of Preeta, Mahesh immediately accepts saying it could not have been possible without him, Ganesh accidentally drops the ketchup on Preeta’s dress, he apologizes and she at once mentions there is nothing to be worried about, she takes the excuse to go and wash it, Sarla and Shristhi also accompany her.

Sherlin opens the fridge door, seeing the cake she exclaims she knew they also brought the cake for Preeta with the cake of Dadi, she thinks Preeta is placing slat on her injuries but there is nothing to worry about as today she would make sure Preeta pays and that everything she is now wishing for ends, Ganesh enters when Sherlin asks him to bring out the cake.

Sarla is with Preeta in the bedroom, she asks her to give the feet because she has brought something really important for her, she then make her wear the black ribbon explaining she brought it from the Mandir but was not feeling comfortable giving it downstairs, Preeta asks her to not be worried because even Dadi made her wear the ribbon on her hand, Sarla is amazed and then she asks her to be relaxed and calm as the bad omen of those close to them is what causes the problems, Preeta asks how would she have any problem when there are a lot of people around her who love her.

Sherlin walks to the hall when she gets mad seeing that the entire Luthra family is sitting and really enjoying themselves, she thinks she must ruin it all and then seeing the balls thinks she would place them on the stairs so when Preeta comes down she falls and the child also dies, this way no one would be suspicious of her, Rakhi says she would go and ask if the cake is ready then inquires from Sherlin if Ganesh is bringing it out, she then asks them to get ready as they are about to get ready for the cake cutting ceremony.

Rakhi asks Karan to go and bring Preeta as even Sarla is with her, Karan entering the room asks what are the mother and daughter talking about, Sarla replies it is nothing but that she is saying that Preeta would have to hear her lectures for nine months, she says even he is about to be a father so he would also have to hear her lectures, Karan accepts to listen to any lectures saying that she must worry about the new child because he would make him so mischievous that she would hold her ears, Sarla exclaim whatever he does the child would not be more mischievous then him, Preeta immediately stops him, he complains that she even hits him with the ball, Sarla is shocked, then warns Preeta to not tease Karan anymore, Preeta asks her to not take his side when Sarla replies eh always loves Preeta then she should also let her take his side, he then asks her to go as Rakhi is calling her while he talks with his mother in law.

Sameer sitting with Dadi exclaims he has even thought of the name of the children, Kritika asks if he has dreamed weather it would be a son or daughter, Sameer replies it is more the merrier and he has thought of the names in either case, Karina says they would not talk about it today because they would celebrate the birthday of Dadi, she asks who would dance for her, Sameer says it is a surprise.

Sherlin is standing near the stairs and seeing the balls, she sees Preeta coming with Shristhi and then after slipping from the balls she slips and falls to the ground from the stairs, Preeta sees the blood while everyone is really worried, Raki is not able to control herself, Karina calls Sherlin asking what has happened because she is smiling however Sherlin explains that she is feeling really happy for the family, Kritika gets a call from Prithvi, Karina asks her to walk where she is going.

Kritika calls Prithvi asking what happened as she was not able to attend his calls, Prithvi thinks how can he inform that Shelrin is about to make a mistake, he then explains that she should take care of Sherlin because she might be in depression and would try to attempt do something wrong to Preeta, she should take care of everything and be with Preeta, Kritika says that she never thought of it this way and would always take care of Preeta, she asks what did he have to say, he replies he had the most important news and it is that he loves her a lot.

Preeta is walking down the stairs, Dadi stops her, saying what it is the hurry and she should walk slowly as they are not in a hurry, Sameer exclaims he feels she should always walk with Karan, he apologizes to Sarla saying eh needs to hold the hands of his wife, Dadi exclaims he is a really deceiver as she was his girlfriend but now he made Sarla his girlfriend, Karan exclaims he is famous and first had Preeta’s Dadi as his girlfriend then she became his wife but he still has her, they both walk without Preeta falling, Shristhi sees them and think who could have dropped them but thinks it might just be a mistake and so she walks downstairs to the hall.

Dadi is standing with the family, he friend wishes her birthday, Dadi immediately greets Yashodam, she asks Dadi how she is, Karina says to Preeta she is the same Dai maa which she told her about and whatever she says is bound to happen, Karina introduces Preeta as Karan’s wife, they take her blessings, Yashodam says to Sarla that she told them about the birth of Karan, Mahesh exclaims she was behind his birth, he also takes her blessings, Yashodam says that she is the friend of Dadi but for the world is Dai maa and so came after hearing the news, Karina exclaims that they are sure she is about to be a mother but she must confirm it.

Yashodam asks Preeta to sit, she sees her hand and after performing the complete check-up exclaims, they are going to get double happiness, as she is about to give birth to twins, the entire Luthra family rejoices with joy.

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