This is fate update Monday 27 December 2021

This is fate 26 December 2021: Mahesh and Rishab both are hugging, Mahesh says to Dadi that her grandson is about to become a father, she must therefore perform the Nazar of Shelrin as it causes a lot of problems for the family,

she must then not take it lightly as their family has finally got a good news after twenty seven years, Dadi however says Rishab would be thew one to perform the Nazar, he however declines saying he has never done but it Karina suggests that Dadi would say what is required, Rishab going to Sherlin explains he has never done it but is only doing it because of the family pressure, Karan is shocked to see, he immediately jumps to Rishab hugging him, the entire family is joy after seeing them both hugging each other, Shrishti comes and is also worried.

Rishab questions if Karan’s practice is going smoothly, they both plan to talk with each other but Mahesh also asks to join them, they then leave to have fun with each other.

Shristhi standing in the corner wonders if Preeta has informed Sherlin they know her truth, Preeta signals she is ruined, she thinks that jealousy and mistrust is the biggest weapon, she is sure that Shelrin would leave to fight with Prithvi, and they would then use that position to catch them both while they are confessing.

Sherlin is tensed, Sanjana questions what has happened, Shelrin leaves saying she remembered some important tasks which she should take care off, Preeta signals Shristhi to follow her but Mahira sees them.

Prithvi is walking, Sherlin calls him and holds his hand even when he warns that Rishab has come back so they would land in a great trouble, she takes him into the room asking what she is doing, Shelrin mentions he musty inform her if anything happens, Prithvi asks her to say it clearly, she questions why he told Preeta that they both knew each other before they got married.

Shristhi stops Preeta asking if she has placed the camera in her gift, Preeta remembers that she placed the camera in the necklace just as they had planned, Shristhi is really happy saying now they would be able to show the true face of Sherlin to everyone on the big screen, they both leave to listen the confession with their own ears.

Sherlin is fighting with Prithvi questioning why he is lying with her because Preeta herself told her that she found the truth when he accepted, they knew each other since the collage days, Prithvi tries to explain himself however Sherlin is not interested in listening any explanation. She mentions Preeta also told him that he was still in love with Preeta, how can someone love a person so much even after being rejected, Prithvi tries to explain that Preeta is using her, but Sherlin warns him to not lie, he explains he is not lying.

Preeta and Shristhi think where Shelrin might have gone as she is not in her room, Shristhi is worried where she might have gone, Preeta hears some voice coming from Rakhi’s room then they both exclaim she is really clever to talk in Rakhi’s room.

Shelrin exclaims she doesnot want to hear such lame excuses as Preeta has seen them together a lot of time and knows they are a couple, Preeta and Shristhi hear them, Prithvi requests her to be quiet as everyone would know the truth, Shelrin questions what does he care because he has revealed the truth to Preeta, she mentions that Preeta said that he still loves her, Prithvi questions if Preeta said this but then Sherlin mentions that he doesnot get to question her.

Preeta explains that she feels Sherlin doesnot know they have fixed a camera which is recording both the video and audio, she immediately sends Shristhi to setup the camera, Shristhi is walking with the wireless charger when she bumps into Sanjana who scolds her questioning why does she not watch where she is going, Shristhi leaves and starts to attach the Usb, Kritika questions what is she doing, she asks for the remote the rushes without even talking to Kritika, Rakhi explains Rishab is really shy as he was not even able to perform the Nazar of Sherlin, Karina says that Rishab is really a caring person as he cannot see that anyone is hurt because of him, Dadi exclaims he came for Sherlin but was saying that he only came because of Rakhi, Shrishti calls the family to come and watch as she has something to reveal, Rakhi after coming asks what did she mean as the screen is black, Shristhi says that she is just working to correct it. Sanjana, think she feels they are doing something against her daughter.

Sherlin asks if he means he loves her, Prithvi replies he loves her more then Kritika and Preeta, Sherlin replies this means he also loves them both, Prithvi exclaims if Sherlin asks then he would not perform any of the duties of a husband, Preeta thinks this is really bad news for Kritika so leaves to inform them of the truth.

Shristhi is standing, Rishab comes down asking Rakhi where is his other bag which contained some important documents, Rakhi assures that it would be in the house and they can find it, he is shocked to see Shristhi so asks how has she been and what is she doing in their house, she had something to show them, Preeta comes questioning what has happened and if everything is alright, Shristhi says that it is not playing, Preeta reconnects it so the video starts playing, Rishabh immediately recognizes it as the voice of Sherlin and Prithvi.

Prithvi even hugs Sherlin, seeing which everyone is shocked, Sherlin questions what he is doing, he replies that she needs his help, and he can help her because she needs it, Sherlin says she doesnot need his help however Prithvi suggests that they run away from the family including the house, Rishab says it is enough, he leaves in anger without listening to anything.

Rakhi is not able to control himself. She sits down crying questioning what is happening as she thought Shristhi was trying to show them a video for the child but what has happened, Preeta tries to calm her explaining she must not be worried.

Rishab in anger is walking towards the room completely thrashing the decorations, Sanjana tries to explain it is not like what he is thinking, Shristhi questions why she is still lying when they know the truth, Sanjana warns her to stay quiet, Shristhi replies till now the family was unaware of the truth but now they have come to know that Sherlin really loves Prithvi, Sanjana leaves after scolding her.

Prithvi tries to calm down Sherlin requesting that she listen to what he has to say, he can really help her, she is constantly pushing him away, she starts to breathe heavily before falling on the ground, Prithvi immediately tries to help her, Rishab reaches the room, but it is locked, he then bangs on it demanding that Prithvi open the door.

Rishab knocks on the door demanding that he open the door, the family is still seeing the video, Sanjana asks Rishab to calm down, Shristhi asks why she is asking Rishab to calm down as he is doing the right thing, Rakhi asks what is happening to Sherlin, Preeta explains that they seem like Panic attacks and she feels that Sherlin might faint, so they have to rush to save Sherlin.

Rishab is constantly yelling at Prithvi to open the door, Sanjana requests him to not worry as there is nothing like what he is thinking, Rishab requests her to stop talking as he knows what he is doing, he once again demands Prithvi to open the door, Preeta asks Rishab to break the door because Sherlin is having panic attacks, Rishab breaks the door, Prithvi comes out holding Sherlin in his hands ordering Ganesh to take out the car, the entire Luthra family rushes Sherlin to the hospital.

Rishab and Prithvi taker Sherlin to the operation theater, they all are waiting, Shristhi is standing at the back and stops Sameer explaining she needs to give him the good news because now the truth of Prithvi and Sherlin would be revealed, she mentions that Prithvi is running after Sherlin even when Rishab is present, Sameer asks what has happened,

Shristhi mentions she came with Sarla to this hospital so also called Preeta where the met Doctor Roshni, because she saw Prithvi going into the room, they were able to confirm that she came with Prithvi saying he is her husband so now they know the reason Akshay was blackmailing Sherlin was because he came to know the truth that she is about to give birth to Prithvi’s child.

The doctor arrives, Preeta explains Sherlin was having panic attacks and so she must perform the check-up, Rakhi also says that she was not feeling well for the past few days, Rakhi prays that Sherlin and her child are both safe.

Dadi asks why did they bring Sherlin to this hospital when they could have hired a big doctor, Rishab explains they could not have brought her earlier because the door was locked, Dadi questions why was the door locked from the inside, Rishab turns to Prithvi who gets tensed, Rishab questions Prithvi why was the door locked from the inside, Prithvi tries to explain there is nothing of the sort because when a boy and girl are together it doesnot mean anything happened amongst them, Shristhi says he is right but it is when they know that both the boy and girl do not have any bad intention which they are not sure about them both, Prithvi tries to explain they are just being suspicious because nothing happened, Rishab warns him to not talk nonsense as they know what was happening in the room, Prithvi questions what does he mean, Shristhi clarifies that they saw the entire recording on the big screen which shocks Prithvi who mentions it is not right as they should at least trust Sherlin who is his own wife but Rishab is not convinced. Kritika even asks Prithvi to reveal the truth about what was happening in the room, he tries to mention there was nothing, but Kritika is adamant questioning why is he not speaking the truth.

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