Glow TV: A Touch of Love January teasers 2022

A touch of love January teasers 2022:

Monday 3 January 2022
Episode 107
Guruma goes back home and compliments Thapki for being a good daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Thapki takes her luggage and moves into Bihaan’s room.

Episode 108
A moment of compassion, Bihaan lights a coil to ease Thapki’s sleep against mosquitos. However, the next morning they begin to argue again. Meanwhile, Chutki tells Vasundhara about giving Bihaan a makeover with the hopes that Thapki falls in love with him.

Tuesday 4 January 2022
Episode 109
Chutki gets Chantu and Bantu to tease Thapki in the market. After seeing Thapki being teased, will Bihaan rescue her?

Episode 110
Thapki sees Bihaan in a bad state but calls him out for being in a fight, breaking his promise to her. Badki and Chutki fight over a ring!

Wednesday 5 January 2022
Episode 111
Dhruv shouts at an employee for eating peanuts. Meanwhile, Raghav tells Aditi to put a camera in the room but she is hesitant about trapping Diwakar.

Episode 112
Aditi questions Diwakar. Thapki tries to break the lock of the front gate, but Bihaan comments about how it never breaks.

Thursday 6 January 2022
Episode 113
Bihaan calls in a chef to prepare Chinese food for everyone. Thapki is invited to dine but is surprised to see food on the table.

Episode 114
Thapki is praised for preparing delicious food but she declines the diamond ring and confesses she did not make the food.

Friday 7 January 2022
Episode 115
Bihaan gives Thapki some shampoo for her hair-fall, but the two end up arguing again. Later, they agree to attend a function together on Vasundhara’s request.

Episode 116
Upon seeing Thapki and Bihaan at the function together, Dhruv asks a woman to dance with him. Anand meets Diwakar and tells him that he would like Diwakar to marry his daughter.


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