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Rakhi gets confused about Karan’s behavior. Karan says he attempted to save Preeta’s respect and would always protect her whenever her character is questioned. Rakhi doesn’t understand why Karan wants Preeta and Prithvi’s marriage to be called off but Rishabh seconds Karan. Both brothers send Rakhi to sleep promising to talk about the issue tomorrow. Prithvi was with Sherlin, he is furious as he had to apologize to Sarla. He wonders if Karan has fallen for Preeta. Sherlyn calms Prithvi down and says that he should focus on his engagement and she on the other hand must marry Rishabh to seek revenge for Prithvi. Prithvi tells Sherlin that it’s important for him to know what’s going on in Karan’s mind. He smirks and says to Sherlin that he will do something big that will shock everyone. Prithvi doesn’t even share his plans with Sherlyn.

Early next morning, Sarla gets a phone call from Rakhi. Rakhi says she wanted to share her heart out with Sarla. Rakhi says that she feels Karan and Rishabh are tensed over Preeta’s marriage and both her son’s have a wrong attitude towards Prithvi. Sarla asks Rakhi for a suggestion and she suggests that they should organize a get-together so that all of them can meet somewhere. Sarla agrees. Srishti comes and informs Sarla of Prithvi and his parents’ arrival at their house. Rakhi was happy to hear this. She convince Sarla to speak to Prithvi about the outing. Rahki also says that she will convince Karan, Rishab and Sherlin since they must attempt to make this get together a successful one.

After the call, Sarla tells Srishti to take care of the cooking. Shrishti moves the pressure cooker, she then throws water over it. Preeta comes to scold Srishti for never helping in the kitchen. Shrishti remarks that she would marry in a house where there are a lot of servants. Preeta teases her for Sameer. Outside, Sarla greets Prithvi and his mother. Prithvi assures Sarla that he was scolded by his mother for what happened yesterday and promises that it will never happen again. Prithvi’s mother was apologetic to Sarla and promises to keep Preeta as her daughter after marriage. Sarla also says that she was worried and it was good that they came over to visit her.

Prithvi tells Sarla that his mother sense he has already fallen deeply in love for Preeta. Prithvi’s mother tells Sarla that she has seen her son so shy for the first time. Prithvi was bored by all the acting to impress Sarla. The priest arrives at the Arora house. Prithvi says his mother called the priest as they wanted to fix the date of the engagement. Sarla goes to get the birth chart while Preeta serves tea to everyone. Prithvi holds Preeta’s hand and says they will soon get engaged, making Preeta nervous.

Prithvi says Preeta will completely be his after the engagement since only he (Prithvi) will have the right over her. Shrishti goes to interfere with a plate of snacks for Prithvi whiles Preeta takes Shrishti inside to speak to her. At the Luthra house, Sameer thinks about Srishti talking about a misunderstanding. He goes to Karan’s room and helps him with his workout and asks him if Srishti had told him who she was in love with. Karan replies that Shristi mentioned Sameer’s name. He advises Sameer to give the least importance to girls and take him as role model. The latter teases Karan by mentioning Preeta’s name.

He asks Karan for tips to be a girl’s hero without speaking to her. Karan confirms if the tips are for Shrishti? Sameer denies liking Srishti and says that Shristi rather loves him. Karan asks Sameer if he is trying to fool the famous cricketer (Karan Luthra). Meanwhile, Sarla keeps looking for the birth chart in Janki’s room having forgotten Janki couldn’t speak. Janki lay in the bed awake and tries to speak when Sarla tells her about Prithvi and his mother fixing the engagement date. Sarla was concerned and asks if Janki wants to say something? Sarla asks Janki what she wanted to say. Janki signals through her eyes and tries to speak by making sounds through her mouths. Sarla goes to give the birth chart to Prithvi and his mother and she later called the doctor. Sarla finds the horoscope in the drawer. Janki prays to God for help to save Preeta’s life miraculously. The priest reads the horoscope while Prithvi’s mother asks Sarla’s permission for Prithvi to take Preeta for dinner. In the room, Srishti tells Preeta that Prithvi created a ruckus over a petty matter. She further says that she could sense that was Prithvi’s real face. Preeta says Prithvi was disturbed and hence reacted wrongly. Sarla asks Prithvi about the restaurant he would take Preeta to. Prithvi says it’s a new hotel and Preeta would like it. He goes to the room to take permission from Preeta concerning their dinner date.

Preeta says Prithvi cares for everyone in their family, and they can’t judge his nature in a state of anger. Prithvi comes to Janki’s room and he feels happy about her helplessness. Prithvi gives Janki the good news about his and Preeta’s engagement. He smirks and says that Janki must be thinking of stopping the engagement but she won’t be able to stop it as she could not even do anything after knowing about his and Sherlin’s affair. Prithvi reveals that he bribed the priest and he would surely give them a close date for the engagement to take place. Prithvi was happy that they will get married in front of Janki and she would only feebly watch. He agrees that Janki is really good at heart, else she wouldn’t have mingle with him for Preeta. He also says that he would marry Preeta within five days and after the engagement, he would torture Preeta. He also adds that Preeta would fall weak in front of his rage and then after his plan is accomplished with Sherlin he would throw her out of the house. He says that he can never forgive Preeta as she had an affair with Karan.

As he turns to leave, Janki kicks him from behind and he falls on the floor. Sarla comes in and asks as to what happened. Preeta asks if Prithvi fall down. Shrishti laughs at Prithvi and she also says that Janki must have kicked Prithvi intentionally. Prithvi says Janki actually kicked him since she might be wanting to show him she can move her legs now. Shrishti wonders why Janki actually kicked him. Prithvi says Janki must be happy as he met her after a long time. Preeta gets happy to know that Janki moved her leg. Sarla goes to bring sweets for everyone. Karan was in the room when he gets a phone call from Preeta. She asks Karan to give the phone to Dadi as she wants to speak to her. Karan replies that he isn’t a secretary and Preeta must call Dadi herself. Preeta asks Karan why he is so rude. Karan tells her that he decided he won’t bother himself because of her. Preeta wonders why Karan always create a heap over a petty matter. Karan tells Preeta to go and speak to Prithvi. Preeta tells Karan that Janki moved her leg and kicked Prithvi. Karan laughs out loud. Preeta tells Karan that she will get engaged to Prithvi in three days and that she has a date with him in a few hours so she wouldn’t be able to visit Dadi for therapy. Karan angrily disconnects the call. He furiously says that Prithvi deserves a wife like Preeta.

At home, Preeta was irked about Karan’s attitude. She pours herself a glass of water and convinces herself that it’s her first date with her husband to be so she must relax. Srishti comes to ask Preeta why she looks sad and if she fought with Karan. Preeta says she is tensed about the date with Prithvi. Shrishti says she can only see anger on Preeta’s face and asks if it’s because of her date with Prithvi. Rakhi stops Karan from leaving home and asks him to cancel his plans for tonight. Karan says he has to attend a party tonight. Rakhi says that Rishab is taking Sherlin to a date and wants Karan to accompany them. Karan tells Rakhi he doesn’t enjoy Sherlin’s boring company at all. Rakhi emotionally blackmails Karan for not fulfilling her wish. She was thinking that Karan would protect Rishab tonight, she also asks herself what if he has a fight with someone.

Karan thinks that there seems to be some confusion in Rakhi’s mind as Rishab never fights with anyone. Rakhi points towards Rishab as her elder son but he never enjoyed his life and always bear the burden of their families business. Rahki adds that Rishab never commits mistakes in his life because of his concern for his family. Rakhi says she wants Rishab to enjoy his life with full joy, and he will only learn through the company of Karan. Karan eyes Rakhi intently and agrees to go with Rishab. He warns his mother not to use emotional blackmailing again. Rakhi blesses Karan. Rishab was busy on a phone call. Rakhi calls him towards her and shows her concern about Rishab’s burden on their family business. Rishab was happy to hear Karan will accompany him for the dinner date. Karan asks Rishab if he can’t spend a single night with Sherlin then how will he spend his whole life with her. Rishab gets serious by saying he can do all that after marriage but he says that he loves Karan more. They both share a brotherly love.

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