This is fate update Friday 15 September 2023

This is fate 15 September 2023: Shristhi comes asking Bi jee to zip her dress, Bi jee thinks if she went close to her then she would know she has drank a cough syrup and would then tell everyone about it so she is going to go away and let her be like this with her zip, Shristhi after a while asks what is she doing there and should zip her dress, while not standing there, she doesnot know that it is Sameer who comes close and is about to but she suddenly exclaims it is tickling, she feels it is her Dadi so asks why is she not saying anything, she eventually finds a Malla and turns but is shocked to see Sameer, she questions what is he doing in her room since she never asked him, Sameer replies that she herself asked him to come but Shristhi replies that she can take care of herself but she once again exclaims she doesnot need his help, he leaves from the room.

Nagre asks Prithvi why does he think that this would be the truth, Nagre explains that he is Prithvi Malhotra so can he be ruined, it is not possible since the only way he can be ruined is if the family throws him out of the house but it is only possible if Mahesh becomes healthy, he knows mona was thrown out of the house but Prithvi can hire someone like her once again, prithvi explains that ever since he hired Nagre, he was always taking side of his enemies but now has taken his side, Prithvi pours some more drink, Nagre explains that now Prithvi needs to be more careful and alert about his surroundings, he should know whatever they are planning against him, Sherlin coming from behind explains she also feels the same and then Preeta is just trying to scare her which is why she asked the judge to come and attend the party, Sherlin leaves when she sees Karan coming, Nagre requests if he can ask prithvi a private question,

Prithvi at first denies when he agrees, Nagre questions how does he manage to keep his relation hidden from the entire family, Prithvi explains because he is a smart person and due to his smartness is able to fool them all. Nagre starts smiling.

Karan enters the party when some guests take photos with him, Natasha comes complimenting Karan for his good looks, she asks him why he does not compliment her since Kara also replies she is looking pretty, Natasha tries to get close to karan but Preeta is really angry seeing this, she coming to them asks karan why does he not tell her the truth about what was going on in the room, she reveals he is so naughty, he held her hand and kissed her after pulling her which is why she is angry with him since a lot go guests have come to attend the party and one should have a little humility, she leaves them both when Karan also goes after her, Natasha wonders what was Preeta sayings since she thought they both were fighting, she cannot understand their relation.

Karan rushes after Preeta questioning why she told Natasha about what happened in the room, Preeta questions if he did not kiss her, karan replies it was supposed to be between them both since they are husband and wife, she is now going to tease him. Preeta explains it is good since now she will tease him with her name and not try to join her own name, Karan questions why she would do it, Preeta explains she is already doing it. Karan questions why is she so jealous, she tries to leave but Karan stops her asking why does she act like this whenever someone comes near him, Preeta explains she is not a little girl but the fact is that he is her possession since she is the owner of this house, and if they look it in any other way even then no one can come close to him, karan questions if she is jealous but she denies it.

Rakhi and dadi accompany Mahesh downstairs, seeing him everyone starts wishing him Happy Birthday, Kritika hugs him when he immediately asks if there would also be a cake, Dadi explains he is the same as before since he only cares about the cake, Mahesh seeing Karan goes to him, he corrects the dress of karan before finally hugging him, karan starts crying since he had not been able to hug his father since the past two years, karan wipes off his tears and Mahesh questions why is he crying, karan replies it is just because today is his birthday so he is happy, Preeta is not able to bear it and rushes away, Mahesh then questions about Preeta hearing which everyone gets tensed when Karan leaves to bring her, Mahesh calls everyone revealing Karan went to bring Preeta.

The Luthra family is standing when the judge walks in, Rakhi signals Karina so they all go to greet him, he shakes hand with Mahesh wishing him Happy birthday, seeing this Prithvi and Nagre are shocked when prithvi questions what this drama is since he said that the judge would not come but seeing his mood it seems he has come to celebrate.

Preeta is standing in the balcony crying, she thinks that now the blame on Mahesh papa would surely be ended since he is going to be fine, karan sees Preeta from behind and then taps her two times but she doesnot respond when he questions why did she not turn, Preeta explains because she knew it will be only him, he in excitement thanks Preeta, she questions how did he thank her so easily, karan replies it is only because of his father since he hugged him because of her, he doesnot know how long his father would remain like this but till that time he is really happy, Karan hugs Preeta who also feels like it but then controls her emotions, he realizing it pulls back. Karan explains he doesnot like her but loves her a lot, Preeta is not able to understand his words, Karan explains this is the meaning of love since even if they do not like someone, they are still constantly thinking about that person and then not able to express it, Karan explains this is love since they do not know what is going on but love each other, Karan sees Bi jee walking, he whistles her asking where is she going all alone, Bi jee explains that she is the one who drank the cough syrup but it seems Karan is under the influence so is teasing her and is Preeta going to be jealous, Karan replies how is it possible since she is the most important in his life and not Preeta, BI jee starts correcting his dress, Preeta receives a text from Shristhi who explains that the judge and lawyer have arrived to the party, she rushes away while Karan and Bi jee exclaims she ran away so it proves she is jealous.

Prithvi asks Nagre why did the judge came to this party, Sherlin explains that Preeta brought Mahesh out of the basement so he can be proved as mentally stable, prithvi questions what is she saying since Preeta is not an idiot and even if they accept she is able to prove that Mahesh is mentally stable because of the judge, he would not lose it but also Preeta since she will not be able to retain her control over the property, Sherlin asks then he should tell her why did Preeta call the judge to this party. Prithvi explains he is asking Nagre while she is questioning him, but she should go away as if someone sees them then it will ruin everything, Prithvi asks Nagre who explains that she was not telling anything wrong, Prithvi asks Nagre to think and not listen to what Sherlin is saying and use his own brains. Preeta enters the party, prithvi asks Nagre to see her face how there is a smile on it, Preeta is about to walk to the judge but she is taken away by some guests, prithvi explains seeing her face it seems her intentions are not pure, Nagre questions what will he do now, Prithvi informs he is going to light a fire, Nagre is shocked hearing it.

Prithvi explains he heard it right, Nagre is saying that Preeta called the judge here to make sure that Mahesh is declared as normal so now he is going to play such a game that will bring a big twist, after which the judge would never declare Mahesh as normal. Karan asks Bi jee who called both the judge and doctor here when Bi jee replies who can it be other then Preeta.

Prithvi going to Preeta questions what is she trying to do, Preeta questions what does he think, prithvi is about to reveal but then thinks if he replies so she is going to find out that he knows about her plan and therefore he has to make sure that she doesnot suspect him of anything, Preeta informs that he would very soon find out about her plans and what she intents to do. Preeta greets the judge and doctor assuring that

she is glad they could attend the party.
The dance starts, Preeta coming asks Mahesh to sit down, who blesses her, everyone is watching her dance when Shristhi also joins her after pushing prithvi away, they both are rejoicing so Kritika comes to Prithvi’s side standing beside him, she looks angrily at Preeta. Shristhi rushes away since she cannot dance anymore however Preeta still continues assuring she is going to take the revenge for everything, the killer would not be able to protect himself from her as she is going to make him pay, they take Prithvi to the stage and Preeta starts teasing him, he leaves in anger when Preeta still continues to dance.

Prithvi is walking angrily in the hall, he starts thrashing the room in anger and even punches the wall to calm himself, prithvi takes out the bottle of tablets and is about to eat them when Sherlin stops him asking if he knows what these medicines can do since he would become mentally unstable, Prithvi reveals he got mad the day7 she came into this house since she shows him each and every day that he is failing and she is even dancing now, she is instigating him and he cannot calm down, Sherlin once again requests him but he starts searching for the pills and after eating them explains he cannot calm down anymore since it si enough and now the fight would be of either winning or losing, Sherlin questions what has gotten into him since he is talking as a mad man, prithvi explains he is going to kidnap Preeta from the party.

Sherlin questions what would he do after kidnaping her, prithvi reveals he is going to kidnap her and in front of everyone is going to ask her about the real intentions when Sherlin questions if he is going to do it in front of everyone, Prithvi assures he is going to do exactly that, Sherlin tries to follow him but hits her knee, Preeta is dancing when Prithvi once again comes back and starts dancing on the song, he even takes Kritika to the dance floor who starts dancing with him, the entire family is angry and even Mahesh feels restless, Preeta once again walks on the stage with Shristhi, so they start dancing and Preeta is standing beside Prithvi when someone turns on the smoke machine, the entire hall starts filling with smoke, seeing the opportunity Prithvi covers the face of Preeta with a towel before dragging her through the cover of smoke, the entire audience claps for the performance, Karan is looking for Preeta, Rakhi asks how did the smoke come here, Karan questions where did Preeta go, everyone is shocked hearing this and karan tries to leave when Sherlin immediately exclaims she knows, Karan asks where did she go when Sherlin gets tensed.

Prithvi pulls Preeta into the room, she hits him in the feet so he starts trembling when she questions what is going on as if he considers it to be a circus show, Prithvi replies this is the real world where he is tortured her and brought her by pulling, Preeta informs she saw that he pulled her but is himself trembling, she can see that he is really frustrated and not calm, she feels he is thinking why his plans are not working, he tried to keep Mahesh in the basement but he is out with his family and even tried to control her however she is out of control, so he is losing his grip, Preeta questions what is the need to create so much drama as he can ask her questions, Prithvi explains that she is right and if she is so clever then should reveal the reason she brought the judge and doctor to this party as she herself revealed that the guests list would be of only family and so why did she call them both, Preeta reveals she called them because those two are the people who declared Mahesh papa as mentally unfit and would be the ones to declare him as mentally stable after witnessing him in the party. Prithvi walks to the mirror and smiles, prithvi turning mentions she made the same mistake which she always does, and it is to underestimate him, he explains that he is neither karan nor that Rakhi Luthra as he himself is Prithvi who works with his mind, prithvi explains if she is going to prove that Mahesh is mentally stable then he would not be the only one who loses everything since Mahesh is going to throw him out of the will and with him will also do the same to Preeta, who till now considers herself to be his daughter but the family of Mahesh only consists of his son, wife, mother, sister and niece which in the end has Preeta.

Mahesh will not consider him the same since the family would reveal that she set strict rules for them all and even irritated them all so when he knows about it then might even get angry and slap her, after which she would be the one to feel the pain and not him, Prithvi mentions if they go back in time to when she came to this house after two years and said she came to seek revenge from the family because of the pain which they all caused to her as she acted like a Hitler since she desired to take revenge from them all, Prithvi informs he only has one confusion, she came to take revenge which she is taking but why is she trying to bring Mahesh out of the basement. Prithvi exclaims what if she did not come here for the Luthra’s and him, as she is just acting that she is taking revenge from the Luthra’s but in reality, is taking revenge from prithvi, Preeta feels he has understood her plans.

Karan questions Sherlin who starts stammering, explaining she doesnot know when karan says that she first said she knew it, Sherlin manages to explain that Preeta planned to give them a surprise by running away after the performance, Natasha exclaims that she felt this performance was really good, Bi jee questions how she knew it if it was a surprise, Kritika asks Karan why he is so tensed since she is surely going to come back. The judge reveals whatever it was he felt that it was a nice performance as both of them are good dancers, Shristhi thanks him for the compliment, when she thinks how she should have also vanished with Preeta. Sherlin thinks she would have to warn prithvi about the situations because if karan finds him then it would create a lot of problems for them both.

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