These Streets update Wednesday 30 June 2021

These Streets 30 June 2021: Puchki is in rest room. She runs from there. Beuty and Rana break the door but she has ran. Beauty and Rana look for her everywhere.

Thaku ma hits Chanda and says where is Puchki? We will kill her. Chanda says I dont’ know. Even if I did I wont tell you. Chanda says to Rana kill her wherever you see her. Chanda says no please.

Puchki runs on the roads. There are thugs looking for her everywhere. She hides behind plants. Puchki says i can call Shan. She brought Chanda’s phone. Puchki calls on Shan’s phone but he is getting ready for school. Puchki sees thugs.

Thaku ma slaps Rana and says you are all so useless. she is just a kid. They are of no use. Go and find her. Show your power. Beauty says aww. Rana says I know where she is. I will find her.

Puchki hides behind the cars. rana is there. Puchki sees Shan sitting in the car but he leaves. Rana says if he left look for puchki.
Puchki is hidden. Rana is looking for. Puchki calls Nevi and says i am stuck in a problem. Please let me talk to Shan.

Nevi says that is not our problem. She turns her phone off. Puchki says what will i do now. Shan comes home. Nevi says why is your mom calling us. Why is she annoying us. Did you not break the relationship with her? Check this phone. Shan says why is ma doing this. Can’t she understand. Shan calls in bari. He hears beauty saying if it is Rana tell him kill Puchki wherever he finds him. Shan is dazed. He says Puchki ran from bari? Where would she be? Ma would know.

Shan calls on Chanda’s phone. puchki has it. She hides behind a car. Rana stops. Puchki picks but the phone turns off. shan says where could she be? The river. She said she will always go there.
Shan comes to the river and looks for Pucki. Puchki runs on the road. She falls. Puchki hides behind a stone. Shan says where is she. Puchki says wont you come even when I am in trouble? Rana sees Puchki and puts hand on her mouth. He laughs and says you wanna run? Puchki says God is seeing. He says thaku ma has asked us to kill you. Winds start blowing. Dust is in eyes of all the thugs. Puchki tries to run but Raha shoots. puchki falls down.

Scene 1
Pucki falls down. Shan screams. Aru comes there. He says Shan lets go from there. Shan says Puchki is in trouble.. Aru takes him from there forcefully.
Some people see Puchki. Ran and his thugs run. Puchki wakes up and says where am I? She sees pictures of Ravindra and Aru. She says how I came to Shan’s place? Neel comes there and smiles.

Puchki says friend you.. How did i come here? I was looking for shan. Then I don’t know what happened. He says your life is in danger. No one should know you are here. Puchkii asys how did you find me? He tells her people saw her. People said she is shot. Neel found out that bullet just touches her. He says God sent me for you. She says I am God’s fav. That uncle wanted to kill me.

Rana is drunk. Beauty comes and says where is Puchki? He says I shot her. Beauty says you are lying. Rana says I shot her. Beauty says we want body as proof. He says there were a lot of people. Beauty says ma will never believe this. I want puchki dead or alive. He says okay.

Puchki says to Neel bari ma is in trouble. I have to go and save her. He says we will save your bari ma. Don’t worry. You can’t go there. She hugs him and says I want to ask Shan why he said he will never meet us. He said he hates her. I want to hell him what beauty and thaku ma are doing to bari ma. Neel says you can’t meet him.

He was asked to say all that. Puchki says who asked him all that? Neel says we will have to ask him that. She says I want to ask him that. Neel says he wont tell us. We will tell us. He shouldn’t know you are here. We have to find out playing hide and seek. Puchki saays will keep hidden. She says but first get bari ma out of bari.

Scene 2
Neel disguises as a pathan. He comes to bari as a client. Beauty says are you here first time? He says yes. He gives her money and says is this enough? Beauty says this is a lot. She says what kind of girl do you want? He says i want chanda. She says Chanda is busy. There are a lot of girls. He says I want Chanda only. She says if you want Chanda you will have Chanda. Neel gives him more money. Beauty says go to room. We will bring Chanda here. Murli says to Beauty chanda she is injured. Beauty says we have to bring her. He is giving a lot of money.

Shan comes to Neel’s room. He says chachu where are you. Puchki hides. Shan says how will i know how my Puchki is. There is no news about her. He says only chachu can help me find where she is. puchki comes behind him. Shan turns back. Puchki hides. Shan says why do I feel like Puchki is here. But she can’t come here. Shan leaves. Puchki says he cares for me. He was lying. Why did he say all that.

Chanda can barely walk. She comes to the room. Beauty is peeking in. Chanda is about to take off her saree. Neel says let me shut the door. Beauty leaves. Neel says I am Neel. Chanda is dazed. He takes off his beard. Neel says Puchki told me everything. Are you okay? Chanda says my Puchki.. Is she alive? She sits down and cries. She says where is she? Neel says she is fine and with. She snet me here to help you. Chanda says her life is in danger. He says I know. But she is safe. He says you are in danger. These people have tortured you so much. Come with me. Chanda says i can’t come. they will doubt that Puchki is alive if i run. I promised Arpita I will take care of her. He says I learned humanity in these streets. Chanda says I will keep pretending here that Puchki is dead.

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