The good son update Wednesday 30 June 2021

The good son 30 June 2021:  Purva ask Vedant to tell one thing truly and asks if she is very bad. Vedant says not at all. Purva says why Bua and Babu ji dislike me. Vedant says they dislike your thinking and wants you to be limited to be house.

Purva says like your mum. Vedant says you are very courageous and gives a fitting reply to anyone. He says you have changed me too and tells that his fear in Jaipur made him realize that he loves her very much. He says he was scared of her relation and looks at her, but finds her sleeping. He smiles and says Mazaak hai kya. Manjula asks Gomti to open the door. Gomti refuses. Ramesh comes and takes plate from Manjula. He asks her to get the food warm again. Manjula says she warmed it two times before.

Ramesh scolds her when Manjula tells that house runs due to work and not due to words. Ramesh hurts her hand and scolds her. She leaves. Ramesh asks Gomti to open the door. In the morning, Gomti opens the door and finds Ramesh sitting and sleeping outside her room. She wakes him up and asks did you sleep all night here. She says I will not agree. Ramesh emotionally blackmails him of the childhood incident and says when I see your love with Preetam, I didn’t see any other thing and took his help to kick Purva. Gomti says even she wants Purva to leave and tells that she will not leave him, ever.

Vedant is in the hospital and tells a patient that the baby is healthy. Patient and her husband leave. Vedant asks Dr. Rashmi about Pankhudi. Dr. Rashmi says she didn’t come till now. Dadi calls Vedant and asks him to talk to Purva and confess his feeling. She asks him to make a call to her. Vedant says on phone. Dadi says people fix marriages on phone and you can’t say I love you. Everyone sit to have breakfast.

Ramesh and Gomti come there. Ramesh serves food to Gomti. He sees Sanju reading book and asks what is it? Sanju says this is a book. Manjula scolds him. Ramesh blames her for Sanju’s behavior. Radhika also goes telling house environment is bad. Ramesh takes Gomti to room. Narendra tells Dadi that they concentrated on Ramesh and Gomti always, and he always tried to become a good son, but then Vedant grown up and became Raja beta, and says I am still crying.

Vedant calls Purva and find her number unreachable. He messages her that he wanted to tell her…Pankhudi asks Sanju to go and write his exam. Sanju says Papa wants him to fail. Pankhudi asks him why he wants to make Vedant and his life tragic and asks him to write exam and pass. Sanju says ok, as you trust me and says thank you Pankhu. Pankhudi goes.

Dadi asks Purva about her phone. Purva asks if there is something urgent. Dadi asks her to check her phone and says Vedant is a doctor and his talks are always urgent. Pankhudi comes to Purva’s house and calls her. Purva is coming towards the room. Pankhudi hears the phone beeping and checks Vedant’s message that he loves Purva very much. She says she is a fool, not to think about Vedant. She says we shall love someone who loves us, and says Di don’t love you. Purva comes to room and calls Pankhudi Pankhudi drops purva’s phone. Purva takes her phone. Pankhudi says she is going to hospital.

Dr Agarwal comes to Vedant and gives him an offer. Vedant says he don’t want to make his hospital as super speciality. Dr. Agarwal says you have a big place, we shall work in partnership. Vedant asks him to go. Dr. Agarwal goes. Vedant’s phone rings. He picks the call and angrily says yes. Purva asks shall I call later? Vedant asks her to reply for her message. Purva says she didn’t read any message. She checks for message and says there is no message. She asks him to say. Vedant asks shall we go out for dinner. Purva says ofcourse. Vedant says I am totally chilled out. He asks her to get ready in the night. He thinks why she didn’t receive the message.

Pankhudi comes and hears him, thinks she had deleted the message before Purva see. Dadi comes to Purva’s room and sees her ready. She says Vedant’s wife is looking beautiful. Purva says they are going for dinner. Dadi asks him to take Vedant very far from here. Purva says why he will accept my sayings. Dadi says his happiness lies in your happiness, may be she will agree for his wife. Vedant comes there and asks Purva if she is ready? Purva says yes. Vedant asks her to give him 10 mins. Dadi says you didn’t notice me, I like it. She goes. Purva thinks why Dadi thinks that he will agree to me.

Ramesh, Gomti and Narendra watching news about terrorists attacking the people. Ramesh says Police shall kill terrorists. Narendra says that is not the solution. Vedant and Purva come down and he tells that they will have food outside. Gomti says everyone is dying and they want to have food. Vedant gets Dr. Rashmi’s call about the bomb blast patients. Vedant tells purva that he has to go to hospital. Purva says she understands. Gomti taunts her.

Vedant comes to hospital and assigns Dr. Rashmi and Pankhudi to handle the patients with small injuries and tells that he will handle serious patients along with Dr. Sharma. Pankhudi says she doesn’t know how to note down the details of so many patients. Vedant says we have to take a decision according to the situation.

Pankhudi gets shocked seeing an injured pregnant woman and comes to Vedant. She tells that the woman is badly injured, but baby is saved. Dr. Rashmi checks the file and helps Vedant. Pankhudi is still tensed.

Dadi tells Purva that it is not easy to be Doctor’s wife as his duty is more beyond that his family. Purva says she never wanted a God and wanted a small family. She tells about her idea of a family and says sorry. Dadi says life is a truth, which is sometimes more beautiful than dreams, and sometimes very much ordinary. Purva says dreams are not in our hands, but we can change the truth. Pankhudi and Dr. Vedant operate on a pregnant lady. Dr. Rashmi tells that the operation ran for 4 hours.

Patient’s husband thanks him and says I am poor, but will repay your fees. Vedant asks him to take care of his wife and baby, and says this will be my fees. Dr. Rashmi asks him to rest for a while. Minister comes to the hospital to see the patients and asks his man about Vedant. Media questions him. Peon comes to Vedant and sees him resting. Vedant asks what happened? Peon asks him to sign on the papers. Pankhudi comes to vedant and gives him tea. She says she is feeling bad as she couldn’t handle her responsibility.

Vedant says she shall learn now. Pankhudi says she is an intern and his sister in law too. Vedant says you are a doctor here and tells that she will see many people critical in hospital daily, and have to be courageous. Minister/MP’s man comes to Vedant and says Minister is having fever. Vedant says I am a gynaec. Minister’s man says MP Saheb has anger fever and asks him to come else he will get angry. Vedant agrees.

MP meets the patients and asks them to be courageous. He asks his man if Doctor came. Vedant is coming there. His man sees Vedant coming and says he is coming. Dr. Rashmi comes to Vedant and says Saira’s condition is deteriorating. Vedant goes to attend Saira without greeting him. MP gets angry and asks his man to call Ramesh.

Vedant comes home and sits. He asks Manjula to give him food as he is hungry since yesterday. Ramesh tells him that MP called and threatened him, as Vedant insulted him and didn’t shake hands with him. Vedant asks why did he call you? Ramesh says he was his college friend. Narendra says MP Chokas is very dangerous. Vedant says I didn’t insult him intentionally and went to attend a serious patient. He says I will apologize to him. Ramesh says he asked for 50 lakhs rs else the hospital will be closed.

Dadi asks why? Vedant says I will not give the bribe and will not do wrong. Dadi asks if there is any other way. Narendra says Chokas is very bad and killed a man infront of thousands of people. Gomti asks Ramesh to make him understand as he is your friend. Ramesh says gunda understands only money language and says we have just hospital and house. He says we will mortgage hospital at Dr. Agarwal.

Vedant says he will not give partnership to Dr. Agarwal and he wants the hospital to run on Dadaji’s siddhant. Purva asks Ramesh to give some time to Vedant and says he will handle everything. Vedant says he will think and goes. Ramesh tells Purva that it is not easy to handle the MP. Sumiti asks if Vedant can save us from MP. Purva says Vedant will handle everything and says Vedant haina…Dadi looks surprised.

Purva comes to room. Vedant thanks her for taking a stand for him and tells that he doesn’t know what to do. Purva tries to cheer him up and says you can do it. They smile. Purva says mazaak hai kya as electricity goes. They come out and find neighbors light on. Ramesh says it must be chokas doing. Everyone’s phone start ringing one by one, shocking them.

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