These Streets Update Tuesday 24 August 2021


These Streets 24 Aug 2021: Asmita says Nevi’s partner is a man. who could that be? There are two days left in the wedding.The mehndi starts. Bua is dancing. Paro comes. Ridoy says you look pretty. Paro says shan how do I look? Shan sees Asmita coming int. Nevi welcomes them.Nevi gets a call. She says don’t call like this. The guy in saree says they took your name. They know about you. Nevi says how can they know? Who is this person?

bua says nevi come start applying mehndi. The woman under veil is Chanda. Shan recognizes her voice. She applies mehndi on his hand. Ridoy gets asmita’s name written on hand. Moushmi collides with shan and Paro’s name is removed from his hand. HE says let me wash.Shan comes to his room. He is in tears. HE says how will I remove you from my heart asmita?Bua says time for brides mehndi. Nevi brings asmita’s mehndi. Paro says in heart there is a poisonous lizard in the mehndi.

It will bite you and you will die. This is real shagun Beauty comes as Sheela. She says to Paro time to avenge what she did in haldi. Shan comes back. Ridoy says lets dance first.SHan dances with Paro and Ridoy dances with Asmita. Ridoy falls. Asmita’s name removes from his hand.ravindra says let me see. Beauty says we can’t ruin the function. Bua says lets get girls’ mehndi till then.Beauty calls Paro and says what happened. Has asmita died yet? Chanda comes and says she is fine because that poisonous mehndi is here.

Chanda says to beauty you can’t marry your Paro to my son. Beauty says I will take revenge. That Ravindra shoved me out of this house but now my Paro will be in this house. You can’t stop this wedding. Chanda says truth wins in the end. Beauty saays you will see who wins. What did you get with this truth? Nothing.Shan says to Ridoy let me dress your wound. Can’t asmita be careful. Ridoy says she can’t harm with intentionally. I had to fall so i did.

I am fine, please go and enjoy the mehndi function. Shan leves. Ridoy says check their mehdni. Asmita’s would be dark because my love is a little more. Paro checks Asmita’s mehndi. It says B. Nevi says why is there B instead of R? Asmita is silent. Asmita says B for Bhondo. Nevi says what? She says we are friend. Bhondo means friends. Love is made of friendship. My life partner is my friend. That’s why I got Bhondo written. Asmita says did I do wrong? Shan says in heart fool others Pucki. I know why you got it written.

You gave me this name in childhood. Paro picks napkin and starts cleaning her mehdni. Moushmi says what are you doing. Moushmi throws the kalash away. She says how is her mehndi so dark and mine so faded? She says to Asmita I know you did all this you can stop Shan nd my wedding. He is only mine. Asmita says color of your mehndi shows your love. paro says stop acting so smart with me. I will take revenge from you. I will show you my power. Beauty asks her to calm down. She takes paro from there.

Bua says Nevi i told you this girl isn’t good for Shan. Stop this wedding. We will see what is next. Ravindra comes in and says what happened? Where is Paro? Bu says stop this wedding. Nevi says these weddings will happen. Chanda comes and says stop.. The truth I am going to tell you will stop these weddings. Ravndra says this isn’t your father’s house. Chanda says this is my son’s house and you can’t stop me from meeting him. Before this wedding you have to know a few truth. Bua says speak up., Chanda says.. Lights turn off.. Chanda disappears.

Everyone is dazed. They look for chanda.Asmita says to pathan I have to save Chanda. Where is she.. We have to save her. I am sure Nevi did this. Khurana says we got a call and got information that Shan is involved in Aru’s death. We can’t ignore this information. Tonight is the right time to catch him right handed. We are looking for Chanda.Mehndi starts. Moushmi says everyone has to dance. Asmita sneaks upstairs.She comes to shan’s room. ASmita says I have look for proofs. She sees veil in his room.

Asmita says she is trying to trap Shan in all this fooling police into thinking he did this. I have to expose Nevi.

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