Mismatched update Wednesday 24 November 2021


Mismatched 24 November 2021: The Episode starts with Vineet scolding Babli and dragging her. Anokhi says leave her, what are you doing. Vineet asks Babli to come and dance with him. He misbehaves and raises hand to slap her. Shaurya comes and stops Vineet. Vineet says she is my wife. Shaurya asks Anokhi is this her Jija. She says yes. Vineet says yes, I m Babli’s husband. Shaurya scolds him. Vineet asks is this your college, get out, leave me. Shaurya catches him and warns.

He asks Babli and Anokhi to come with him. Vineet asks how can you go. Shaurya says I can do what I said, I won’t say again, lie down here, come to me when you come to senses. Shaurya takes Anokhi and Babli with him. Babli says we can’t go. Anokhi says yes, we will go on own. Shaurya says no need to worry, talk to your husband in the morning. Vineet shouts I will not leave you. Shaurya sees Puri and thinks better I will drop him to get name and number. Puri says happy valentines day. Shaurya says if you go like this, your news will come in the morning, come with me.

Puri greets the ladies and says happy valentines day. Shaurya makes him sit in the front seat. He sits back with Anokhi and Babli.Anokhi pulls her dress. Shaurya helps her. They get into a moment. Her hair fly over his face. Babli thanks him. He says its okay, but I hope that everything gets better tomorrow. Babli says if he remembers it…. She asks why are you scared, we didn’t do anything wrong, Shaurya helped us and also Vineet, else don’t know what would he do in anger.

Babli says yes, but just the morning can tell us what will happen. He says his behavior was unacceptable. Puri does shayari. Shaurya asks will you do the thing which I told you. Puri says I m doing it, you have danced well. He checks his phone. He says check this number. Shaurya says its your wife’s number. Anokhi laughs. Shaurya says you are liking it, when I know you have given the tip to the media, then I will laugh and you will cry. He drops them home. Babli thinks Vineet didn’t come till now.

She thanks Shaurya for dropping them home. Anokhi asks her to go. Babli goes. Anokhi says I understand that you aren’t the same as you appear, you appear strict, you are good at heart, thanks for saving Babli and me from Vineet. Shaurya says I m better than you know, the day I know your mistake, then you won’t like me. She says if I didn’t do anything wrong, then why will I get scared, I decided to not feel scared, I want to see what you will do with the culprit. He says you and Aastha will know it soon.

She asks what problem do you have with her. He says its none of your business, you are Aastha’s student. Puri says I got the number. Shaurya gets shocked and says its my residence number, who called from my house. He sees Anokhi going.Anokhi just finds excuses to taunt me. Babli asks did you thank her. Anokhi says Shaurya changes its mood like the diwali lights. She asks about Vineet. Babli says he didn’t come but I won’t go in front of him, I will sleep here. Anokhi says its your house, I will do your champi/hair massage.

Vicky messages Babli to ask did she reach home, is everything fine. Anokhi also reads it and asks was he just your friend or something else, tell me. Babli says we both were in love. Anokhi gets shocked. Babli says we wanted to get married. Anokhi asks why didn’t you tell this to anyone. Babli says dad didn’t listen to us ever, you know his anger, he had an idea so he got me married to Vineet, everything happened so soon, I didn’t even meet Vineet. Anokhi says you should have told Rama.

Babli says I didn’t had courage like you to tell my feelings in front of dad, I m not alone, this happens with many girls. Anokhi hugs her.Shaurya comes home and shouts to call Shaan. Shaan asks what happened. Shaurya says you had called the media, right. Tej asks what are you saying. Shaurya says the call was made to the media by our landline, Shaan would have done it. Shaan says its my college also, I also care for the reputation, what can be the reason. Shaurya says Aastha is the reason. Devi says who would be more interested than you.

Aastha is on the way. The car stops. The driver says tyre has punctured. She says its fine, you get the tyre fixed, I will go home. She pays him money. He gets the nails and says someone did this purposely. Someone follows Aastha. She turns to see and runs. Shaurya asks why is she coming back after 25 years. Shaan says its not right. Shaurya asks him to end the matter today for once and all. He says if you can’t end your relation with her, then our relation will end today. Everyone gets shocked.

  Shaurya and Devi asking Shaan why didn’t he get divorced from Aastha. Shaurya says you didn’t care for the family, child or yourself, you still want to support her. Shaan says its my personal matter. Gayatri asks Bebo did she call the press conference. Bebo says you think I m so stupid, you don’t trust us. She goes. Rama waits for Raja. Bhalla and Rama argue. Rama says Anokhi and Babli are sensible, I m worried for Raja, he has a gun with her, he is in bad company. He says you couldn’t control your girls. She asks him to call Raja once. The call is answered.

They hear Raja going to kill Aastha. Rama asks Bhalla to come fast, he may do something. They leave.Alok asks can’t you divorce a woman, who isn’t with you since 25 years. Devi says until you take divorce, she will use our surname and misuse it. Tej says I also agree with this, person just earns name in his life, not money, what’s left in this relation, you should divorce her. Anokhi calls Aastha and says Shaurya is strange, he has helped me in ragging case. Aastha says my phone battery is low, I will call later.

She thinks sorry, someone is following me, I have to focus here. Anokhi says there is some matter, why is she not answering. Aastha’s phone falls. Raja picks the phone. Aastha runs to some building. Shaurya says you still love that woman, right, she can’t love anyone else than herself. Shaan says no. Shaurya says I know it. Raja and his friends come there. Shaurya says I m not blind in anyone’s love. Raja scolds Aastha and says I will not leave you. Shaurya says you have to end ties with me if you don’t divorce her. Aastha tries to save her life.

Shaan says don’t emotionally blackmail me. Shaurya says I m just giving you an option so that we can live our life well. Raja points gun at Aastha. Shaan says you just respect your mum. Shaurya shouts she is a selfish woman, she can never be my mum.Shaan says she loves you a lot. Shaurya says you think she gave me much love. Devi asks what did Aastha do for her. Shaurya says I just want her to leave from our lives, I hate her.

Aastha gets caught. Shaan says parents always love their child. Shaurya says I wish I was never born to her, I hate that woman. Shaan shouts enough now Shaurya. Aastha is your mum. Devi stops Shaan. Rama and Bhalla come to stop Raja. Shaan says I can’t hear a word against Aastha, she is my wife. Tej says leave him, Shaan. Shaurya says she is your life, but you have to choose between me and her. Rama asks Aastha to step back. Raja says leave me once. Shaurya says I will leave this house.

Raja shoots at Aastha. Rama and Bhalla get shocked. Anokhi is on phone.Aastha gets shot. She stumbles back and falls down the building. Rama and Bhalla get shocked. Aastha recalls Shaurya and Shaan. Rama shouts what did you do Raja. She cries seeing Aastha fallen down. Bhalla gets shocked. Raja and his friends run downstairs. Raja sees Aastha and gets shocked. Gayatri comes and asks Shaurya to know the truth, Kitty and Bebo had called the press. Everyone gets shocked.

Gayatri recalls Kitty confessing the truth. Raja and his friends run away. Bhalla calls an ambulance. Rama asks Aastha to open her eyes.

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