Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Monday 11 October 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11 Oct 2021:  Episode starts with Fawad and Mariam chasing the informer. Rifat recalls Fawad’s words. She gets sad and says he didn’t talk to me well, when will he give me importance. Fawad asks Aaliya and Aijaz to go to their rooms. Informer hides. Mariam looks for him. Fawad sees Zain. Zain asks is everything fine. Fawad says yes. Zain asks how are you. Fawad goes. Mariam says I searched everywhere and didn’t get him. Choti and Rifat hear sound. Rifat asks who is there. Fawad sees informer running out. He shouts stop and runs after him.

Mariam also follows. Fawad gets shocked seeing Majaaz and goons aiming gun at informer. He runs to stop Majaaz. Mariam comes there. Someone else standing behind Majaaz, shoots the informer. Fawad gets shocked seeing Majaaz’s face. Majaaz flees. Fawad sees informer dead. Mariam comes and gets shocked. She asks Fawad is he fine, who did this. He shouts Majaaz Khan did this. He asks informer to get up. He says Majaaz killed my friend too, he will kill us all.

He hugs Mariam and cries. She calls up police. Police comes. Fawad says Majaaz has killed this man. Inspector asks did you see him. Mariam says no, I didn’t see. Fawad says Majaaz has killed him. Police takes the man’s body. Everyone asks Fawad to open the door. Rifat asks Zain not to go, Fawad might say hurtful things. Zain says I guess I should go back from here. Rifat says no, that’s not the case, he is just disturbed, we will talk, okay? He says leave him alone for some time. He goes.

Aijaz asks why is he upset, nobody cares for him. Madiha asks him to go to his room. Rifat asks them to go. Rifat cries. Mariam goes through the window. She sees Fawad and cries. She says he got betrayed all the time, so he got so much hatred, he can’t forget the past, I just can’t see him like this. She gets inside and asks him what happened. She changes his tshirt. She cleans the blood off his face. She puts him to sleep. Meher stops Zain and says Aaliya is scared, she will feel better if you talk to her once, you two need each other. He asks Aaliya to go and sleep, its late. She says she needs your love, not formality. She pities Zain.

Mariam says Fawad has hidden many secrets, I will help you. She sees Fawad’s laptop and calls Akshay to meet her. She cries and says I can’t change your past, but I can try so that you don’t have problems in future, sorry, don’t misunderstand me.Mariam asking Akshay to hack Fawad’s laptop and get the video recovered from pendrive. She says Fawad had good intentions, he was confident to expose the bad people, but we know how Majaaz was, he can’t be wrong, I will launch this video, Fawad wanted to do this. He agrees. Madiha and Biji see her and think what’s Mariam upto. They worry for Fawad.

Biji says you shouldn’t be scared, else she will start assuming things and fall weak, think of Mariam as a soldier, she is fighting a battle. Madiha and Biji pray that Mariam succeeds. Akshay says I got the video. Mariam sees Majaaz in the video.Its morning, Biji gives the juice and medicine to Fawad. He thinks of Majaaz. Mariam looks at him. He finds himself chained and asks what’s this. Biji says complete rest for two days, your food will be sent here, if you don’t obey me, you won’t get the keys. She blesses Fawad and asks him to take rest, and not take stress. Fawad thinks Manjeet acts strange with me always. Mariam goes smiling. Meher gets a glass of juice for Zain. He says thanks, but I don’t need it.

Meher says fine, I will keep it here, sometimes you should change mind to make others happy. She goes. He smiles and drinks the juice. Rifat and Choti look on. Choti says Zain is so much happy, he doesn’t talk to anyone, he is in his own world, but how is he so happy, what’s Meher doing with him. Rifat gets thinking. Mariam comes to office and says I have to do this.She takes the pendrive. She says the informed got killed, Fawad worked out for this video, I won’t let his efforts go in vain, maybe Majaaz reacts seeing this video. She prays and uploads the video. Fawad sees Mariam on the news segment. He calls her up. Mariam gives the credit of the video to Fawad.

She says this project was very risky and imp, he risked his life to bring this video out, I want to thank Fawad for bringing this truth out. He gets shocked. He thinks of Mariam and says its very hard to understand girls, its a fact, the more I try to know her, I get confused. Aaliya comes to him. He wishes her happy birthday. She says I wish I get a Choti Amma soon, else I have to take care of you. She sees Mariam and says I think she is the one. She says its my birthday, don’t forget to gift me. He says this year, you will get gifts soon.

She says Manjeet went to office. He says I will go office too. Mariam comes home and says I hope dad reacts on this idea, I m scared that Fawad can scold me, I will say sorry and thanks to you. He says I will say sorry and thanks to Manjeet, but that’s too much, whatever she has done is enough. They collide. He holds her hand. O yaara….plays… They start arguing. Biji comes to them smiling. She teases Fawad for staring at pretty Mariam. He says I have a lot of work, I m going. He leaves. Mariam says I know what you are trying to do. Biji says you shouldn’t prepare any dish in a hurry, just reduce and increase the flame, then see how you prepare the dish. She smiles and goes. Mariam smiles.

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