These Streets update Wednesday 1 December 2021


These streets 1 December 2021: Shan says I won’t tolerate anyone insulting her. I have decided we are leaving this house. We would start a new life where she doesn’t have to bear these thoughts. Ravindra says people would talk against you. Shan says I don’t care what people say. We all know what truth is. I was married to Puchki. We all know when ridoy was marrying her I married her. No one comes for us. He holds asmita’s hand.

Shan says I don’t have to explain anyone. Shan and asmita touch Ravindra’s feet. They touch Bua’s feet. She gives them blessings. They come to Nevi but she steps back. Ridoy says mama He hugs Shan. Ridoy says I am so happy. I am proud of you. You fought for your love. I love you. I would always be with you two. Shan hugs him. Shan says take care. Shan leaves with asmita.

Shan and asmita come outside. Ridoy says here is your new house’s key. Asmita says is this all right? SHan says it’s only time to celebrate. He sits on the bike. Ridoy says enjoy your romantic time. He leaves. Asmita sits on the bike. He holds her hand and they ride in the city. Shan and asmita eat at a dhaba. Shan makes her eat. Shan dances with asmita on the roads. Asmita hugs him.

Nandani papa how can’t you do anything. He says I am trying. I won’t let you live here for a moment. I am trying my best. Nandani says how long would it take? He says your case is serious. Nandani says I don’t care. Tell me how long would it take? He says might take a week. Nandani says I can’t live here for five minutes. If you love me, how can you let me live here. Don’t you wanna do anything? Because you start loving asmita? He says that can never happen. I only love you. Nandani says I will die here. He says I will get you out of here. He says shan and asmita.. They left the house. they have shifted to a new house.

Nandani says what. Nandani says in heart, I will attack their lives. Shan can never be asmita’s.Asmita sets things in the new house. Asmita is cleaning. Shan comes. Asmita says what are you saying. He says where is space for me in the closet? Asmita says you shouldn’t have a lot of clothes. There is a small closet. You can take it. Shan says wow so nice of you. He takes out her clothes. He says I would take equal space. Asmita says you should adjust. Asmita slips, Shan holds her. They laugh together. Shan says your smile makes things brighter.

I wish we have a daughter like you. Asmita says let’s get done with the work if you’re done with the romance. GO get the grocery. He says I would do it? She says this is Mazumdar mansion. He says what love makes you do. Shan leaves. Asmita says I hope everyone is happy with us in the end.Shavankar comes and throttles Ravindra. Everyone says leave him. He says I can’t see a tear in my daughter’s eyes. Moushmi says we are on nandani’s side. asmita did all this. He says ask asmita to withdraw from this case.


Moushmi says how would we? He says you have to do it. Ravindra says nevi please bring shan back and ask asmita to solve it. We have to do it. Moushmi says they are having their fun there and we are worried here without a reason. We would be ruin in this shan and asmita’s love.ASmita is outside.. some women hit her. A girl says you are living with your lover? Shame on you. Our men would follow you. You are from sona gachi. The guy she is living with is also married. You are so disgusting. We wont’ let you live here. They hit her. Asmita says leave me.

How can you do this to me. A woman brings razor and says we would shave her head and blacken her face. shan comes and stops her hand. He shoves them and hugs asmita. The woman says her lover is here. You two are so shameless. Asmita says please go from here shan. Asmita says Shan for me, please let’s go from here. Shan says if you dare touching my asmita again, I would ruin your lives. Don’t dare pointing a finger at her. Shame on you all.

Shan dresses Asmita’s wounds. Asmita holds his hand. Shan says I am sorry. Because of me you have to put up with all this. They are doing your character assasination. Asmita says you don’t have to feel bad about it. We will make it through. I can die for you. Shan says never say it again. There is no life without you. He says why are you looking at me. Asmita says you remind me of Aru and chanda. They could never be one. He really loved her. She never got the sindur, love, the official status. I know what that pain is. I know why she wanted to see your sindur in my hairline. Who knew its worth more than her. Shan says come..

Asmita says where? He says let’s go and fix the mistake we did.Lawyer says to nandani my client sent it. Sign it. Nandani says he can’t make me sign divorce papers. I wont leave him this easily. He can do what he want. won’t even let him be asmita’s. He can do whatever he wants.Shan says you will have your right. I want to make you my wife. He is in temple. Shan puts a chunri on her. Shan holds her hand and takes rounds around fire.

He says I would be with you in everything. Asmita says all trouble would go through me first, He says I would protect you. ASmita says I would never doubt you. We would always be one team. Asmita says in troubles and happiness. San says we would even die together. Shan hugs asmita. Asmita says everything you have is mine. Shan says there would be no misunderstanding between us. shan says our love would be above everything. shan fills her hairline.

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