These Streets update Thursday 2 December 2021

These streets 2 December 2021: Shan fills Asmita’s hairline. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Asmita hugs and cries Shan.Nanadani says to Nevi tell me where are shan and asmita. Nevi says I don’t know where they are. Nandani says if you don’t part them I would ruin your life. I can tell police your reality. NEvi says shut up. Nandani says I have so much to expose you. Go and part shan and asmita. If I see you being lazy, you would be in this lock up as well.

Shan and asmita come home. shan does her greh parvesh. They enter the house together. Shan picks her. Shan cooks her food. Asmita gets a call. She is dazed. Asmita says I am coming. She runs. Shan comes to room and says asmita.. Where did she go. Asmita comes to police station. Asmita says how did this happen? Nandani is on the floor. Asmita says nadnani are you okay? Nandani laughs. Nandani says you married my shan? You thought I won’t know? Legally I am his wife. You can’t be his wife by marrying in the temple only. Asmita says he filled my hairline. You can do what you want but you can’t part me and shan.

Nandani screams and says please save me. Asmita dont hit me. It isn’t my mistake. Asmita says shut up what are you doing. Nandani’s dad comes. He says asmita leave her. Nandani says she hit me. Shivankar says to constable she did all this. He says asmita what are you doing here off duty. Asmita sys she is lying. I only came here to speak to her. Ask the constable. He says yes Asmita tried hitting her. He says Asmita hit her. Asmita says I didn’t do anything. Inspector says if anything happens to her you would be in trouble. They take nandani to hospital.

Asmita says they are lying. This constable is paid. He says I went out. I don’t know what happened there. He says there is a personal problem between them. Asmita says how much did nandani pay you to lie? Shame on you. She grasps his collar. Inspector says enough. You are crossing limits. Asmita says nandani hit herself. He says I have no other way but to suspend you. Asmita says they are plotting it against me. He says you are suspended. Asmita is in shock.

Shan calls asmita. He is worried. Asmita comes home. Shan says where were you? What happened? Are you okay? asmita cries and sobs. Shan says are you okay? Is everything okay. Asmita says I am suspended. Nandani called me there. She trapped me in all that. She says asmita knows everything. Someone tells her everything. Shan hugs her and says don’t worry I am with you. She can do what she wants. We are together. Asmita says she ruined my career. I worked so hard to be there. shan says I know. I promise you everything would be fine. I would fix everything in 1 hour. Asmita says thank you.

Nandani says I got her suspended. That uniform was her power. NOw I will see how she faces m.e She will lose everything. Their love would end. I will also show Shan what he did. He married me and then said I am after him? I will kill Asmita. SHe won’t ever be able to love anyone.Asmita says where is shan. He said he would be back in an hour. Asmita cooks. Asmita sees Moni’s picture. she says sorry moni I left you there. We would live together soon.

Bell rings. Asmita opens the door. someone hits her on her head and he falls down. Two thugs pick her and wrap her in a carpet. they take her outside. Shan is coming in. He walks past them. shan comes home and sees that she isn’t home and things are broken. Shan runs outside. The men sit in car and run.Asmita is in a dark place. Nandani says are you okay my sister? Asmita is tied. Nandani says your time to say goodbye to everything is here. You really wanna speak right? I like when you fight with me and challenge me.

Asmita says shan won’t leave you for this. What are you doing. If anything happens to me you would go to jail. Shan would kill you. Nandani says shut up okay. You are suspended. and shan.. I know how to make him mine. I would make him mine. I would ruin your life.Nandani starts pouring petrol around asmita. Asmita is scared. Nandani says after you die, papa would have one mistake gone from his life. Nadnani says you are crazy. You are a loser. You could never make Shan yours. You have no other option. My death would show your defeat. I can die a hundred times to defeat you.

Shan would hate you even more. I feel pitty for you. I wish you could know what love. You won’t get anything by killing me. Nandani says shut up. Let me show you the trailer. She lit the circle around asmita. Nandani laughs.Shan says to aditya I am sure nandani kidnapped Asmita. Aditya says but she was in hospital. Shan says let’s go there and check if she is even there. shan comes to the hospital. He sees Nandani’s bed and says see she isn’t here. Nandani comes in room and says what happened. Shan says where is asmita?

She says how would I know? You live with her. shan says stop it. If anything happens to her I would kill you. You kidnapped her. Nandani says how could I do that. She is a police officer and I am under custody here. shan throttles her. Shavankar comes and says how dare you touch my daughter. Shan says if you harm asmita I would kill you. I will kill you too. Aditya takes shan from there. Nandani says in heart you would only find her dead body.


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