These Streets update Monday 7 June 2021


These Streets 7 June 2021: Shantanu asks beauty have you seen puchki? Arpita is worried for her. Beauty says she was crying and went out. GO and bring sweets for her. Murli says no one will know the truth. Beauty says mom shouldn’t know.

These Streets 4 June 2021

Shantanu says was beauty lying/ Arputa says has beauty kidnapped her? He says maybe. Lets look for her. They look for beauty everywhere. Shantanu finds Puchki. Arpita hugs her. Puchki says he always finds me. Should we take him in team? Arpita says lets go now. SHe takes beauty with her.

Arpita and Puchki hide. Arpita says we have to go. No one should see us or know that we are going. They sneak out.

Chanda says has she planned to run? This can be dangerous. Thakur will kill her. She looks in her room. There is nothing. Beauty says I was right. If thakur finds her she will kill her and puchki. Chanda says shantanu look for her everywhere.

Arpita and puchki hide in the temp. Chanda looks for them. Puchki says bari ma.. Arpita says shut up. She says shantanu is also looking for us. Shantanu says how can you leave me like this puchki. The tempo starts. Shantanu is cryign.

Beauty slaps Murli and says where did she go? What will I tell the client. Inspector calls them and says client is coming. Beauty says to murli go and find puchki anyway. Inspector says puchki will leave sona kachi forever beauty. You wont find her. Some men stop the tempo and ask the driver what is in the tempo? He says clothes. They in the clothes but hitting rods. Arpita saves puchki but it hits her but she is silent. Puchki says how will shantanu find us? I miss him. He is alone in the mehel.

Scene 2
Beauty hits Shantanu and pours his face in water. Chanda says we don’t know where they are. we are both looking for her. Beauty says you know they will die if they try to run. The tempo comes to the city. Arpita smiles. Puchki says thank God you smiled. Arpita’s le is bleeding. Puchki covers it with a cloth.

Beauty calls inspector. she says arpiita and puchki are running. They are in your car. Kill arpita and get me the girl. Arpita jumps from the car. They stop her and take puchki. Arpita says please stop. Please dont’ take my daughter

The thugs take the Puchki. Arpita says please dont’ take my baby. Beauty calls them. Thug says no one is in the car. Beauty shouts. She says that woman is gone. Arpita says kill me but leave my daughter. He says I am leaving you both. Don’t ever tell her I helped you. Run now. Arpita says thank you so much. She runs from there.


Arpita goes out of the city with Thakur.
Puchcki says is the game over? We will go back home. Arpita says shantanu wont be there. and that is not home. None of them would be there. They walk. Puchki says I want to be with shantanu. Arpita says shut up.Chanda says to shantanu Puchki wont come back. They will kill her if she comes back.Arpita says to inspector thank you for saving us. Puchki says I have only one friend.

I want to be with shantanu.
Puchki runs. Arpita runs after her. She pulls her. Thakur holds Puchki’s hand. arpita is dazed. She looks at Thakur. They stop her. Thakur says you thouht you can run and I wont find you. I have hundreds of girls like you who want to run from there. I keep an eye on all of you. My taxi was with your tempo and I followed you everywhere. Better not celebrate too soon. Puchki lets go to shantanu. Arpita says please let us go. Please my daughter. Please let us go. Thakur says you can’t run out of this place. She takes them back.
Beauty says welcome to the drama. The cheif is Arpita. She tried to run from pari mehal. Chanda says please thakur ma I beg you. Don’t punish her. Thakur syas I keep you people here. I kept you here when you were pregnant. How did you dare? If you have so much courage it needs to die. Walk on these coals. Chanda says please don’t do this. Thakur ma says the more you beg the more her punishment will increase.

Shantanu sees Puchki in the room and hugs her. Arpita walks on the coals. Thakur says all of you should be scared of walking here. Arpita says I did all that for puchki so she doesn’t have to live here. A good mother does this for her mother. Your daughter got my daughter kidnapped and tried to sell her to foreigners. Is that how you are respected here. I will see how you punish your own daughter who doesn’t respect what you say. Thakru slaps beauty. She says you.. How dare you do this. She stops. Arpita says you stopped a mother but I wont. I will get my daughter out of this place.

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