These Streets update Monday 4 October 2021


These Streets 4 October 2021:Shan brings Chanda hospital and says what happened to my ma. Asmita comes and say doctor I am her daughter. She doesn’t talk to Chanda. She says mare you okay. Chanda says ask him to leave. I don’t want to see his face. Asmita says nothing will happen to you bari ma. I am here for you. Your daughter. Shan gets a call. Paro says sahn where are you please come fast. Shan says I am coming. Asmita says you should go from here. Shan runs home.

These Streets 1 October 2021

Ridoy is doing Nevi’s funeral rituals with the garland on her photo. Nevi says stop all this. Everyone is dazed. Moushmi says he is crazy. He is doing your rituals when you are live. Ravindra says stop all this. Ridoy says start the mantra pandit ji. Nevi says what are you doing. Ridoy says she is dead for me. Ridoy says make me bald. They bring the razor. Shna says stop it. He throws everything and takes off the garland from Nevi’s photo. Shan says to Ridoy what are you doing. Are you crazy. He says she tried to take my love from me. She is dead. Shan slaps him. Ridoy says both of you are dead to me.

Shna says try to listen. He says let me die. Ridoy slaps Shan back. Everyone is shocked. Ridoy says you are nothing to me. Shan is about to hit him back. nevi stops him. Ridoy keeps slapping shan and says hit me. Hit me now. Kill me. Moushmi says for a girl Ridoy is doing all this. Ridoy says hit me.Asmita brings Chanda home and gives her soup. Chanda says I can see your pain. Asmita says dont’ worry about anything right now. Asmita says you are my mother. Nothing is more important than you Chanda says i am so lucky to have a daughter like you.

Shan is so unlucky that he always shoves you away. Chdan says if beauty gets to know you are here she wont leave us. Asmita says I am not scared of her.Ridoy is in soa gachi drunk with his friends. His friend says there are so many Asmita’s here. Ridoy sees dance. e sees Asmita everywhere. Ridoy dances with her. He comes close to her forcefully. She shoves him. asmita slaps him.Beauty comes to chanda and says tell me where is Asmita. Chanda says I dont’ know.

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