These streets update Wednesday 26 January 2022

These streets 26 January 2022: Asmita calls Krishi and says where did your car break? I am at the temple you told me to come to. Where are you? Shan is there. Asmita says so Krishi planned all this. Shan says Puchki, we married in a temple like this. We started a new life. Let’s get married. I have prepared everything. Remove this fake sindur of Shekhawat’s name. Your heart doesn’t agree to it. Let’s get married. He holds her hand and takes her towards the temple. Shekhawat shoves him and says shame on you. Open your eyes. Shan comes to hit him.

Asmita says enough. He is my husband, stay away from us. She holds Shekhawat’s hand and leaves. Shan says I have promised my daughter, I will make you mine.Nandini cries and pretends to faint. She says please take me to a doctor. She gives her water and medicine and says we can’t leave without permission. Nandini says I have to help myself. She steals the key. The constable says you think we are crazy? They hit Nandini. Inspector says lock her. Nandini says Krishi, you’re responsible for all this. You have to die to pay for all this. Your death would be my win.

Chahat comes there. She says mama, please come home. I can’t live without you. I miss you. Nandini says I miss you too. Nevi says let’s go Chahat. We didn’t tell papa before coming here. Let’s go. Nevi says look at your daughter, she is suffering because of you. Nandini says Chahat, don’t cry. Weak people cry. Make people cry. Nevi says you’re such a disgusting mother. She is a child. You can’t manipulate her. Nandini says look who is talking. Nandini says Chahat, do what I asked. Krishi did all this. I will punish her for life. Nandini says shame on you. Nandini says you can’t keep me locked here. I will get out and take my revenge. You will have to help me. Nevi says what are you saying? Nandini says you will know. Nevi takes Chahat from there. Nandini says you have to die Krishi. You have less than 24 hours.

Krishi calls Shan and says papa did you talk to mama? Asmita comes and takes her phone. Asmita says stop it Shan. Shan says she is my daughter too, you can’t stop her from meeting her. Asmita says don’t call here again. Shan says you can never hate me. I am ready to take your hate. No one can part me from you and Krishi. Take care of Krishi.Nandini says Shan you went away from me because of Krishi. She has to die. Inspector sees a ball. A smoke rages. Inspector says what is this? They all run out. Someone comes to the police station with a face covered and unlocks Nandini. It’s Krishi’s foster father. He says time to kill Krishi.

Krishi says papa, please help papa so he can take us from there. Please convince mama.Nandini says no one can save Krishi. Why did you help me when I killed Kavita your wife? He says she had to die. She did useless nice things. I know you will pay me well. Nandini says we have to kill her but with a different plan. Nandini tells him the plan. He says there would be no mistake this time. Shan gets a call from police Nandni. She says save Krishi if you can. She will die.

Shan gets a call from Nandini. She says save Krishi is you can. She will die soon. Shan runs. He gets a call from the police station. They tell him Nandini fled from jail. Shan rushes towards Asmita’s house. Shan comes inside the house. The guards stop him. They say you’re not allowed inside. Shan says I am going to meet my daughter. Asmita says what are you doing here? I asked ou not to come here. Shan says Nandini fled from jail. She can harm Krishi. I want to meet Krishi. Shekhawat says I will see how she is. You can’t meet her. Shan runs to her room. Krishi is sleeping. Shan says Asmita can I stay with Krishi here for tonight? Asmita says no. Shan says please, she can be in trouble. Please for tonight. Shekhwat says I am here.

I can protect my wife and daughter. Get out. We have guards here. Shan says they are not her father. Shekhawat says but I am. Get out of here. Shan says Asmita, please call me if anything happens. Don’t leave Krishi alone. I can’t be in peace when my daughter is in trouble.Shan is waiting outside the house. Chahat calls him. She says papa please come home. I am really scared. Asmita texts Shan please go home. I am with Krishi. Shan says I trust you. I know you won’t let anything happen to her. Shan leaves. Asmita looks outside. She is worried. A car comes outside Asmita’s house. it’s Nevi. Nevi comes in. She says I was really missing Krishi. Can I meet her? Asmita says what’s this luggage? Nevi says your stuff. You left it in Mazumdar house.

Nevi comes to Krishi’s room. She says my reason to come here is not you. Asmita I am sorry but I have no other reason. Asmita comes in. Nevi says can I stay with Krishi? Asmita says of course. Nevi coughs. Asmita says let me get you water. Nevi faints Krishi and locks her in the bag. She says I am sorry. I know God will protect you but I have to save moni. Nandnini calls Nevi and says did you do it? I sent you there so there’s no doubt. Now bring Krishi here before I kill Moni. Nevi says I am bringing her. She cries.

Nevi is going out of the house. Asmita says you are leaving? Why are you dragging this bag? It’s empty right. Nev says I should leave. Asmita says drink water at least. Why are you sweating? Nevi says take care. I am leaving. She leaves. Asmita says that Nandini can never change. Asmita comes to Krishi’s room. There are stuff toys under the blanket. Asmita is about to see but Nirvan comes. He says I can’t sleep. Asmita goes with him.Nandini sees Krishi in the bag. She says see how she is here and her own grandma brought her here. Nevi says where is Moni? Nandini says let me see her first.

NEvi says please don’t harm her. Show some humanity. Nandini says you better not talk about humanity. You brought her here. She was never your priority. You were only using her but you can never win from me. You should start working to feed your Moni. Take her and leave. I will kill this krishi.

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