These Streets Update Monday 23 August 2021


These Streets 23 Aug 2021: Chanda says It’s me Shan’s mother. Bua says what are you doing here? She says to apply haldi on my son. Nevi says how dare you.. Asmita holds her hand. She says if she is his mother you she has the right. We can’t take that from her. Nevi says I dont know all that. Nevi says stay in your limit. We know what we should do and what not. Ridoy says mama Asmita is right. Let chanda apply haldi, she is Shan’s mom. I know there is no bitterness if your heard.

Nevi says okay if thats what you want. Ridoy says sir please.. Say yes. Ravindra nods.Chanda applies haldi to sham. He is in taers. They recall their past. Chanda gives him blessings. Everyone else continues. Asmita recalls shan saying i love you puchki. She says can’t believe he is going to marry Paro. Asmita leaves in tears.Nevi applies haldi to ridoy. Shan wonders where is asmita.Paro says bride turns now? I want asmita’s haldi done first. She looks at the maid who brings haldi.

Paro added something in the haldi that would burn her skin.Asmita calls Aditya and says Nevi is inside. Asmita says we need to keep an eye on asmita. Nevi comes. Asmita says aunty.. Nevi says I really minded that you gave chanda right to apply haldi on shan. You took her side. Asita says but she gave him birth. Nev says I brought him up. You don’t know the history of this house. You will know why I was so angry. Anyway, come in.

Asmita and Paro’s haldi starts. Khurana and Asmita’s fake mom come forward to apply haldi on asmita. Nevi applies haldi too. Paro wonders why nothing is happening. Shan applies haldi on Asmita too. bua replaced the haldis. She said, I wish they become each other’s. Shan’s haldi belongs to Asmita.Nevi asks Paro to sit down. She applies her haldi. Everyone applies haldi to paro. Asmita comes. Paro says stop. She says my skin burns. She shoves the haldi away.

She says bring water. Paro screams. She washes her face. Bua says this isn’t a good sign.God doesn’t want this wedding to happen. Bua says we applied the same haldi to Shan nothing happened to him. Paro says this Asmita did all this.Paro says asmita did all this. To stop this wedding. Nevi says this must be a misunderstanding. Shan says no one can stop this. Paro goes to her room.Asmita comes to Paro. Paro says stay away from my Shan.

You can’t stop him from being mine. I will show shan who you are. Asmita says I will expose who you are. Asmita says better realize Shan wont ever be yours.Khurana says to Asmmita why didn’t you say you could arrange mehndi at your home. Asmita says we need to keep an eye on Nevi. Asmita sees Nevi leaving. She goes after her.Nevi video calls Aru. She says how are you. your son and my son had haldi today. Your chanda came today.


Aru says God will punish you. Asmita comes. Nevi is scared. She says I came to say good night. Nevi says great. Asmita says who were you talking to? She says aru.. I mean I talk to him in imagination every day.Asmita calls Aditya and tells him plan for mehndi.Mehndi function starts. Bua asks Ridoy to get ready. She says where is asmita and her family? Ridoy says let me ask her.Aditya goes after a woman in veil. It is Asmita. She says I was going to catch nevi in her costume. Asmita sees a woman in veil. She says time to catch her red handed.

Chanda comes to shan. He says you here.. Nevi says you are accused of killing your dad. But he is alive. Shan says you wanna discuss that? Chanda says you are getting married. I have some blessings for you. Shan says please go before someone sees you. Chanda says I have to speak to you.. She stumbles over table and bleeds her toe. He dresses her wound. Chanda says you love Asmita. You two are made for each other. Why are you compromising on your love? It will ruin four lives.

Someone knocks on the door. Shan goes outside. asmita leaves in veil. Bua stops Chanda says I wanna talk about Shan. Nevi stops and takes off her veil. She says I know about asmita and Shan. We have to unite them. They are made for each other. Chanda smiles and nods.Asmita is in market. She says to a woman Nevi sent me. Take me to Aru. The woman takes her to a place. Asmita beats her.

The woman tries to run. Asmita grasps her and says where is Aru. Aditya comes and says youa re under arrest. the woman shoves Aditya and runs. Aditya says we had to do it under cover. Asmita took off her ring. She says this is a man’s ring. That means the person in veil was a man?

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