These streets update Wednesday 18 August 2021

These streets 18 August 2021: Ridoy opens the door. Nevi says what are you doing here? Ravindra says is shan with you? Ridoy says why would shan come here? Shan hides. Nevi comes. Nevi says I am so sorry to khurana. She says sorry to asmita.

Ridoy says I shouldn’t have come here. Ridoy says i should have been more responsible. Do you all not trust your kids? Ravindra says he is right. He says beauty if you don’t trust us you can call it off. She says no doubts are gone. they leaves. Nevi leaves. Asmita goes to Shan. She says why did you come here? He says why do you get angry all the time? He says I am going. Asmita says I hope shan reaches before everyone. Shan is on his way.

Nevi comes to Shan’s room. He is there. Sha says where were you all? She says we went to check if you are at

Asmita’s place. There should be no problem in his life because of you. Shan goes downstairs. Ravindra says where did you go? He says to club for some work. RAvindra says to beauty that is my son. The pooja is done.

Pathan baba says to Asmita how long will this continue? She says just give me blessings that I catch her red handed.
Asmita follows Nevi. Nevi comes to a place. She stops a veiled woman and says you are under arrest. the women turns back. It is someone else. Asmita says that means there are people with er. Her friend says we have to catch her.

Nevi takes off her veil. Aru is there. She says I felt like someone was following me. But I always keep a veiled woman with me. You.. I was dying to see you. You are paying this price for loving that chanda and bringing shan here. This is your punishment. I love you regardless. That is why I come here everyday. I give you everything. There are some pains. Aru says why are you doing all this? She says because of Ridoy and his right. I will take everything. from Shan. You gave shan everything that was my son’s.

Scene 2
Paro comes to her room. Beauty says to her are you crazy? You have to keep an eye on Shan. Dont’ drink. You are getting married. Paro says I can’t do anything. I wanna live my life my way. Beauty shoves her and says you can’t live on your terms. Paro says I know everything yo did. You lived on your terms. Now my turn. Beauty says how dare you talk to me like that. Paro says I am Paro, not papa. He was crazy after you and you are his wife not my mom. Beauty says you have all these things because of me. Paro says shut up.

Beauty says you have to do what I ask. Marry Shan and get all his money. Paro says I will expose you. She is drunk. Beauty says stop.. Paro locks her and leaves.
Paro is drunk on the roads. Asmita sees her outside the market where

Scene 1
Beauty stops paro and says you can’t go anywhere. She slaps her. Asmita sees them. Beauty says you have to marry Shan. She says why should I marry someone who loves someone else? Beauty says we need his money. You don’t need him. Asmita is confused.

Beauty takes Paro home. She asks her to get ready. Beauty says my game has just started. You have to win Shan’s heart.

Paro and Beauty come to Shan. Paro holds his hand. She makes her pallu fall. She comes near Shan. Shan shoves her away. Bua says you are our respect. Better keep your pallu in control. Asmita comes with Khurana. Shan holds Paro’s hand to show her. Ridoy says to Asmita you look beautiful. Pandit ji asks them to sit for pooja. The waiter serves drinks. Paro is scared. He keeps staring at her. Paro is scared. Asmita looks at her. She says this guy will expose Paro now. I wont let this girl and beauty use Shan.

Asmita goes to kitchen and stops the guy. He says I loved her so much and she fooled me. I gave her everything I had. Asmita says now you saw the truth? Asmita says you are safe from her. Better take revenge from her. So she doesn’t do this with anyone. You know what to do right? He says yes. Asmita says I wont let you fool my Shan Paro.

Asmita comes out and joins the pooja. Beauty and Paro aren’t there. Asmita wonders where they went? Pandit ji asks asmita to sit.

Paro takes the guy to room. She says my mom is making me do it for money. He asys I wont let you do this. I gave you everything i had. I will everyone who we are. She says no Mohit. Beauty comes and hits his head. He faints. Paro says please dont’ do anything to him. Beauty says you go. She ropes Mohit. Asmita looks around and says where did he go? Paro and beauty come to pooja.
Beauty locks Mohit and comes downstairs. Asmita wonders where did he go?

Moushmi comes to the room. Mohit is trying to get up. She hears some noise. She says to servants I think there is someone in the washroom Beauty hears. She says I have to take that stupid from there. Beauty invites band and starts dancing to make noise.


    • Everyone should ne contentéd with their beauty and their attitude,God did’nt mâke anyone ugly or …,so by saying these,you mean you are’nt pretty ans does mot have good…. and sorry if i may have offended you with my words but i said what was on my mind


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