These Streets Update Monday 9 August 2021

These Streets 9 Aug 2021: Pathan baba comes to Asmita. SHe hugs him and cries. He says you are marrying without telling me? She says no that’s not what it is. Paro and Beauty are in Ravindra’s house. He says everything we have is Paro’s. It is nice that you are marrying Shan to a poor girl. Nevi says what do you mean?Beauty and Paro come home. Beauty says to Paro you will be the elder daughter in law in that house. Paro says now you see what I do.

Asmita says to Pathan baba I don’t know what to do. He tells her a solution. She says this isn’t possible. He says you love her. She says no we are just friends. Pathan says you love him too.Asmita comes to Nevi’s house. Ridhoy says to Shan and Asmita we have to go and select our engagement ring. Paro comes and hugs Shan. She says it would be fun to go for ring shopping. Asmita shakes hand with Paro. Shan says we don’t have to go anywhere. The shop is here.

He has entire jewelry shop in the house. Paro says Asmita is so lucky. Ridhoy says lets choose the ring. Ridhoy chooses a ring. Both asmita and shan say it is loud. asmita and shan choose the same ring. Ridhoy says you two have same choice. Asmita says no I like other one.Paro says lets go on a double date. Shan says I have work. Paro says please Shan. Ridhoy says it would be fun.

Asmita and Shan come to the party. Asmita comes dressed. ridoy says she is perfect. Ridhoy holds her hand. Shan goes on stage and says Ridhoy and asmita will dance together. Asmita says we have Paro and Shan too.Shan dances with paro and Ridhoy with Asmita on mein tenu samjhawan. Asmita comes to Shan. Asmita says you love Paro right?Madam Mehta texts Nevi congrats on your elder son’s engagement. I got their photo.

She sends photo of Shan close to Asmita. Nevi shows it to ridhoy. Nevi says whole city would have this photo. He gets very angry and shows it to asmita. Asmita says Ridoy there is no bad thing. Shan and I fell. Someone took this photo. Try to understand this is just a misunderstandin. Ridhoy says thank God I came to you first. How can I not trust you and dada. Shan comes there. Ridhoy hugs him and says dada I am so sorry. Shan says what happened? He says I feel very lucky to have asmita in my life. Asmita says I have to go. Ridhoy says you can’t go anywhere. It’s Shan’s engagement.

Paro looks at the photo and says I hate asmita. She is about to throw her phone. Beauty comes and says stay in your limit. You were destroying this expensive phone. Paro says look at this first. Beauty says there is something wrong. There is something behind all this. My revenge against them is old. Paro says I will make Shan mine tonight Beauty says we have to find about this girl at all costs. Who is she. Where is she from.

Shan’s dholki is going on. Everyone dances. Asmita comes there too. Moushumi and jamai dance. Puchki comes to Nevi’s room. She looks around for proofs. Nevi wonders where is asmita. She asks ridhoy to go and look for her. He says okay. Jamai stops Ridhoy and says where are you goin? He says looking for asmita? Jamai says come dance first. Let her come herself. Nevi goes herself to look for Asmita.
Asmita sees a second phoen in Nevi’s room. She reads the texts that some money is transferred on first of every month. Nevi comes in that room.

Asmita hides. Nevi says where did Asmita go. Asmita comes in Shan’s room. He is changing there. He says what are you doing here? Why are you playing with my brother? She says what about you engaging to Paro. Shan says what do you care. Yu are lying,. I can see it in your eyes. Asmta says you have been hurting me since childhood. I am your Puchki. I don’t back out. She says don’t marry Paro. He says why? Why don’t you want me to be with her? Asmita says because you don’t love paro. How will you live with her. He says first tell me what are all these lies.

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