These Streets update Friday 5 November 2021


These streets 5 november 2021: Asmita screams and runs downstairs. Asmita says everyone.. Dadi bua.. She screams. Asmita says Ridoy’s picture.. NEvi says what are you saying. Are you crazy? bua says sometimes near death anniversary this happens. We will do pooja. Nevi says there is no ghost in this house. Come show us. they all go upstairs. There’s nothing on the mirror. Asmita says it was there. Nevu says enough stop fooling us. Asmita says I saw a shadow too. Nevi says stop it. Give moni to me. You are crazy I can’t keep her with you. She takes Moni. Shan leaves too.

Asmita locks the door. It opens when she turns. Shan scares her. Asmita screams. Shan says a police officer scared of ghosts? You will lose your job. Asmita says why do you do this. He says you have been doing this since childhood. She says you remember it? He says our present and future are only hate.

Asmita sees shadows outside the window while trying to sleep. Asmita comes out with her gun. Asmita says who is there. She sees someone one a wheelchair. Asmita moves the chair It’s Ridoy. Asmita screams.. Bua Shan.. Shan coems there. Asmita is fainted. bua brings water. Shan says what happened. Asmita says ridoy was here on wheelchair. shan says no one is here. Beauty says she has gone crazy. Beauty says enough. Bua says I am with you. I know you must have felt him. I will be with you.

Nevi laughs in her room. She says this is just the first night. I will mess your brain. This will happen every day. You and your lover wont ever live happily. I will never let you and Shan unite.Asmita is sleeping. Door opens. Asmita says who is it.. It’s Shan. Asmita hugs him. Asmita says I was so scared. Don’t leave me alone. I am scared. shan says relax I am here. Asmita says I am sorry I was scared. He says I got this card from temple. Keep it under your pillow. Asmita smiles and takes it. He says I can stay here. She says I didn’t say yes.

He says your eyes did. I know you have always been scared. Asmita says I saw him. Why would I lie. Shan says I am staying here until you sleep. He sits on the sofa. Asmita says but.. He says go sleep. Shan recalls their childhood. He looks at asmita sleeping.Next morning Ridoy’s anniversary preparations start. Asmita looks at Shan and smiles. He falls asleep on the sofa. Nevi says there would be no anniversary. She throws the arti.

Nevi says if you try to force it I will burn myself. SHe picks petrol. Shan takes it from her. Nevi says you wont be able to stop me next time. There would be no anniversary. Asmtia says I don’t understand what is her problem with the anniversary. Shan says who knows if Ridoy is even dead or not?Shan says maybe Ridoy’s not dead. I mean she doesn’t accept that he is dead. She can’t accept that he is no more. Nevi comes to room and say who are they celebrate my son’s anniversary. they have gone crazy. she takes out a veil and says time to do something. I will take revenge of all pain they gave you.

I will be the Nevi I was before. They ruined everything for me and you. I am coming.Asmita thinks about Nevi. She collides with Shan and they fall on each other. Shan says can’t you see. She says I could ask you the same. He says you are so heavy. Asmita says what. He says I was kidding. I will pick you everytime. Asmita runs. Asmita sees Nevi going somewhere in veil. She says it’s the same veil she used to wear when she used to go to see Aru. What is going on? I saw Ridoy and then she not letting her do the anniversary. What is she upto.

Nevi comes to a dark place. She says I am where my heart gets peace. There are gurus inside. They do massage of a guy. Nevi says I am here. I will heal you an take you from here soon. It is Ridoy. Guru ji says he is better now. He can’t speak but better than before. we all want him to be well soon. Nevi says Ridoy you have to get well and take revenge. I will heal you and ruin their lives. Asmita will only be yours This is my promise. It will happen every day. I will do the end of their love story.

Someone calls Nevi. She says I asked you don’t call me. My neice is coming. Prepare for everything.Asmita follows Nevi. Nevi sees her. She says what are you doing here. ASmita says I saw you in black saree going out. Nevi says this is my house. YOu can’t spy on me here. You are here because of Moni only. You can’t interfere in what I do. I am your MIL. Stay away from what is not your concern.

Asmita comes downstairs and prays. She says help me find truth. I want to know what is happening. I am very scared. I will sleep here. Please protect me. Asmita sleeps on the couch. Shan sees Asmita sleeping. He covers her blanket. He caresses her face and says I am here with you. He sleeps on the other couch.
Asmita wakes up. Asmita sees Shan sleeping. She covers sunlight coming to his face. Moushmi comes there and says early morning and these things. She throws arti on Shan. Shan wakes up. Moushmi says sleeping on floor after buying this house? Beauty comes and sings songs. Asmita says how low you two stoop.

Mohana comes home. Moushmi says so good to see you. Nevi says you need rest. Shan comes. Mohana hugs him. She says I am mad at you. You married this girl and didn’t tell me? Nevi says she is Ridoy’s wife. Mohana says it’s the same thing. Mohana hugs her and says you look like a friend. Beauty says she is a widow. Mohana says we should get her married to Shan. This is normal in US. Nevi says care about your wedding. It’s in two days. Shan says what?


Her marriage? Nevi says yes. Her in laws wanted her them to get married here. Mohana’s parents come in. Her dad says who knew Mohana will choose a guy who is from Calcutta too. Nei says we have to do all the rituals. Moushmi says it will be so much fun. Mohana’s mom says come with me.THe function starts. All the married woman do arti of Mohana. Asmita makes her eat. she says I hope love between you and your husband is as sweet as this sweet.

Moahan’s mom stops her hand and says you are a widow. Married women do these rituals. Colored clothes wont make you a married woman. Go from here and see all functions from a distance. Asmita is leaving. shan holds her hand. Shan says you wont go anywhere. Mohana’s mom says let her go. Shans ays why? Shan says behave with women of these house. I am disappointed you are from US and you have this kind of mentality. You can’t insult a woman in this house. She says why are you taking her side? What is she to you? Asmita says please don’t ruin Mohana’s day. Let it be. She leaves. Shan leaves too.

A woman says their romance never ends. who knows if the baby is Ridoy’s or Shan’s. Mohana’s mom says what is happening in this house. Nevi says don’t worry. i have an eye on everything.Shan brings Sweets for Asmita. He says you missed this. ASmita says you hated me? He says yes I do. But.. He wears his childhood mask and says this one doesn’t hate you. You are my puchki and I am your bhondo.. He makes her wear her childhood mask. Asmita says our hate is gone? He says your pain is more than my hate. You eat this. He leaves. Nevi looks at them. she says I wont let shan come back to your life. I will part you forever in 24 hours. I will play master plan in Mohana’s wedding.

Mohana says to Shan you have to bring me red and white bangles. Shan says I will bring them for sure. Nevi says don’t try to be nice. My son’s murderer doesn’t need to be part of her wedding. All of this doesn’t matter to ou. Asmita comes. Asmita says enough. There is importance of every relation. Shan paid all the expenses for sir’s treatment. He saved us all. He is trying to pose as a bad person but his heart is nice. Bua says really? She says yes.

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