These Streets update Friday 1 October 2021

These Streets 01 Oct 2021: Asmita washes her face. she says I risked my job for my friendship. I lost everything and gained this. I hope wherever you are, you are happy.Shan comes to a darbar and prays for Asmita. Asmita comes there as well. They don’t see each other. Shan helps a woman. They walk past each other but dont’ see each other. They tie thread on the wall. The qawali aya tere dar par plays. A baba says to Asmita you will find what you are seeking. She leaves. Asmita leaves.

shan says why do I feel like you are near.Asmita dances. Bua comes to her. She hugs her crying. Asmita says you. Bua says can a mother live with her daughter? Asmita says yes. Asmita says you wont tell Shan right? Bua says I left that home. asmita says this daughter needed you. Bua says I will only go there when he accepts you. Bua says I have hope. I know he will break all chains and come running to you. You two are made for each other. Asmita says shan doesn’t think that way. Bua says your breaths are linked to his. Asmita says he broke everything. I can’t go back there.

Asmita says I will not. Bua say what if shan comes to take you back? Asmita says he wont. She says i got a new job. Bua says your words tell a different story. You both love each other. give your love one chance. Dont’ say no if he comes here.Nevi gives Ridoy food. He says is there poison in it because I might be dirty too? Ridoy throws it away. Nevi says she loved your brother since childhood. She fooled you. You have lost yur mind. Ridoy says you have lost your mind. He says I really love her. Nevi locks the door. Ridoy says open the door. I love her. Nevi says I wont. Ridoy says you are making a big mistake.

He fires everything around him. Nevi comes in running. She says what are you doing. Ridoy says either forget your son or bring her back.Asmita is dancing in the house. She falls down on the floor. Asmita hears radio about a husband and a lover. Shan says Puchki where are you. I am coming to Mumbai to find you. I am sorry. Your husband can’t live without you. Bua says see I told you he loves you. Go to him.

The radio plays a song for Asmita. Shan comes to her. They both dance. ASmita was dreaming this. Bua says see I told you he loves you a lot. Asmita goes out running like childhood. She screams Shan’s name. Asmita sees Ridoy outside her house. She is dazed. Ridoy says you are here. He is about to hug her. Asmita stops him. She says how are you here. He says I want to apologize for what happened. I really love you, come with me. Asmita leaves his hand and says control yourself. I am not part of that house anymore. Ridoy says I am sorry on what they said please don’t leave me. Asmta says go from here if you love me.

You have to go. Ridoy leaves in tears. The song abhi mujh mein kahen plays. He comes to his car and leaves.Asmita sits down crying. Asmita says where is shan? She comes to the radio office. Host says Puchki.. Shan was waiting for you. He ran in an emergency. He left this card for you. Asmita says thank you. Beauty’s thugs are folllowing asmita. They call Beauty and tell her she can’t be safe now.

Asmita comes to hotel. Manager says please wait. She waits outside. Shan runs towards Asmita. Beauty’s thugs stop Shan. Asmita didn’t see him. Shan starts hitting them. Shan hits the thug going towards Asmita. A thug puts sand in his eyes. They start beating him behind the car. Shan faints.

Asmita sits in the car. The thugs run after her car. Asmita feels weird. Shan gets up. He says said no one would be able to touch asmita. Shan hits them. His phone rings. SHan takes thug’s phone and sees beauty’s name.Aditya comes to beauty and says we have complaint against you. He says if anything happens to asmita you will be arrested. Beauty says who dared complaining against me. Aditya says Shan.

Asmita gets ready for holi. Bua gives her blessings. She says I always want to see you happy. I wish shan was here as well. Kids come and say happy holi. Asmita sees Shan in colors. He applies color on her face. ASmita is dazed. Shan holds her hand. Shan comes close to her. Asmita says let me go. You thought after what you did I would pardon you? He says did you think I did that on my will? Kill me if you think it was me. It was the love of my mom and ridoy. She says and my love? Shan apply colors on her face and back. Shan faints. Asmita says shan are you okay?

Ridoy writes asmita’s name with blood. Nevi comes and says what is this.. He says happy holid ma. SHe says your blood. He says happy holi. Nevi screams. she runs out and cries. She says you have ruined life of my son. I wont pardon you.Asmita calls doctor. Aditya calls asmita nd tells her that shan saved her life from thugs and complained agsint beauty. Asmita dresses his wounds. SHe says what did you do.Shan comes close to her. Asmita says don’t come close to me to leave me again. I don’t have more energy to be rejected. Go from here. She locks him outside. She cries inside.

Ridoy comes to a place. THere is a ring. Ridy plays the boxers to hit him. Ridoy is beaten badly. He says hit me more. Nevi comes there. She says stop. The boxer says bring him the girl he is doing all this for, he might die. Nevi takes him from there.ASmita cries and sobs. She looks out, Shan is still there. Bua says why don’t you let him in. Asmita says no. I wont. it rains, SHan keeps sitting outside. Asmita falls asleep.Asmita wakes up next morning, SHan is still there. She comes to him. ASita says are you crazy? Go from ere. Shan says please forgive me.

Asmita says if you love me go from here. Ravindra texts Shan that Ridoy is injured please come. Asmita says please go. Ridoy needs you. He needs your love and care. Go. For our friendship you have to go. Shan says but.. Asmita says you have to. Shan runs.Ridoy is hospitalized. Nevi is crying. Shan comes there. Nevi says did you see how my son is due to that girl. Nothing should happen to him I will kill myself if anything happens to him.

Bua says how could you let him go asmita. Asmita says ridoy needs him more than me. Have you seen Ridoy’s condition. Bua says he has one crazy. Asmita says I hope Ridoy is free from all this pain.
Doctor says his condition is critical. The blood was lost. Sahn says please do everything. Please try to save him. Shan comes in. He says Ridoy.. Nevi says Shan he needs to be alone. Shan holds Riody’s hand. Everyone takes him out. RIdoy moves his hand. Nevi says he moved. SHan says he is moving his finger. Ravindra says this is Shan’s love. Shan holds his hand. He takes his hand back.

Ridoy takes off his mask. He says if you want to see me alive bring Asmita back. I can’t live without him. You shoved her out and you will bring her back.

Ridoy takes off his oxygen and says bring her here. Shan says in heart what should I do. He says relax I will bring her back.Asmita dances in her house. She dances on sun raha hai na tu. Shan calls Asmita. She doesn’t pick. Asmita asks the girl to leave. Shan says to Ridoy she isn’t picking. Paro calls Asmita. She picks. ASmita says what are you doing Ridoy. He says if you don’t come by tomorrow I will kill myself. Asmita says listen.. He says no that’s final. Shan takes the phone and hangs up. He says relax now. Ridoy says she has to come back.

Asmita says wwhat should I do. she cries and dances more on sun raha hai na tu. She recalls her moments with Ridoy.
Some thugs stop baba. They try beating him. Asmita comes there. She says get out of here. A thug laughs and says so you will stop us now? Don’t worry. We can give you fun. Baba slaps her. Asmita beats them. She says say it again. You thought I belong to those streets so you can force a girl. When a girl says no it means no. Asmita beats the thug. She says come forward. I will tell you what a girl from sona gachi can do. They run. Asmita asks Baba are you okay? He says yes. Shan calls Asmita. SHe doesn’t pick.

Shan comes home with ridoy. Nevi says let me do arti. Ridoy throws it away. Nevi says what is this. He says I have no relation with you. I am not your son here anymore. Stay away from me. He leaves. Ravindra says I don’t know what to do. Shan please talk to him.Chanda calls Asmit and says I am not well. Asmita says bari ma what happened. Chanda says I really miss you. Please come back. Asmita says bari ma isn’t back. Asmita says I am coming.

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