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These streets 30 December 2021: Shan shoves Asmita when he recalls Shikhawat proposing Asmita. He says you are an amazing player. You did so much with me, still didn’t get enough. So you came back to my life? You wanted to make that Shikhawat jealous so he proposes you soon. He did the same. You used me and it worked. Asmita says you’re impossible. No one can have a dirty mentality like you. You are disgusting. He says really? You are jealous of me since childhood. You hated my name, my wealth everything. You wanted to ruin my life. You want to hurt me. But I am not one of those. You have been selfish since childhood. Asmita says I don’t care about your disgusting thoughts.

You can never respect love, you will never know what love is. She leaves. Shan says I loved you and that’s what I am paying for. Go from my find. I hate you, get out of my life.Shikhawat comes to Krishi’s room. Krishi comes and says uncle you take everything. Take all my toys but please don’t ask my mama to marry you. My mama, papa has been together after so long. Please don’t marry mama. Nirvan comes and says what is your problem. She is my mummy and my mummy papa will live together. He shoves Krishi. Shikhawat says what is this Nirvan. He says Krishi come here. I really love you and your mama. I can’t say no to your mom.

I am doing this for everyone’s good. You, Nirvan and your mama. Shan isn’t a good man. He can’t be a good dad. Krishi says my papa is my hero. He always listens to me. He is mad at mummy but he will be fine. Nandani overhears and says I will remove your misunderstanding. I will make you hate Shan. He is only Chahat’s dad.Nevi says I can’t lose after coming so close to my destination. Shikhawat is another hurdle. I have pretended to be nice in front of Shan and Asmita to get Moni her right. This Nandani has to go, and for that Asmita and Shan have to marry.

Chahat checks the fridge and says it’s all empty? Where are all my cakes? Nandani shoves and locks her in the fridge. She says in heart I am sorry my daughter but I have to do this. I have reduced the temperature. Just tolerate a little bit, and then that Asmita and Krishi will go away from our lives. Chahat cries inside for help.
Krishi says to Asmita you can’t say yes to Shikhawat uncle. I only want Shan papa. I will only be his daughter. You won’t say yes to Shikhawat. Nandani comes and says Chahat is nowhere. Please come with me, I am really scared. Shan runs. Shan and Nandani look everywhere for Chahat. Nandani cries and says please find her.

Shan asks watchman. He says to Nandani you can’t handle a little girl? Nandani says please find my daughter. Nevi says in heart she is doing drama. Asmita says we should call the police. We can’t take it lightly. Shan says to guards if anything happens to her I will kill you all.Nandani pretends to faint. Asmita says let me get you to want. Asmita comes to the kitchen and heart Chahat crying for help. The fridge is locked. Asmita says Chahat wait, nothing would happen. I will save you. Asmita opens the fridge. Asmita takes her out. She faints. Asmita calls everyone. Krishi brings a blanket. Shan says Chahat.. Nandani says who did this? Chahat says someone locked me inside.

Someone shoved me. I don’t know who? A key falls from Krishi’s pocket. Nandani says this is the fridge’s key. Everyone is shocked. Nandani says that means you shoved and locked her inside. Krishi says no, I don’t know about this key. Nandani put that key in Krishi’s pocket. Nirvan says yes I saw her near the fridge. Shan slaps Krishi. Asmita shouts Shan. How dare you hit my daughter. Asmita hugs Krishi. Krishi is crying. Asmita says without listening to her, how can you accuse her You are such a disgusting human. She is my daughter and she can never do that. I trust her. She always helps Chahat. Nandani says she is a drama like you.

She likes to become heroin and tried to kill my daughter. Asmita says not a single word against my daughter. Her upbringing isn’t like your daughter. Shan says shut up. Don’t say a word against Chahat. Asmita says and you hit Krishi? You are disgusting. She always keeps calling you good papa and this is what you did to her? It was my mistake that I gave in to her request for coming here. You can never be her good papa. You don’t even deserve her. You will beg for her, but you won’t get it. You will beg her to call you father but she won’t. She deserves a good father. she will get every happiness she deserves. Just wait and watch.Asmita says to Shikhawat, I am ready to marry you. Everyone is shocked.

Asmita says I am ready to marry you Mr. Shikawat. Everyone is dazed. Asmita says I want a good father for my child. No one can be a better father than you. I want us to get married as soon as possible. Shikhawat says thank you Asmita. I know you must have thought before deciding this. I promise you will never regret your decision. I will turn all your sadness into happiness. I will become Krishi’s best father. I won’t let anything wrong get to her. I will always protect her. I will be your best friend and always respect you. I will give you the love and respect you deserve.

Now I will see who misbehaves with my daughter. He says no one dares to misbehave with my daughter Krishi and my wife to be Asmita. Nevi says Asmita I know this is your personal life but please take decision wisely. Don’t forget why you came here. You should think about the best for your daughter. Nothing sould be more important. Shikhawat says I respect your emotions but you don’t need to tell Asmita what is good for Krishi. Asmita says I have decided the best for Asmita. Shikhawat says I hope you all heard her decision. Shikhawat says I am really happy Asmita. We will get engaged today. The entire city will see. Let’s prepare for engagement.

Shan claps. He says very nice Asmita. Shikhawat says let’s go. Asmita leaves with him. She stops and looks at Shan.
Krishi holds Asmita’s hand adn cries. Krishi says mama please don’t do this. Asmita takes her away from Shan.Krishi sits outside and cries. Shan looks at her. Chahat comes to Krishi and says why are you crying now? You locked me in the fridge. My papa did right my slapping you. He is only my father. If he were your father, he won’t have slapped you. Krishi says I am not crying because he slapped me.

If I do wrong, he has the right to be mad at me. I am crying because he didn’t trust me and all that ended up mama saying yes to Shikhawat uncle. Chahat says mama is right. You are a bad girl and I should stay away from you. She leaves.Krishi cries and says God please ask mama to accept me as his daughter. I don’t want Shikhawat papa. I only want my shan papa. Even if he hits me more. Shan looks at Krishi. Krishi looks at Shan. Nevi looks at them. Nevi says Shan why can’t you see your natural bond with her? She is your daughter. Please remove your ego and stop Asmita from marrying Shikhawat. Please God, make Shan see the truth that Krishi is his daughter.

The engagement ceremony starts. Shan comes downstairs drunks. Shikhawat says please welcome my beautiful wife to be, Asmita. Asmita comes downstairs. Shan looks at her. Shikhawat takes Asmita’s hand. They come downstairs.
The host says you all must have seen many weddings in this house. But this engagement is special because it is happening on Durga pooja day. So let’s have some fun before they get engaged. I would request all couples to come forward for ball dance. The couples start dancing. Shikhawat dances with Asmita. Shan looks at them drunk. Nandani comes to Shan. Nandani says looks like you are at a funeral. Is it of your love for Asmita? She is very happy to see you this upset.

Come let’s dance with me and show her you don’t care. Shan looks at Asmita and Shikhawat dancing. Shan comes on the floor with Nandani. He dances with Nandani. Krishisays to Nevi what should I do? I can’t let mama marry Shikhawat uncle. Nevi says you have to do this. You have to make Shan see the truth that you are his daughter. It is difficult. Krishi says I would do anything. Nevi tells her the plan.The host says what a romantic environment. Let’s do more fun and swap the partners. Shan gets Asmita. He dances with Asmita in anger. Shikhawat looks at them.

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