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These streets 4 February 2022: Shan looks for Asmita. He says where is she? I haven’t seen her for hours. Shekhawat says you did well Asmita. You kicked Shan out so he won’t come to save you either. He takes off his coat. Shan looks for Asmita in the garden. The gardener tells her Shekhawat took her to the room. Mamo looks at Shan and says Sarpal has to be the Ram here and save Asmita. I hope he finds her.

Shekhawat takes off his shirt. Shan knocks on the door. Shekhawat says who is it? He says it’s me sarpal. Open the door. It’s an emergency. Shekhawat puts on his shirt and says hat happened? Shan looks at Asmita fainted on the bed. He is angry. Krishi says uncle, have you seen my mom? Shan says she’s inside. Go.

Krishi says mama, open your eyes. Shan says Krishi was crying for Asmita. He comes inside the room as well. Krishi says mama I was locked inside the closet. Why aren’t you opening your eyes? Shan says what happened to her? Shekhawat says she fainted. Let me get my phone. He goes out. Shan says I will kill you. I knew you’re a beast. You locked Krishi and then was going to force yourself on Asmita. I would have killed you. Shan says Asmita open your eyes.

Shekhawat says Sarpal and Krishi ruined my plan. He is angry. He takes out his belt and laughs. He says you should be punished for this defeat. He hits himself and says Krishi. You came in my way again. You failed my plan. Mamo sees him hitting himself. Mamo says I thought he would change. I know her face reminds him of someone. But this face is becoming a problem for her.

Asmita opens her eyes. Krishi hugs her. Asmita says what happened to me? How did I faint? I was in the hall. Where is Shekhawat? Shan says Krishi get her lemonade and bring Nevi. Shan says Shekhawat brought you here and tried t force himself on you. Asmita is shocked.

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Scene 1
Shan sees Asmita setting up everything on the date. He says what is this? Asmita says how are you? you are a servant. How did you touch me? Shan reads her letter Shekhawat tonight I will show you my love. Come to the roof. Shan says what is this? Asmita says this is for my husband. Shan says why did you? Asmita says he is my husband. Who are you to question me? Who are you? Tell me. Shan says Krishi told me you love your ex. Shan says so you should go back to him. Shekhawat doesn’t look like a good person. Asmita says how could you say that. Shan says I am going.

Asmita sets her saree on fire. Shan takes off his turban to blow it. Shan hugs Asmita. Asmita is in tears. Asmita says I knew when you shouted at me. Why would stranger care for me? You thought I wouldn’t recognize you? I had to plan all this to make you come forth. I can’t say all this to Shekhawat. I only married him for Krishi. Why are you here? Disguised as Sarpal? Where is Chahat? Shan says I am a father. Chahat is at Shekhar’s place. He is my friend. I love both of my daughters. Shan says don’t you know why am I here? She says because you always lie. Shan says you made Krishi lie too? Shan says I want my wife and daughter back.

Asmita says I am someone else’ wife now. He says I don’t accept this marriage. Asmita says that won’t change the reality. Asmita says you didn’t accept Krishi when I begged. I gave Shekhawat my commitment. Marriage isn’t a joke for me. Shan says don’t punish me like this. Asmita says it’s too late. Shan says I don’t care. I only care about you and Krishi. This is about us, all of us. You’re all not safe here. Shekhawat is a dangerous man. You aren’t safe here. I will expose him in front of. Asmita says I have known him for six years. He is my husband. I will tell everyone Sarpal is Shan. This is all wrong. She leaves. Shan says listen please.

Asmita comes downstairs and sees Mamo and Shekhawat. Asmita says I want to tell you all something important. Shekhawat says so do I. Shan comes downstairs too. Shekhawat says what is it? Asmita says Sarpal. Shekhawat says we know everything about him. Asmita says what? He says why did you do this? He laughs and says you have stolen my sister’s heart. She wants to marry you. This is a good theft. Akkiya fell in love with you. Will you marry her? Can I start preparing for this wedding? Mamo says Sarpal, I always liked you. I am glad Akkiya loves you. I am sure you like her too. I told you father, he was shocked but then he was happy. Asmita says wait.. This wedding can’t happen.

Sarpal says I am very happy. Why are you saying this? Do you think I am a servant? Mamo says we don’t believe in elitism. Shan says thank you mamo ji. We make such an amazing couple. Asmita is shocked. Shan says I accept this proposal. He dances. Asmita says this wedding can’t happen. I want to tell you something.

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