These Streets Update Friday 30 July 2021

These Streets 30 July 2021: Mruli applies medicine on Beauty’s hand. She screams and says do it carefully. He says you are angry. Beauty’s Ritvik says who is this puchki? He says everyone knew her. That girl even reacted. Beauty says like she knew that name. Beauty says ask Murli to find about that girl. Beauty says I have to find out.Ridhoy says to Nevi why are you sad. Nevi says I want you to become powerful.

Nevi says I can do anything for you. That Shan is fooling you. can’t you see after business he is taking your Asmita from you. Why did he go on the stage. That was a drama. He tries to come close to her. Ridhoy says enough. How can you be so negative. I trust him more than you. He can die for my happiness. He promised me he will do anything for me. He leaves. Nevi says Ridhoy why can’t you see. I know you love asmita. Shan will never let you have her. But I will get you married to him.

Shan comes to the room and recalls what happened. He sits down in anger. He says what should I do. I am sorry. He is in tears. Shan punches the boxing bag. He says this is wrong. No. Shan cries.Beauty comes to chanda and hits her. She locks the room. Chanda says leaves me. Beauty says I don’t like traitors. You thought if you wear veil I wont know? You met Shan.What did you try telling him? You can never win from me. You know what is behind this room. I still have the key to this closed room.

Chanda says how can I forget. Because of that I have to pretend to be this thaku ma. Beauty says I still have your throat in my hand. Chanda says please don’t do anything. Beauty says if you dare telling Shan you know what can I do.Ravindra says to Ridhoy you look worried. He says I have an idea. Ravindra says you are shocking me every day. Ridhoy says idea is very good. Get Shan married. He will be more settles in life. Ravindra says very good idea. You are becoming a genius.

Ridhoy says start looking for a girl. It should be a very nice girl. Ravindra thinks about Asmita. Ravindra says I will find one soon.Khurana says to asmita Ridhoy likes you. This is a good opportunity for me. She says what? He says they wanna make you his wife. asmita is dazed. She says I can’t do this. You can’t mix my personal and professional life. He says for this country people do all this.Nevi says to ravindra I want to go to Asmita’s parents. Ravindra says for Shan.. She says no. For Ridhoy.

My son loves him. You can’t cut his relationship. Ravindra says I want shan to stay here. I want to know who asmita likes or she doesn’t like anyone of. To me Asmita looks better with Shan. Nevi says this should be asmita’s decision. Ravindra says Shan will get married before Ridhoy. Asmita or not. Nevi says in heart I wont let this happen.Khurana says you should accept Ridhoy’s proposal. This is an opportunity. She says I can’t do this. He says please try to understand.

She says please let me go. I cant do this. He says remember your oath. Job has limits but no moral obligations. Asmita stops. She says God give me power.Asmita is trying to sleep. Someone knocks on her door. She says who is it? No one says anythiing. she picks her knife. Asmita sees roses and candles all over the floor. She says is that Shan? Shan is home and angry. A girl is in his room. He says who are you? She says I am parohita roy.

He says what are you doing in my room? She says so I came to the right room. This is a romantic interaction. She says I think you should take hot water shower after this workout. We will talk later. San leaves in anger. She says can I use your hair dryer? He says its there and leaves.Puchki hides the knife and sees all the candles. A box says open me. Puchki says Shan did all this? She opens the box.

Ridhoy is behind it with a banner I love you Asmita. She says you.. WHat is this? Cant you understand. He says what? She says in which language will you understand. He says language of love. Puchki says go from here. He sees the knife and holds it to his neck. He says say yes or I will kill myself. She says please listen.. He is about to slit his neck.Shan sees Parohita. He says why are you still here? He says your dada and my dadi wanted us to meet. This card will tell you about me. She gives him the card.

SHe says I already know about you. Our grandparents want us to marry.Puchki says please stop. It will cut. Puchki holds his hand and takes the knife. She says what childish behavior is this? Girls us run away from these things. You can’t force someone like this. You are very selfish. He says I love you. Everything is fair in love and war. He holds her. Puchki shoves him. He says you can’t run away from me.

SHe says why would a girl marry you? What is so special about you? Everything you have is your family’s. Your family’s money can’t impress me. Make your own name. Make ridhoy a name not Mazumdar.Shan says I am not interested. She says are you interested in someone else? Is that Puchki your childhood famous friend. Is she the reason? Shan says no. I don’t need to tell you the reason. Se says I can understand that you can’t forget first love. You can take as much time as you want. Se leaves.

Puchki looks at Shan’s photo. She recalls moments with him. Puchki says I don’t know what to do. She wipes her tears. Puchki says now I will solve your case and show the world you are innocent.

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