These Streets update Friday 3 December 2021


These streets 3 December 2021: Shan says adutya please let me go. Asmita is in trouble. Aditya says you broke the law. you hit her in front of police. I can’t do anything.Asmita is suffocating. Shan is handcuffed in police van. Asmita coughs. Shan hits police officers. He says sorry I have to save asmita. He runs. Aditya runs after him. Police chase shan.

Shan looks for asmita. Asmita is dying. She recalls her moments with Shan. Asmita breaks the chain and rope. Asmita jumps off the fire circle. Shan runs from police. He says I am coming asmita. The thugs see asmita. Asmita hits them.
A thug puts knife on her.. Thug says you are dying today. He puts gun on asmita. Shan comes and hits him. Asmita and shan both hit the thugs together. A thug says there is bomb here. I will kill you both. He blasts the bomb. Asmita and shan run out. Asmita falls on shan. Shan hides asmita from fire.

Nandani calls shan. sHe says why is he not pickin. Shivankar says why are you worried. SHe says I am trying to call the thug I paid to kill asmita. He says she is a police officer. You can’t kill her. Shivankar hugs her.Asmita nd Shan run in the jungle. It is raining.Shan and asmita see a dark house in the jungle. They come in.

No one is there. Shan says Puchki are you okay? Shan kisses her hand. He says I couldn’t be alive if anything happend to you. Asmita says never say that. No one can part us. Shan says you sit here. Shan tries to light fire there. He says do you feel better? He caresses her hands.
Shan says there are some clothes there. Go chane. Asmita goes behind the curtain to change. Shan changes outside. Asmita comes out.

Shan looks as Asmita. the song dil sambhal ja zara plays. Shan and asmita look at each other. Shan comes close to Asmita and kisses her. ASmita hugs him. Shan caresses her face.Next morning, asmita wakes up and sees shan sleeping next to her. Shan wakes up. Shan says good morning baby. ASmita smiles. shan pulls her close. Shan says what’s the plan? She says let’s settle here. This is a nice place. We can spend the life here. We can do that only when we give nandani her place and your relation ends with her.

Nandani calls on Shan’s number. Asmita says shan she is crazy. Nandanu says Shan I want to talk to you once. He says after what you did do Puchki I can’t even hear a work. Nandani says I have realized I was wrong. I can’t live without you. I am leavin you. I will sign the papers. And then I will die. Shan says I don’t care.Asmita says we have to go. Shan says no. I don’t care whatever she does. Asmita says no we have to go. We can’t let her harm herself.

Shivankar syas you can’t harm yourself. She says would you do what I ask? He says yes.Shan and asmita come to the hospital. Asmita says to aditya you’re looking for me and shan? Nandani is trying to commit suicide. Aditya says another story? asmita says no please trust me.Shan comes to room and says nandani.. Where are you.. Shivankar comes with a knife in his stomach. Shan tries to help him. Nandani says shan what did you do. You killed my dad. She screams. Police comes in Nandani says shan killed my dad.

Shan says no when I came he was already stabbed. Nandani says he considered you his son. How can you kill him. You threatened him. You killed my dad. How could you. Shan says asmita I didn’t do anything. Asmita says nandani shan can never do this. This is a misunderstanding. Nevi says everything is clear. Nothing is a misunderstanding. Moushmi says you chose your reality. Your blood never changed.

Nandani says to asmita you are responsible for all this. You asked him to do all this. Aditya arrests shan. Asmita cries.Shan says asmita I can never do that. Asmita says I trust you. I am with you.

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