These streets update Thursday 17 February 2022

These streets 17 February 2022: Devika says he was right about the microwave. She says I could meet an accident. But it was so much fun forcing him to apologize. She dances. Shan says she made me say sorry and now she is dancing. Enough. Shan comes inside her room. Her saree falls. Shan turns back. He says wear it. She says I don’t know how to wear this saree. My friend made me wear it. Krishi is looking for them. Shan says hurry up Krishi is coming. Shan helps her with her saree.

She says you know how to do it? Shan closes his eyes and ties her saree. The song O re piya plays. She says I am not Asmita. Shan says tie it now. I am leaving. He is leaving. Devika says pin this safety pin. Shan does it.Akira comes there. Shan says I was helping her with saree. She doesn’t know anything. Akira says in heart if this Devika comes between me and Shan, I won’t leave her.Krishi says mama and papa you have to play a game. My friend’s parents play it and she says they are the best. Devika says we will play it. I win all the games. Shan says what an overconfident girl.

She says I will play music. You have to dance on this paper and fold it every minute. If you dance for 3 minutes you will win. Devika says no worried. Shan says I am not interested. Devika says your papa is old. We youngsters play it. Shan says I am not old. You are a loser. Krishi says let’s start the game them. Krishi plays the song.Devika and Shan dance together. Krishi folds the paper and they come closer. Krishi says yayyy come on. Krishi’s friend says I never said my parents play this game. Krishi says I saw it on TV. This is to bring them closer because they fought.

Krishi folds the paper again and says we have to win. Shan and Devika come very close. Krishi says papa, you have pick mama otherwise your foot would be out of the paper. Shan picks Devika. The song ends. Krishi and her friends clap. Krihsi says you won. Well played. Devika says he isn’t as rude. Nevi looks at them and says she isn’t Asmita but there’s something special about her. I hope Shan gives her Asmita’s place.NEvi says what are you thinking Shan? About giving Asmita’s place to Devika? Shan says I don’t like her at all.

Face doesn’t do anything. Nevi says people who lose their lover are empty. God has sent Devika for you. Shan says I lost Asmita because of her. I won’t give her Asmita’s place. He leaves. Nevi says I hope God fills his life with colors. I hope Devika becomes his life partner.Nevi says the houses looks empty without the kids. Shan says I am so happy Krishi went to school after so long. Nevi says we should thank Devika. The kids come back. Shan hugs them. Nevi says get fresh and let’s have lunch. Chahat says first meet the tacky people Krishi brought inside.Akira says there were two poor people outside eating on the road. Chahat says they are so untidy. Nevi says bad manners Chahat.

We will give them food and send them back. Chahat brings Devika’s Chacha Chachi inside. Devika is shocked. Devika tries to hide. She tells Shan. Chachi says this girl brought her inside. We didn’t know this big house is of our daughter Devika. Krishi says who Devika? Her Chacha points at Devika and says her. Our daughter. Krishi says who Devika? Krishi says mama why are they calling you Devika?Devika says who are you? I don’t know you. Who are you? get out. Chachi says shame on you.You came here and forgot us? We have proofs. Devika says go from here. Krishi says stop mama.

We will know if they are lying. Chachi shows Devika’s photo with them. Krishi says if they’re your Chacha Chachi why are they calling you Devika? She stops breathing. Krishi is crying. She says please tell me mama. Shan says Krishi please don’t cry Krishi says my mama is Asmita. Why are they calling her Devika? What is this photo? Shan says listen to me. Krishi faints. Shan says I won’t leave you if anything happens to my Krishi.Devika takes Chacha chachi to room and says why did you do this? Chachi says you are such a characterless girl.

You’re living here with that rich man? You have no shame. Your mother is hospitalized. And you left us in poverty and you came here. Your mother is dying. Devika says enough. You never cared about me and my mother. You people have such cheap mentality. I am done. Leave right now. I have no relation with you. Don’t try to meet my mother and I. Take your money and leave. Just go. Chachi says she has no shame. She is asking us to leave and giving us this money? You got this lottery and giving us this small amount? She is about to slap her. Shan comes there and shoves her. He says don’t dare to touch her. Don’t forget you’re in my house. I requested her to come here because my daughter needs her. She isn’t characterless and I won’t tolerate anyone accusing her.

You have such cheap mentality. At least let her speak. Chachi says this is our family matter. Devika says stay quite. Shan says I am not doing this for you. I would do this for any girl. Krishi’s situation is out of control. I shouldn’t have trusted you and should have told Krishi. Take your family and leave this house. Never show me this face again. I have good memories associated to it. Devika says enough. I did so much for you. You’re shouting on me? I didn’t come here on your request. I came here on my will. I know what a mother is like to a child. I know because my mother was ill. I won’t leave until Krishi is okay.

Shan leaves. Devika says leave right now or I will call police. Chacha chachi leave. Devika sits down crying and says I will heal Krishi. She is in this condition because of me.The doctor says I told you Krishi shouldn’t have any shock. Shan says how is she? The doctor says she is in a critical condition. Only God can save her. Devika says her mother will save her. That’s me. Everyone is shocked.

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