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These streets 18 February 2022: Shan says this can’t happen. I can’t feel anything for her. She only looks like Puchki. He recalls what Nevi said. Shan says was mama right? Am I in love with Devika? This can’t happen. Asmita says why can’t it happen? He says you. Shan says Puchki you.. She says yes. I had to come and help you.

You’re in love with Devika. Shan says I only loved you. How can I love someone else. Asmita says that won’t stop our love. You love Krishi and Chahat too. Nevi and Chanda too. Love is a feeling. It has not end or rules. You can love anyone. Love is a faint. You can only feel it. Can’t measure it. If you love devika that doesn’t mean you’re giving her my love. That would always be mine. But you will give her your new love. Accept your feelings for her and tell her you love her. I would be happiest if you do that. She says you have to do it for yourself and your daughters. She disappears. Shan says Puchki.. He says you are right. I will give Devika love of her part not yours. I have to tell her I love her.

Shan looks for devika everywhere. She is nowhere in the house. Akira says who are you looking for? He says no one is in the house. Akira says Chahat and Krishi went to the temple with Nevi. Shan says and Devika? She says I don’t know. I only saw her in the morning. The kids come back.

Shan asks them if they have seen Devika? They say no. Akira says she might have to her place. Let’s concentrate on our wedding. She had to go. Krishi says she can’t leave without telling me. Please call her. Nevi says her phone is switched off. Akira says in heart only I know where she is and she can only come out after the wedding.

Akira asked Devika didn’t you go to the temple? Devika said I would when your wedding is cancelled. Akira said you would if you are in your senses. She fainted Devika. Akira locked her in the room. Akira says I have hid her in this house and she will only come back once I am married to Shan.

Scene 2
Shan wonders how could she leave before the wedding? Krishi comes to Shan’s room. Shan says come sleep. Krishi says why did Devika leave? I really miss her. Can’t we bring her back? Shan says we need a reason to call her back. She might not want to stay here. Krishi says you like her right. Why aren’t you marrying her then? Why are you marrying Akira? Shan says because I have promised Chahat. I can’t hurt her. I hope you would understand. Krishi says she might be missing her mom. I hope she comes soon. Shan says yes please sleep.

Scene 3
Akira comes to the store room in the bridal dress. She says don’t even try Devika. Shan and I will be married in a while. Then you’re free to go. Nevi sees Akira coming out of the storeroom. She says what are you doing here? Akira says I came to pick something. Nevi says I also need something from the store. Akira says I will get you. Tell me. Devika is tied inside.

Scene 1
Akira says let’s go. I will wear something else. We have to go. Nevi says yes let’s go. She comes to the mandap. Shan says why do I feel like Devika is in trouble. Please take care of her God. I already lost my love once. I want her to get everything she wants in life. Devika says I have to stop Shan. I won’t let Shan marry a wrong girl like Akira. He’s marrying her for his kids. But she’s an evil person. Today is Valentine’s day and you have to unite us today God.


Shan sees a ring on the floor and says it’s Devika’s ring. That means she’s in this house. Krishi says Devika auntie where are you? Akira says why are we wasting time. It’s running out. She must have left this ring here. Nevi says I think her life is in trouble. We have to find her. Shan says yes I feel like she’s in trouble. We have to find her. Akira says but.. Shan says I am sorry. He runs upstairs.

Shan looks everywhere but Akira is nowhere. He says where did this ring come from? Akira says let’s get married first. Nevi recalls she saw Akira coming out of the storeroom. Nevi says I know where she could be. Shan and Nevi see Devika in the store. Shan picks her and takes her to the room. Shan says are you okay Devika? She says yes. Devika says I knew you would come to save me and God would stop you from marrying Akira. My love didn’t marry an evil girl. Shan says who did all this? How did you come here? What happened? Krishi says are you okay? Nevi says I have an idea who did this. Just take her name once then see what I do. Akira says I did all this. Ask me. Yes I did it because I love you Shan. I can’t live without you. If any third person comes between us I would do the same.

Chahat you want me to do the same right? Krishi has Devika. She loves her. I will be your mama and love you. Ask your papa to marry me. Krishi holds Devika’s hand and gives it in Shan’s hand. She says you’re evil. What you did with her, you could do with me. It’s so wrong. You can’t be my mom. My papa will never marry you.

Akira says this is because of this Devika. I will kill her. She picks a vase. Shan says you showed who are you. You’re Shekhawat’s sister. She says yes I am. When someone takes what’s yours you do anything to stop it. He says you and your brother thought love is a thing that you own. Nevi says she belongs in the jail. I have called the police. She asks the inspector to arrest her. Akira says how can you do that? Please stop it Shan.

Nevi says God has shown you the way to Devika today and on Valentine’s day. Everything is ready. Chahat and Krishi say papa please say yes. Shan says Devika, would you hold my hand for life? Would you be my Valentine? She says yes. I love you. Shan says I love you too. Shan says will you marry me?

Scene 2
Devika and Shan get married. They take rounds around the fire. Shan fills her hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji says from today she’s your wife and your kids’ mother. Shan says Asmita, I am sorry. But I will never give your place to anyone. Shan sees Asmita’s imagination. He says your place will always remain the same in my life. I will never give your part of love to anyone. But in Devika I have a life partner and our daughters have a mother. I will always love you.

The end



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