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The Good Son 10 June 2021: Dadi tells Ramesh to postpone his plan to open the shop until Vedant returns. Ramesh says he don’t need his permission and taunts his birth. He says I will see him. Vedant thinks of Purva.

The good son 9 June 2021

.He comes to Purva and covers her with blanket. He gets a call and goes. Dadi calls him and tells him about Ramesh. She tells that she has handled him and asks about Purva. Vedant says he will hand over Purva to Rahul and will return. Dadi asks if he is fine? Vedant says he knew that the relation is not his, and tells about his feeling of pain. Dadi says you are in love. Vedant tells that he doesn’t know, but he can’t bear anymore. He gets emotional and ends the call. He recalls their marriage. Tu jo mila…..plays….Purva wakes up and thinks of Rahul.

They go to Rahul’s house with Sumit. Rahul’s fake mum calls Purva and asks her to come inside. Purva hugs her. Sumit tells that Rahul came and asks Purva to hide and surprise Rahul. Purva hides in the room. Sumit hits on Vedant’s head and he gets unconscious. Sumit says surprise. Purva comes out and sees Vedant unconscious. The man following them comes there. Purva says Vedant shockingly. Vedant gains consciousness in his hotel room and gets worried for Purva. He comes to her room and finds some other lady there. Lady tells that it is her room. Vedant says it is their room.

He comes to the Manager and asks how can he give his wife’s room to a lady. He asks how he reached his room and where is his wife. Manager tells that he had booked only one room alone and says it seems you are not fine. Vedant says he had booked two room side by side and asks why is he lying? Manager shows in his computer that there is one room on his name.

Vedant says Police will question you. He calls Police and tells that Manager has changed their check in details, and his wife is missing. Manager says he checked in alone. Inspector asks for CCTV footage. They tell that it is not working. Vedant says everyone is involved. Inspector asks him to come. Nani worries for Purva. Pankhudi calls her. Inspector asks Vedant about Purva’s pic and her phone number. Vedant says I don’t have her pic or phone number. Inspector asks constables if they know their wives’ numbers. They tell yes. Inspector says he will file complaint after 24 hours.

Vedant asks if he is with them. Pankhudi calls Vedant. Vedant says she is in bathroom. Inspector says she might be upset with you and have gone. Purva is kept captive somewhere. Dadi calls Vedant. Vedant tells her that Purva is kidnapped and then when we woke up, he was in the hotel room. Dadi asks him to think if he found someone’s behavior strange. Vedant thinks of the driver strange behavior and ends the call. He searches for that driver and finally gets him. He asks where is his wife? He says you took us to resort and then to that home. Driver tries to run away, but Vedant catches him again and asks him to take to that house. Driver asks what happened to your wife. Vedant says my wife got kidnapped. He comes to the same house where Sumit took them.

He searches in the house, and finds Purva’s earring. Driver asks why did you believe stranger? Vedant says he knows everything about Purva. Driver says how? Vedant thinks Rahul is involved. Driver tells about the gang who kidnaps british and others to get the money. Vedant asks him to take him there and says he will save Purva.

Sumit and the woman who acted to be Rahul’s mum, come to Purva. Purva asks where is Rahul? Sumit asks her to drink water. The lady kidnapper slaps her. Sumit says we have deliver her somewhere. Purva says Rahul will come and save me. Sumit laughs and asks really, did he tell you? Purva doubts on Rahul.

The Episode starts with Vedant searching a man and recalls seeing him when Sumit hit on his head. He finds Bansi talking to someone and telling that he has won a lottery. Bansi sees Vedant and runs. Vedant follows and catches him. He asks Bansi. Driver asks Vedant to beat him. He beats him. Bansi tells that he was given money to find out info about Rahul and Purva. He tells your wife will be taken out of country through border.

Vedant thinks of purva and asks Bansi to help him else he will kill him. Bansi says I can make you reach to the man who gave me money. Purva shouts for help. Sumit and the lady tie her again. Purva thinks of Vedant’s words if Rahul really loves her. Purva thinks why did you do this with me….Rahul. Vedant comes to the hotel and asks Manager to give his bill as he is checking out. Manager gets tensed. Vedant thinks of Purva.

Dadi calls Vedant and says you must have found Purva by now. Vedant says Baba ji (God) is upset with me and says he is feeling alone. Dadi says I am with you, you are cheating to call yourself alone. Vedant says I never went to temple or do puja, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. Dadi says she has hopes on him that he will make everything fine. Vedant says Purva is my responsibility, whom he couldn’t search till now. Dadi asks him never to lose hope and thinks of the happenings. He says I will not lose hope, if anything happens to Purva then I can’t forgive myself. He comes to Manager and asks him to make bill fast. He tells that his wife is in the hospital and police is taking her statement. He signs bansi. Bansi signs the Manager and the staff. They go out. Manager calls Sumit and asks if Doctor’s wife eloped.

Sumit says Doctor is lying and ends the call. Vedant tells that doctor gives medicine according to the illness. He asks the waiters to leave if they don’t want to be caught by the Police. They run leaving manager alone. Bansi and the driver tie him. Vedant takes the injection and tells that he will poison and kill him. Manager says then also you will not get your wife. Vedant says then I have to do something else. He keeps the Manager in the decky and drives the car fast. He then stops the car. Manager tells that the goons area is at the border, but it is risky.

Vedant says matter is about her loved one so he doesn’t worry about danger. They go to the goons’ house. Manager says they keep the captive people here before crossing the border. They reach the house, but just then Purva is taken from there. Bansi and driver beat Manager. Manager says it seems they have changed their plan and says they have one way to catch them. Sumit tells his lady partner that he understood when Manager’s call came.

Lady says very smart. Vedant is driving the car with Driver, Bansi and the Manager. Manager spots Sumit’s car and tells Vedant. Vedant drives fast. Sumit tells that Doctor is behind them. Purva shouts Vedant while her mouth is still tied. Vedant stops his car before Sumit’s car and gets down from his car. Sumit’s goons try to beat him. Bansi frees Purva’s hands.

The lady goon holds her. Purva shouts Vedant. Sumit puts gun at Vedant’s forehead and says you have ruined our plan. Police comes there and keeps gun on Sumit’s forehead. He arrests them. Vedant hugs Purva tightly. Purva also hugs him. Vedant says you are my wife and I love you very much. Purva says I am really very sorry and hugs him. Vedant kisses on her forehead. It turns out to be his dream. He looks at Purva. Inspector appreciates Vedant and tells that old case is solved. He tells Purva that her husband is a great man. Vedant is about to go. Purva calls him and says neither I can understand Rahul nor you. Vedant says shall we return our home.

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