Love or Poison Update Wednesday 9 June 2021

Love or Poison 9 June 2021: Vrinda stands before Mahamata’s statue. I have come here to request you to help us again. Don’t let us lose out to those humans. Your mission and our revenge will be incomplete if that happens. Don’t let us fall weak. You will have to protect us. I will kill myself if you wont help us today! She hangs a sword under a lit diya. You only have time till this diya burns out. You will have to make a decision. This sword will slit my sword the moment this rope burns out. You will save us today if you want to. My life is in your hands now Ma.

Sitara asks Surili to sit for the puja. Surili manages to step inside but stumbles. Sitara holds her. Didi will have to do something asap. I wont be able to bear this for long.Vrinda’s eyes are pinned on the sword. You will lose Ma if Sitara succeeds.We all will lose!Surili sits in the puja. Pundit ji starts the puja. Surili is restless and dizzy. Sitara is watching her intently. Surili murmurs to Vrinda (mentally) to do something asap. Sitara thinks their truth will be out at once in just a while.

The diya burns the rope. Vrinda apologizes to her sister. I couldn’t do anything for you! Vrinda screams in shock as it starts falling. It hands mid air due to Mahamata’s blessings. Vrinda is overwhelmed seeing it. I knew you will come to protect us. She folds her hands in reverence. Few snakes appear around the idol.Surili hopes her sister finds a solution asap. I wont be able to hold myself much longer. Sitara notices Surili’s feet turning blue.

Surili follows her gaze and hides her feet. She is having trouble sitting. My body is turning blue. Do something asap Didi. Mahamata’s idol melts and an eagle appears. It flies away. Vrinda understands Ma’s plan. Thanks for helping us Ma! She laughs evilly. You wont be able to succeed this time Sitara. Be prepared for your defeat. Jai Mahama!The eagle enters inside the royal palace shocking everyone.

Rani Sa calls it a bad omen. The eagle creates a mess and drops stuff on the ground. Pundit ji ducks to avoid being caught by it. Viraj and Samrat stand in front of the ladies. Ratan is standing alone. The eagle hits him. Sitara picks a burning log and tries to scare the eagle away. Viraj helps his Dad stand. Viraj takes out his sword but the eagle pushes him. Ratan also picks his sword. The eagle pushes Yamini’s husband this time. It starts taking a round around the family members. Viraj and Ratan hit it because of which the eagle falls down.

Ratan inches closer to check on the eagle but it opens its eyes and lifts Ratan as his captive. It flies away with Ratan. Rani Sa passes out. Viraj takes her inside. Sitara thinks of the situation.Sitara confronts Vrinda. Her Massi’s tell her not to mistake them to be weak every time. You are strong but we are experienced. No one, not even you can stop us from succeeding in our mission! Sitara keeps sword around her mother’s neck.

Don’t even dare to challenge me. I will ruin you all! Vrinda holds her hand and takes the sword down. You are threatening me? Go and do whatever you want to! I am challenging you this time. We will see who wins! She asks her sisters to help her get ready. Sitara vows to make sure they are thrown out of there asap. Vrinda accepts her challenge.Viraj sits by his mother’s side as she wakes up. Any news about Maharaj? He denies. I promise we will find him soon. She cries worrying about Ratan. Sitara comes there.

Rani Sa makes him promise her that he will bring her father back. I wont be able to live if anything happens to him. Viraj tells her not to cry. I will do something. Saying so, he steps outside. He checks with Commissioner but there is no update. Commissioner reasons that it is a strange case. Viraj tells him to do anything but bring Dad back. Sitara calls out to him. Viraj shoots aimlessly in the air. Sitara calms him down. Viraj is very much disturbed and murmurs Dad. She notices the wound in his hand and ties bit of her saree around his hand. What are you doing?

He says that eagle took away Dad in front of me. I just stood there helplessly! She tells him to calm down. She thinks to tell him her truth. I cannot tell him about the Vishkanya’s till the time I tell him my truth. He wont remember anything without me telling him about it. She says I want to tell you something. Yamini comes to her room and closes the door from inside. She asks her husband to step outside. Why are you hiding like a woman? He complains it isn’t so but she reasons that he had a chance to prove his manhood today. Be a man.

The eagle enters in their room. Arjun and Yamini hide so as to avoid it. The eagle flies away. Arjun teases his wife. It’s gone. Yamini looks around worried. He asks her to close the door. I told you that the danger isn’t over yet. Go outside now. She denies. You too shouldn’t go. Arjun is sure it isn’t an ordinary bird. Some enemy has sent it here especially for me. Yamini seconds him.Sitara begins to tell Viraj her truth when the conch blows.

She takes him inside knowing that Rani Sa is praying for Ratan. Rani Sa prays for her husband’s well being. Yamini prays that he never returns. Arjun prays that he becomes the new Maharaj now. Viraj asks Ma to help him find his father. Sitara says I have to fulfil my duty and promise given to Baba. I cannot let a scratch come on Maharaj or my vow will break. Please help me Devi Ma. Samrat blows conch. Sitara notices the pearl garland around Devi Ma shining brightly. Rani Sa holds the vermilion box in her hand. You have its swear Ma. Don’t keep my husband away from me. Sitara recalls how the mystery doors could be opened earlier.

Red pearl, white pearl, vermilion, all these things hint at the south gate! She folds her hands in reverence and goes from there.Vrinda is dressed like a new bride. She looks at Ratan lying unconscious on the bed in front of her. No one can stop our lineage from growing now. She moves closer to him but Sitara keeps her hand between Vrinda and Ratan’s mouth shocking Vrinda. Sitara pushes her away. Your every wish will remain incomplete till the time I am standing between you and the royal family. Vrinda asks her how she found out she is here.

Sitara replies that she may have Mahamata on her side but I have Devi Ma. Vrinda says you are too proud of your Devi Ma. I will see how your Devi Ma will save you and your king today. She drops droplets of her blood on the floor and an eagle surfaces. It attacks Sitara. Vrinda says I will make Ratan mine in front of your eyes today. You will just stand here helplessly. The eagle picks a stone and heads towards Sitara. Vrinda orders him to kill Sitara as she heads towards the bed where Ratan is lying unconscious.

Sitara uses her powers to stop the eagle. She ends up strangling him.Vrinda lies next to Ratan and starts unbuttoning his coat. Sitara holds her hand just in time and pulls her away. The eagle opens its eyes again. Sitara shouts Maa as the eagle hits her again. She asks Devi Ma to help her. Devi Ma sends her powers to Sitara. She burns the eagle in a second. Vrinda takes a step towards the bed but Sitara warns her she will meet the same fate if she tries touching Maharaj. Vrinda comes to her Vishkanya avatar. You must not be so proud of your powers.

They will make you weak one day. You are alone whereas it is 4 of us. You will very soon fail in front of us! I will make a relation with Ratan that day. That day will come very soon! Sitara tells her it will never happen. I will tell your truth to everyone very soon. I will tell everyone that you and your sisters are Vishkanya’s. Vrinda asks her who believes her. Ratan says I trust her and will always trust her. Sitara tells him the truth about Vrinda and her sisters. I am also a Vishkanya. They have come to seek revenge for their sister Kalindi. Trust me.

You all knew about this but they stealthily wiped out your every memory about them. They have come in disguise to seek revenge! I know you will find it to be some story but it is our truth. Ratan tells her he trusts her. I might not recall my past but I very well know you wont cheat us ever! You will never lie to us! Vrinda tells him not to believe Sitara. How can you trust her? Sitara tells Ratan not to fall in Vrinda’s trap. Vrinda tries again but Ratan tells her not to utter another word. I respect women so I am speaking nicely. If it was a guy in your place then he would have met a different fate! It will be good if you and your sisters leave from here! He asks Sitara to come.

He again warns Vrinda not to mistake his silence for his weakness. I can still hold you and your sister’s captive here if I want but I am allowing you go people to go far from here. You will see my worst if you don’t leave! He leaves with Sitara.Vrinda recalls how Kalindi had died. You did very wrong Sitara. You will have to bear its brunt now. You must die now! You have invited your death this time!

Sitara gives water to Ratan. Are you fine? He nods. Sit down. Sitara complies. Ratan says why dint you think I might refuse to accept you as my DIL after knowing your truth. I might ask you leave just like I asked those Vishkanya’s? Weren’t you scared a bit? Sitara says I am your Minister Kuldeep’s daughter. He made me the protector of this palace. Nothing is above this dharma. It was my duty to save you and not my truth.

Truth was going to come out in front of everyone sooner or later. I was about to tell Viraj my truth. I just couldn’t understand how. Will you help me? Please tell Viraj my truth. Tell him that I wont be able to do my patni-dharma ever. He has every right to know it! Viraj asks her what she is speaking about. Sitara stands up noticing Viraj and Rani Sa.

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