Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 5 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 5 June 2021:  Rajshri asking Varsha shall we take Kunal with us. Nidhi asks will you make him Ghar jamai. Mishti says nice idea, I will like like a queen here, who will see me if Kuhu stays here. Nidhi says yes, she is the best, you are also awesome. Abir thinks I can’t let Kuhu and Kunal give up, there will be some way. Parul and Abir say we don’t want Kuhu to go. Varsha says let us take our daughters. Abir says we will take both the brides, Kunal and me will take them. Kunal gets sad and recalls Kuhu. Kuhu leaves.

She thinks I will never come back in this house. Mishti thinks I have to come here tomorrow, how will we stay together if Abir doesn’t talk to his mum. They leave. They come home. Kuhu thinks secret will be out. Mishti asks how did you do all this, going to a new house and making place, they love you, you are the center of attraction. Kuhu says you were always in center. Mishti says everyone enjoys where you are, it looks like a movie starting, when I come, it looks like daily soap drama, I wish this drama ends. Rajshri and Varsha come and ask them to sleep early. Rajshri says I got something for Kuhu. She gives the earrings to Kuhu. Varsha says you had made this for Akshara. Rajshri says yes, its for Kuhu now. Varsha says Kuhu is getting gifts when its Mishti’s marriage. Mishti asks where is my gift. Rajshri takes her phone and asks her to sleep.

Varsha asks Kuhu does she have to talk to Kunal. Kuhu says no. Mishti thinks my new life will start tomorrow. Kuhu thinks it will get over tomorrow. Abir thinks what to do. He says our marriage can’t happen at the cost of Kuhu and Kunal’s happiness. He messages Mishti about Kunal and Kuhu’s divorce. Jasmeet talks to Nannu. Varsha asks how is he. Jasmeet asks how will he be, Mishti is going to become the bahu, she will snatch Kuhu’s happiness. Varsha gets message on Mishti’s phone and doesn’t check. Jasmeet says you will remember this one day. Varsha says maybe its urgent message. The phone gets locked. Kunal says I don’t want to talk. Abir gets angry on him.

He removes Kuhu’s pics and says we won’t force you to stay with Kuhu, we forced you to marry her, I will get you freedom from her, don’t worry. Meenakshi gives the will and says I have named this house to Mishti, will Abir forgive me. Nanu says you can’t buy Abir’s forgiveness or Mishti. She says its my blessing, Abir will become a groom, but I can’t see him like that, I m going tomorrow. Kunal asks do you really want me to leave Kuhu. Abir says I don’t want this, you want this, mum forced you to marry, sorry, leave Kuhu, Mishti and I will manage, this is punishment for you, throw the pics. Kunal says be careful. Abir says you don’t want her in your life, throw it, she is strange, she talks so much, you don’t like her, she isn’t like you.

Kunal says enough, I don’t know her, I m discovering how I m, I lied and married her, even then she stayed here with love, she has kept all relations, I couldn’t become anything for her, she is different, she has become imp, I can’t let her go, I want this marriage. Abir smiles. Kunal asks was this a drama, this is serious. Abir says you will lose if this is your way, you love Kuhu. Kunal says I don’t know to talk like you, I had much time to tell her that I don’t want this divorce, I couldn’t say. Abir says you have to put efforts and tell her, she won’t know it herself. Kunal asks will you help me. Abir says always. They hug. Abir says you took the right stand, you look like your mum, I will support you forever. Its morning, Meenakshi grinds the haldi. Nidhi asks Parul for haldi. Parul says I will get it. Nidhi says I will take it. Parul sends her. Meenakshi thanks her. Parul says I will take this haldi. Meenakshi cries. Nanu sees her and thinks she really changed, shall I talk to Abir or Mishti.

Kuhu sees the papers and cries. She says I can’t hide this from anyone for long, I have to tell mum. Mishti comes saying its my marriage today. She asks Kuhu what happened, why isn’t she taunting today, you are behaving strange, even your husband is behaving strange, I got to know that Kunal can notice someone other than Uma Patel, he was being romantic with you, didn’t you notice, I thought you both will go on private date, but you came here, how boring, any way get ready. She goes. Mishti sings Khushiyaan bhi baaten…. and dances with family. Kuhu looks on. Abir sits for his haldi. Parul stumbles. Meenakshi holds the haldi bowl. Everyone applies haldi to Abir. Meenakshi sees the haldi on her hand. Kuhu messages Kunal, I need to meet you now. Abir and Kunal read the message. Abir replies, I won’t come.

Kunal asks what are you doing. Mishti says relax, I will take a pic. She takes the family pic and thinks they are my family, I m most lucky. She gets a call on Kuhu’s phone. Lawyer says you have to meet me before hearing. Mishti asks what hearing. Kuhu asks why did you pick my phone. She takes the phone. Lawyer says I will wait for you. Mishti says I heard court. Kuhu says spa, why did you hear that. Mishti says I also want to come to spa. Kuhu taunts her. Mishti calls the spa and says I have to book an appointment with Kuhu. The lady says yes, she has an appointment. Kuhu says get the facial now. Mishti says sorry, I thought you are in some problem. Kuhu says you are the problem for me. Mishti says sorry. Kuhu says don’t say sorry, don’t create drama today. She thinks I took spa appointment, but I will go court, I have to tell the truth, I have no option. Mishti hears her.

Nidhi asking Ketki how is she looking. Ketki says perfect. Parul asks Nidhi not to tell anything to Jasmeet. Nidhi scolds her and goes. Ketki hugs Parul. Parul asks her to take shagun for Mishti. Ketki says I can’t take all the things. Jugnu says I won’t be able to take it. Ketki says Kuhu has sent two people to help us. Abir and Kunal come in girls disguise. Parul asks Jugnu why is he laughing. Nanu says we are getting late, come. Abir asks Kunal to talk in female voice. He says I always wanted a younger sister, my dream got true, Kaveri. Kunal asks what’s this Kaveri, I don’t want to do this. Abir jokes. He says Kuhu will find it funny, she will laugh, stop nonsense, tell me, how am I looking. Kunal looks on and goes. Mishti says Kuhu isn’t telling anyone, maybe there is major problem in her business, where did she keep the court notice. Mishti gets the notice. Rajshri comes and asks what are you doing.

Mishti says I was finding this lipstick. Rajshti takes her. Abir and Kunal come to Maheshwari house. Abir asks her to be careful. He says we have to dance in haldi. Abir and Kunal dance on Pallo latke….
Kunal goes to Kuhu. She hits him. Everyone dances. Abir takes Kuhu for dance. Everyone claps. Varsha says I was thinking to call Meenakshi here, she is Kunal’s mum also. Nidhi says worry, the water fell over. Varsha helps her. Parul asks her to enjoy, its her sister’s marriage. Kuhu says I m fine, just bit tired. She hugs Parul. Parul asks Abir and Kunal to get juice for Kuhu. Abir says its a chance, go Kunal. He says my sister does good massage, her tiredness will go. Kuhu says I m fine. Abir says I will get kada. Kunal sits. Kunal holds her. Bekhudi…plays… Ketki compliments Mishti. Jugnu collides with Abir. They fall down. Mishti asks are you fine.
Abir holds Mishti and says Jugnu isn’t a good, but world’s best brother, sorry. Abir shows his face. She says Ajeeb Rajvansh. He stops her and takes her. She picks the notice. Kuhu says thanks, I feel better after the massage. Kunal asks how did you feel before. She says very bad. He says your husband would have done something. She asks how do you know. Kunal goes to Abir.

Abir asks didn’t you talk to Kuhu. Kunal signs no. Parul asks them to get haldi. Abir asks Kunal to remember the holi and play it. Abir takes haldi for Mishti. Do dil….plays…. Mishti smiles. Abir asks Kunal to go. Kunal applies haldi to Kuhu and goes. Kuhu looks for him. Kunal holds her and ties a waistband. Abir comes to Mishti and applies haldi. Ishaqzaade….plays…. Jugnu drops the rose petals on Kunal and Kuhu. Abir and Mishti romance. Kunal hugs Kuhu. Kuhu thinks everything will get fine now. Mishti says you are in much touch with feminine side. Abir says I just want to be in touch with you. He asks how do I look now. She smiles and says you know, its bad luck if I see you today. He says I will close eyes. She goes away. Naata mera….plays…. They smile. She gets a stool and gets on it. She kisses him and goes. He opens eyes.

Kuhu says you were not going to come. Kunal says it would have got too late. Mishti goes out. Jasmeet picks the letter. Mishti says its my papers, give it. Jasmeet says its Kuhu’s name. She checks and gets shocked. She reads, deed of divorce. Mishti gets shocked. She asks what. Kuhu runs to Jasmeet and says I will explain you. Abir says don’t tell anyone. Jasmeet runs. Varsha gets shocked hearing their argument. Mishti says I didn’t know about divorce papers, I thought its related to business and wanted to help. Varsha says this can’t happen and goes crying. Kuhu cries and slaps Mishti. Abir and Kunal get shocked.

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