These Streets Update Friday 6 August 2021

These Streets 6 Aug 2021: Ravindra says lets go home. Ridhoy says mama would be so happy to see you dada. Double happiness I am being engaged. Shan is upset. Paro goes home.Shan recalls what he said to Asmita. He says why are you doing this. Shan comes to the cliff he used to in childhood. Asmita is already there. They recall playing there in childhood. Shan says why are you doing all this. I told you to go away from here. I asked you to break this engagement. Why are you still doing it. You have to answer me.

She says why am I answerable to you? Asmita says ask me what you want. He says stop playing these games. Asmita says what about the ones you are playing? He says you are fooling my family. For what? Money? I will give you money take and go away from my family. Asmita says wow. Amazing. You thought about everything but love. Can’t I fall in love? Can’t I be with Ridhoy? He is legal blood of Mazumdar. He loves me. What else would I need? Why should I reject him? Shan says wow. You are very clever.

You want to be his wife and take all the wealth. SHhe says you only know how to accuse. But who cares. I have changed. I don’t care anymore about you hurting me. I take my decision. This is my decision.Ridhoy comes home. Nevi is preparing things. She says everythin should be perfect. She sees event arrangement designs. Nevi says to Jamai what are you thinking? He says your happiness wont last long. Shan is bailed. He wont let Ridhoy and asmita be engaged.

Ridhoy loves Shan but Shan doesn’t love him.Shan says I challenge you. You wont win this. I wont let you. She says you will see. Puchki’s dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She turns back. Puchki tears it and leaves. Shan says only I will win this challenge.Asmita leaves. she says Shan you can’t see the truth that was hidden from your eyes for eyes. I can do anything to save you. It will take you time to trust me but I love you. I can do anything to save you and your dad. Even if I have to marry Ridhoy.

Shan says how do I stop this. They are both doing a mistake. I will never be able to balance them.Ridhoy and Nevi select dresses. They choose suit for Ridhoy. Ridhoy says mama you are old fashioned. Everything has changed now. Nevi says what are you saying. I will choose the cloth you like. Asmita comes in. Ridhoy says what is your favorite color asmita? She says blue. He says Shan’s fav color is blue too and mine too. Ravindra says I told you SHan’s engagement will be done before Ridhoy.

Asmita and Ridhoy have to wait. Shan says Nevi you should e double happy no? First Shan and Paro will get engaged. I am very happy. Both my grandsons have perfect life partners. ASmita is dazed. She says shan said yes? Even after knowing who am I?Shan comes home and says I can’t see them in trouble. I wont let this happen. Asmita comes there.Sha says why are you here? She says why are you punishing yourself? Why are you doing what your heart doesn’t agree to? He says I don’t know what are you saying.

She says why are you marrying Paro? What do you wanna prove? What do yo know abuot her? Why did you say yes to her? SHe shouts why? Pucki says I can ask you questions.Beauty comes to house as SHeila as PAro’s mother. Ravindra says nevi do the rituals. SHe makes her wear the chunri and says welcome to the family. Nevi touches their feet.

She says why are you doing this? He says why are you marring ridhoy? She says I have a reason. She comes close to sham. He says stay away from me. He says are you jealous because I am marrying Paro? She says I care for you. I am not jealous. Shan says okay here is your answer. I am marrying paro because she matches my name and image. She is very nice and of my status. She got me out of jail too. She doesn’t have fake parents like you. She belongs to a good family.

Shan says i only care about my brother not you. She leaves.Shan says why do I hurt her so much. Wy dos it pain me when I see her in pain.

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