These Streets update Monday 8 November 2021

These Streets 8 November 2021: Ravindra comes and holds Shan’s hand. He hugs him in tears. Shan touches his feet. Shan is in tears. Nevi says but.. Asmita says not a word. Nevi says you will order me? Asmtia says Ridoy was doing drama of being mad. do you want me to tell that to everyone? I have proofs.

Shan says why so emotional. It is Moahan’s big day. Mohana hugs him and says I am glad all misunderstandings are gone.Asmita looks at Ridoy’s reports. thank God I got this file from hospital while investigating for another case. She says Shan kept warning me that Ridoy isn’t man but I didn’t listen to him. I will tell him everything. Shan and I will unite in Mohana’s wedding.

Shan and Asmita scream I love you. The song dil sambha ja zara plays. they both fall down.Asmita wakes up in a bed. She recalls last night and smiles. Asmita says where is Shan. She sees a note. It says what happened between us last night wasn’t any less of a dream. And when I come tonight I will announce that we want to get married very soon. Get ready tonight. I will come to take my wife. I will take your hand forever and we will get married.

Shan is with Nevi. Nevi gets a call from Asmita. She cuts it. He says I am so happy mom. You are taking me there. Nevi says yes that’s why I got you here. Nevi says in heart I will give you the real shock there.
Asmita says I am so happy ma. I waited since childhood for this moment. Who knew we will see this moment. I hope we get to live this moment. The candle is blowing. Asmita holds it. ASmita says I hope Shan is safe.

Nevi says Shan stop the car here. He says here? Nevi says yes. Nevi walks out of the car. She tops near the cliff. Shan coems out too. Nevi says this is such a beautiful place. A man would want to take the last breath here. Shan says what are you saying ma.. Nevi blindfolds him. Shan says ma what are you doing? She says there is a big surprise for you. Shan says I don’t feel right. Nevi says don’t you trust me? SHe sits in the car. Shan says ma what’s happening. Nevi says this is my revenge. Shan takes off the blindfold. Nevi hits him with the car.

Simran’s haldi is going on. All girls ask Asmita to dance. Asmita dances on the song dair na hojaye. Shan is injured. He says mama what are you doing. NEvi says this is the revenge of your sins. You killed my Ridoy here. Shan says it was an accident. Nevi says but this will be a cold blooded murder. Nevi takes out a rod. Shan says no mama what are you doing. Please don’t do it mama. You can’t do this. I didn’t kill Ridoy. Shan faints. Nevi holds his hair. Nevi says I hated you all my life. I hate you. You tried killing my Ridoy. Even from my womb you tried killing him. We have done so many favors on you.

I wont kill you but I will make you beg for life. This is revenge of a mother. I will remove that Asmita’s memory from your mind. Shan says love never dies. Please stop it. People will stop believing in motherhood. Asmita and I love each other. Because of you this hate Ridoy died. Nevi says Ridoy is alive. Shan is dazed. Nevi says because of you Shan is a living dead body. I will heal him soon. When he wakes up he will ask about asmita. She is his love. I will remove her from your mind. Nevi hits Shan on head. He faints.

Simran puts chunri on asmita. She says your wedding is nect. Nevi says you will be locked in a dark place for life like your father. He gave my place to that chanda. And now you will suffer the same for taking asmita from Ridoy. Asmita dances with chunri. Nevi says her name will be removed from your mind forever. She hits him on head.

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