Mismatched update Tuesday 9 November 2021

Mismatched 9 November 2021: The Episode starts with Bhalla asking Rama to leave. She says I m leaving the house, if you kick me out, then I will ask for compensation, the charges for my service in this house. He asks were you doing a service here. She says yes, what else, you didn’t regard me a life partner, you kept me as a maid, you need to give income, I made Anokhi leave, but you are wrong, she is very talented, she will prove it, you can’t tolerate it but that day will come, be ready. Biji asks Bhalla to stop Rama, who will handle the house. She asks Rama to stop. She asks how can you leave your house.

Rama says I wish you supported me and my daughters, you are a woman and could have understood me. Biji says I understand. Rama says its late, I can’t stay here, Bhalla and Raja will trouble me. Biji takes her home. She says nothing such will happen.Vineet says Babli, pack the stuff, we have to leave. She says its late. He says I m requesting you, don’t argue, come. Anokhi sits crying outside the house. She misses Rama. Rama takes Babli with her. Babli says your fight didn’t end here, I have to fight my own battle, I will have courage from you and Anokhi.

Rama says be sensible, men don’t have sense. Babli smiles. She hugs Rama. She says Anokhi called you right, can we talk to her. Rama says we can try. Rama calls Anokhi. Rama and Babli ask her is she fine. Anokhi asks does anyone know it. Rama says I told them that I helped you escape from this hell. Anokhi asks why. Rama says I got this courage from you. Anokhi asks dad? Babli says he didn’t say anything, he was just seeing. Rama says yes, he was stunned.

Aastha waits for Shaan’s call. She says Anokhi would be there. Shaan calls her and says sorry. She says that girl is alone there, what will we do there, do something for her please, she has no place to stay. Anokhi asks did dad not say anything. Rama says really, he didn’t say anything, Vineet is taking Babli with him, you take care of yourself, you have to forget everything and live life. Babli says yes, our happiness is connected to you. Rama asks are you fine. Anokhi says yes, don’t worry, Aastha managed everything here, I m getting her call, I will call later. She asks them to take care. She gets Aastha’s call. Aastha says Shaan called, he spoke to watchman, you can spend the night at the college, I will arrange transfer certificate, just go and meet the watchman, where are you now.

Anokhi says I m still outside, thanks. She goes to watchman. He says you have good contacts, so you are getting permission. He asks Ravi to open the gate, the girl will stay in the college. She goes to see. Ravi says the rooms are occupied. Watchman says she can stay in the library. Anokhi smiles seeing the college. She comes to the library. Ravi asks her not to do anything that Shaurya gets angry. He says its tough to get a hostel room here, you just leave early morning, else my job will be in risk. Anokhi says sure. She sees the library and says I wish Rama could see it, I will make my dreams true so that they don’t need to tolerate anything. She reads the books.

She falls asleep, holding Shaurya’s watch. Its morning, Watchman Pandey does a puja. He sees Shaurya coming. He asks Ravi to make Anokhi leave before Shaurya sees her. Shaurya goes to library. He says how is the door locked from inside. He asks Ravi why is the door locked. Ravi says I will get the keys. Shaurya says its locked from inside. Ravi says there is no one.

Shaurya scolds him. He says this door should open in one min, you will lose the door. Anokhi wakes up and thinks who is shouting. Ravi asks her to open the door. Shaurya says I will open the door. Anokhi opens the door. He sees her.Shaurya asking the man to make Anokhi leave. Anokhi says I had come here to meet Shaan, I couldn’t meet him, I couldn’t give the entrance tests, I want to get admission, I want it on my merits, you can check my certificates. Shaurya says second year admissions are over, don’t waste your time. She says I know you can take admissions on recommendation, I also have a recommendation.

Shaurya asks whose. Anokhi says Shaan’s. He asks how do you know him. She says I can’t tell that, see my certificates nice. He recalls meeting Anokhi before.He says you are Aastha’s student, you will be kicked out. She argues. She asks him to take her interview once, if she fails, then he can throw her out. He says Aastha’s recommendation won’t work here. He recalls Shaan’s words. He leaves after warning Ravi. Ravi says you risked my job. She says I stayed here by Shaan’s permission. He says Shaurya and Shaan aren’t on good terms, I request you to not do anything again. She takes her bag. She goes to washroom.

Tej is on a phone call. He says we should support the girls’ education. Shaurya comes home. He asks for Shaan. He goes to the room. Tej and Devi worry and ask the matter. Tej asks Devi to let it be. Anokhi says don’t know what’s Shaurya’s problem, he is always angry, I didn’t take Aastha’s name, even then he got to know it. Shaan gets ready. Shaurya comes. Shaan asks what happened. Shaurya says Aastha is away and still controlling you. He argues a lot. Shaan says that girl is really talented, she deserves an admission. Shaurya says Aastha didn’t call you in 25 years, she called you now. Shaan says she didn’t ask for a favor, she requested for a chance.

Shaurya says she didn’t give you a chance. Shaan says she is your mum. Shaurya says she isn’t my mum, I feel sorry for you, you are fighting with me for that woman, does she know about it, she is using you again as a puppet, you had put everything on stake. Shaan says you are misunderstanding her. Shaurya says you disappointed me once again and left me alone, Anokhi won’t get admission in our institute, she may get admission in some other college. He leaves.

Anokhi likes the decorations of the rose day. She smiles seeing the college fun. Anokhi says I came here to meet Shaan for second year admissions. The man says he didn’t come, you may sit in his cabin and wait. Anokhi says no, I will sit outside. Shaurya and Shaan come downstairs. Tej asks what’s the matter. Shaurya asks Shaan to tell them. Shaan says we got a candidate’s recommendation. Devi asks why are we listening to Aastha, think about Shaurya, he is working hard for the institute reputation, we can’t mend the rules for anyone. Shaan says I think she deserves a chance. Devi asks did you meet her.

Shaan says no. She says Shaurya met her. Shaan says he is rejecting the admission request just because of Aastha. Shaan argues with the family. He says Aastha didn’t leave by her wish, she was…. Shaurya looks on.Anokhi doesn’t buy a rose. She says I just want admission in this college. Shaan says its about the girl, take her interview, if she passes, then give her an admission, else not. Shaurya asks them to say if his decision is wrong. Shaan says Tej used to say that we shouldn’t mix personal and professional things. He asks Tej to decide now.

He says I m going to collage, that girl is waiting for me, take the decision seeing the girl’s future, not the past. Tej says fine, make her fill the admission form, decision will depend on the interview board, trust me. Shaan leaves.

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