These Streets Update Friday 20 August 2021

These Streets 20 Aug 2021: Shan says did you call him here? She says yes I did. Shan says because of you ridoy is injured. Nevi says why did you do that? Beauty says to accuse my Paro. Asmita says shan you.. I told you. Shan says according to you Paro isn’t right for me.

Asmita says he is Paro’s bf. I know truth you will all see it one day. I am not proving anyone. Beauty says you can’t blame my Paro. Ridoy says to Asmita I know if you said there must be a reason I will stand by you. Ravindra says enough. A guy comes in and says I told Paro about that guy. Asmita sorry he isn’t her bf. It was confusion. Ridoy says he must be a fraud. We shouldn’t fight because of him. He says Shan please patch up with asmita. I can’t see my two closest people against each other. Shan says I am sorry to Asmita. She says its okay. Ravindra says all well now.

Chanda is about to get hit by a car. Pathan saves her. Chanda is dazed to see her. He brings her home. She sees Asmita’s photo. She says how do you know this girl? She is very kind to me. I feel like I have a connection with her. Pathna says you do. she is your daughter. Chanda says Pucki? She kisses her photo. she says I knew she was something related to me. I waited years for this moment. Where is she? Pathan says in Mazumdar house. Pathan tells her everything. She says I am so glad and so proud of her Arpita would have been so proud. thank God she is in a good place. But her duty is coming between her love. How will she ever be of Shan? my puchki wont ever leave him.

ASmita comes. She says shan doesn’t think the same. Asmita hugs her. Chanda cries. The song maa plays. Puchki says my love is becoming my weakness.

Bua says to Shan you should delay this wedding. Please see all these things happening. Ridoy says please don’t say all that. I will die. I can’t wait. Shan says don’t worry this wedding will happen on time.
Chanda makes Asmita sleep in her lap. Se leaves her there. Pathan says she is sleeping this peacefully after years. Chanda says Puchki is my daughter. She has to marry Shan. They can’t be separated from each other.

Asmita comes to Mohit. He tries to run. Asmita says stop. He says truth is I love paro. You wont knnow what love is. Asmita says she is lying to you. She wont come back. Asmta says tell me truth. Asmta says if you don’t tell me I will take you to police. He says I was locked in bathroom.. Asmita makes a video.

Asmita comes to shan. He is shirtless. He says don’t you have manners. She helps him with wearing shirt. Shan says can you go from here. SHe says watch this video. I wont let you marry a wrong woman. He says who are you? He breaks her phone. Asmita says what did you do..Shan says stop this drama. Don’t you understand. Why you keep doing this drama Only you are right? She says yes/.. Shan says get out. Can’t you see? My family is suffering because of all this. Are you my friend or enemy? He says you will be marrying Ridoy and that’s truth. Asmita says I am a girl. I don’t want Ridoy’s feelings to be hurt. This mission has to be successful. He says what mission? You said you wanted to marry Ridoy. She says you will know the truth very soon.

Scene 2
Chanda is taken to police station by Pathn. She says my son can’t do anything. All these accusations are baseless. He hates his past. He wont do anything wrong. asmita and Shan wont do anything wrong. She says please help me fix their future. Khurana says I will help you don’t worry. She says Shan and Asmita will get married after three years. We have to unite them.

Preparations are going on. Ravindra welcoems asmita’s family. ASmita is looking for Nevi. Aditya is outside. Ridoy comes t Asmita. He says you look pretty. Ridou takes the phone and says who is it? She says aditya my friend.

Paro comes. Bua says where is Sheela? Paro says she had to go to Dehli. Bua says leavin her own daughter’s haldi? Bua says where is nevi? Khurana says to asmita I think she has left. Bua says ma should do haldi. A woman with her face comes in with haldi. Nevi comes and says I am here. She says give me haldi. tHe woman says this is Shan’s real mother’s riht. Nevi says who are you? Chanda takes off her veil. Everyone is dazed.

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