These Streets update Tuesday 15 June 2021


These Streets 15 June 2021: Shantanu gets ready. He says I am so happy. I always wanted to study in such a good school. He rolls around with her. Anita says my head hurts. She faints.

Doctor comes. Everyone is worried for Anita. Doctor says she is pregnant.Its a miracle. Everyone is really happy. Everyone congratulates Arindham. Roshni says why did you adopt. What will you do with him now. Arindham says enough. Don’t say things like these. she says I said right and leaves in anger.

Ravindra says to Arindham blood is blood. Take Sahn back to where you got him from. Roshni says e is right. Shan shouldn’t be here. Arindhma says but.. Ravindra says Shan wont live here. The younger son comes and says he isn’t a disposable plate. Anita comes and says Shan and my baby are equal. He came to this house and this miracle happened. Is this how we return favor? Shan will live here. If anyone has problem I will leave this house with both of my kids. ROshni says don’t be emotional. Ravinda says shan will live in this house. Anita says thank you sir.

Scene 2
Arpita sees Puchki making idols. Puchki looks at his photo and feels sad. Shan wins a trophy in school.
Pucki says choti ma no one is here to play with me. I feel so alone. You don’t play wit me either. Arpita is asleep. Chanda says puchki dont’ worry I will take care of Puchki. Puchki touches her face. Chanda checks Arputa but she doesn’t wake up. Chanda screams and says arpita please open your eyes. Arpita is dead. Chanda says puchki your mom has died. Puchki screams ma.. Puchki and Canda cry.

Puchki says choti ma please open your eyes. I can’t live without you. Everyone is shocked. Chanda does Arpita’s arti. Puchki is crying. Thakur ma says she should be happy that she got done wih this horrible life. Puchki cries. She says don’t take my chotu ma. Chanda says let her go. Thakur says her time has come. Puchki screams and cries. They take arpita for her funeral. Puchki cries

Puchki cries. Everyone does rituals for Arpita. Shan is home. He thinks about Pichki. They get their family photoshoot done. He says I hope puchki is fine.
Puchki says Bari ma please don’t take choti ma from here. Chanda says she is sleeping after years. Let her be at peace. Puchki says I want to go with choti ma. She caresses Arpita’s face. Puchki says choti ma please get up don’t leave me like this. They give chita to her body. Puchki says no it will hurt her. Thakur ma makes her do it. Puchki screams.

Puchki sits upset. Kaka comes to her. She says dont come near me. Everyone who loves me goes away from me. I am very bad. He says I wont leave you. She says everyone promises that but leaves me.
Kaka says in heart I will bring your Shan back to you.

Kaka comes outside Shan’s house. He gets ready for school and sits in the car. Watchman says tire is punctured. Kaka throws a stone there. Kaka sees shan. Shan sees him. He says how are you? How is puchki and everyone in bari? Kaka says puchki is so alone. SHe needs you. Shan says please tell me what happened to her. Did something happen? What happened to puchki? Kaka says I can’t tell you everything. He says I want to meet her but we can’t go there. Kaka says come to temple tomorrow. He says ma is pregnant. Tomorrow is her baby shower. I will come there at 2 anyway. Roshni hears. She says I will catch him red handed. Shan says something in kaka’s ears. Roshni slips. Shan sees her. Kaka hides. She says I will find your reality.

Takur ma says puchki will you eat pani puri? She says noo. thakur ma says they are really tasty. It fell. I don’t know how to eat it. Puchki says I will tell you how to eat it. She makes thakur ma eat it. Pucki hugs thakur ma and says I miss my mom so much. thakur ma leaves in tears. Kaka says you wanna meet shan? You will meet him soon. Puchki hugs him.

Scene 2
Shan cooks in the kitchen. Roshni comes to taunt him. Chachu comes to helps Shan.
Kaka tells Chanda about Anita’s pregnancy. She says what will happen with my shantanu. He says I don’t know. Se says should I go and talk to them? Puchki says I want to meet Shan too. Chanda syas we will go and meet him.
Anita’s baby shower stars. Shan brings her downstairs. He recalls when Puchki was born.Chanda tries to go out. Beauty sees them. Anita says Shan made food for me with so much love.Beauty says where to?

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