Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 29 July 2021

Sacred Relationship 29 July 2021: Mishti with Abir heads towards airport in car and thinks she tried her best but couldn’t change maa/BB. BB runs behind car calling Abir to stop. Abir asks driver to stop car and gets out with Mishti. Parul, Nidhi, and Kunal run behind her trying to stop her. BB pleads Abir and Mishti not to go and says she cannot stay away from her children. She apologizes them for being blind in her arrogance and not understanding her children’s feelings.

Mishti asks not to apologize. BB says she always used to tell that Meenakshi Rajvansh never bends in front of anyone, but today she bends in front of her children. Mishti says mother’s hand should be raised to bless children and not apologize. BB pleads Mishti not to go. Mishti says she wasn’t going at all and did this drama to make BB realize her mistake. Abir is surprised hearing that. Kunal says not fair bhabi. BB says Mishti taught her a nice lesson; she used to tell Mishti is a home breaker, but she united her house.

Abir thinks she is acting and says she is acting nice, but cannot fool him and walks away. BB worried says she thought Abir forgave her when he hugged her. Mishti says today’s day is auspicious and everything will be alright.Jasmeet feeds Kuhu. Kuhu says she wants to meet Kunal. Jasmeet says Varsha will crush her head in masala crusher if she takes Kunal’s name even by mistake. Kuhu pleads.

Jasmeet agrees and says anyways Mishti is going out of house and Kuhu alone will rule her house. Kuhu thinks if she supports Mishti, Jasmeet will not support her, hence she backs Jasmeet. Jasmeet says she will call Gujratan/Nidhi and find out if Abir and Mishti left home.Abir returns home and asks Kunal to help him in unpacking. Mishti asks Abir if he is angry on her. He says she knows whom he is angry on.

Kunal and Mishti sing Aye dil tu laya hai bahar.. song.. and try to cheer him up. Jasmeet calls Nidhi and seeing them dancing and singing thinks they are celebrating Abir and Mishti’s farewell before they leave home. Varsha enters. Nidhi informs that they are not going and will live with them. Jasmeet gets angry and takes away phone angrily. Kuhu gets happy seeing family reuniting and thinks if maa wouldn’t have taken her phone, she would have called Mishti. Abir walks away and gets busy on his phone. Mishti walks to him and says its okay for husband and wife to get angry sometimes.

Abir says he is not angry and is busy in work. Mishti says she just wanted maa to realize that this house is strong on the basis of relationship and takes him along.BB holding her sitar tells Parul that daily she plays sitar, and just like strings keep sitar together, she realized relationships keep family united and Parul helped her always in keeping the family united. She thanks Parul for taking care of Abir and home, giving Abir a younger brother and her a younger sister and she didn’t value her sister.

Parul emotionally asks her not to apologize. Kunal asks them both to stop getting emotional and hugs them. Mishti asks Abir if he can see this. Abir says he can see Maa is just a businesswoman and knows only about profit; Mishti acted as breaking the house to keep it reunited, but Maa’s arrogance will break this house in the future.Jasmeet provokes Varsha that Mishti never bothers about Kuhu’s happiness and was dancing at home happily.

Varsha says Kuhu must be feeling bad. Jasmeet says Mishti is always troublesome for Kuhu. Varsha says BB is responsible for everything and nobody is there to take care of Kuhu’s happiness, Kunal is bothered about only following his brother’s duty, let him perform his duty and she will perform mother’s duty. Kuhu walks in and says she is world’s best mamma and now understands her point of view after she is getting her own baby.

Jasmeet says they don’t have any problem with Kunal. Kuhu starts acting, says she loves Kunal, and acts as getting panic attack. Jasmeet and Varsha rush to get her water while she steals Jasmeet’s phone from Varsha and says she got her comfort.Nidhi gets happy seeing BB serving Abir and Kunal’s favorite dishes. BB says she loves both sons and prepared their favorite dishes. Kunal walks in and says he will go and bring bhai.

BB thanks Mishti for opening her eyes and says even her child will get her right. Mishti says BB’s grandchild. Nidhi asks when will they have food. BB says let Abir and Kunal come. Nidhi then she has to wait for long. Kunal returns and informs that Abir is not at home. Mishti says he must have gone somewhere and will be back soon. She gets Abir’s message, and BB reads asking Mishti to inform maa that he is not hungry and has gone out on some important work.

BB gets disheartened. Mishti says if they convince Varsha and bring Kuhu back home, Abir’s anger will be gone. She insists BB to accompany her and Kunal. BB agrees.Kuhu calls Kunal, but when he doesn’t pick call she calls Nidhi and asks her to give phone to Kunal. Nidhi seeing call from Jasmeet’s number says she cannot hear anything and to speak in her usual chirpy loud voice.Varsha walks in with Kuhu’s, and Kuhu nervously hides phone in book.

Jasmeet searches her phone and says its missing. Kuhu nervously says she didn’t see it and asks Varsha did she see it. Jasmeet asks Varsha to call on her mobile to track it. Nidhi calls Varsha and informs that she got Jasmeet’s call a few minutes ago but couldn’t hear her. Varsha finds Jasmeet’s mobile and informs that Kuhu took Jasmeet’s mobile to call Rajvansh sadan and warns Kuhu that she will neither call or go there or keep any contact with Kunal or his family members.

After sometime, Jasmeet hears door bell and opens it and is shocked to see BB with Mishti and Kunal greeting her. They all 3 walking in saying they will take Kuhu home at any cost. BB apologizes Jasmeet for her arrogance before, and Mishti says they all realized that their family is incomplete without Kuhu. Kunal says they will take Kuhu at any cost. Jasmeet says who is stopping him, he can take her home. Kunal gets happy hearing that. Varsha walks in next.

BB says Kunal’s happiness is with Kuhu and she should let her go with Kunal. Varsha informs that Kuhu is not at home and cries. Mishti consoles her. Kunal searches Kuhu in whole house and says she is not there. BB says where did she go with baby. Varsha says even she is worried about baby and not Kuhu. Kunal asks Varsha she told Kuhu will be safe here, then why couldn’t she hold Kuhu. He asks why don’t they trust younger generation and think about their happiness.

BB apologizes Varsha next. Mishti says maa realized her mistake and came to take Kuhu home. BB also pleads Varsha. Varsha gets Kuhu’s message that she cannot stay in her jail like home and is leaving. They all worried rush out searching her.Parul makes clothes for baby from Abir and Mishti’s old clothes and shows them to Nidhi.Nidhi says baby is BB’s grandchild and not Parul’s to wear old clothes, BB will get baby costly and beautiful clothes; though BB apologized Parul, she shouldn’t forget her place. Parul gets teary eyed.

Abir walks in and says old and soft clothes are best for baby, especially when baby’s aunty daadi makes them. Nidhi walks away. Abir asks Parul to teach him also make clothes. Parul asks him to sit and says everything is fine now and hopes Kuhu returns home soon. Kuhu’s car breaks down near and with great difficulty gets out of car. Her phone falls down and breaks. She panics more thinking her problems are increasing, she picks phone with great difficulty. and finding a chair sits on it tells baby not to worry, they will reach home soon.

Kunal, BB, and Mishti return home and ask Abir and Parul if Kuhu came home. Abir says she didn’t. Mishti explains whole incident. Abir panics. Kunal says he found her location in nearby park and will get her home.

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