These Streets Update Monday 30 August 2021

These Streets 30 Aug 2021: The wedding has started. Shan looks around for Asmita. Asmita comes to him in bridal dress. Shan extends his hand. Asmita holds his hand. Shan takes her downstairs. Asmita recalls her childhood moments with Shan. The song kuch bhi nahi plays. Ridoy swipes his tears. Shan makes asmita stand in front of shan. He is leaving. Asmita says I kept promise and came to the wedding but I want you here and see this wedding yourself.

Ridoy says yes I want you here too. asmita sits with ridoy.The rituals start. Asmita faints. everyone is worried. Ridoy says Asmita open your eyes. Please Pandit says if you don’t get married in 20 minutes you will have to wait for 3 years. Ridoy says we can get married. Nothing will happen to her. I can’t live without her. Please get me married to her. Shan says control yourself. Ravindra takes Ridoy to a side. He says calm down. Nevi says at least let her be conscious. Ridou says no I want to get married to her. Or I will kill myself.

He picks the knife. Shan says pandit ji start the wedding. Ridoy picks asmita to take rounds around the fire but he falls. Nevi says to Shan you are responsible for all this. Shan says I can do this for you Ridoy. I will pick asmita and get her round around with you. Shan picks asmita and ridoy holds her hand. Bua secretly tires asmita’s chunri to shan too. Shan takes the rounds picking asmita. Pandit ji says but.. Shan says start the mantra. Bua says start it.

Pandit ji says to her but this would make Asmita Shan’s wife not Ridoy. she says start it don’t tell anyone before it happens. They take the rounds.Pandit ji says the wedding is done. Doctor comes. Bua asks shan to take Asmita to room. ASmita’s friend tells aditya she ate sleeping pills herself. Beauty says this is now time for Paro and Shan’s wedding. Bua says we can’t do that until Asmita is better. Ravindra says please calm down. We have to wait a little.

Bua takes pandit to a side. She says say what I asked you to. He says I wont say lie. I don’t need money. I will say what is truth.Asmita wakes up in her bed. Ridoy and Shan bot are there. Asmita says Ridoy.. Shan.. Both of them are asleep. Shan wakes up. She says this sindur? Did I get married? He says yes. She says to whom?Ravindra says lets prepare for Shan and Paro’s wedding. Bua says that wedding can’t happen.

Because Shan is already married. Nevi says what? Bua says I spoke to pandit ji. He said Shan got married to Asmita not Ridoy. Pandit ji says she is right. He says gath bandhan was between Shan and Asmita. Nevi says what are you saying. You are the elder.. That doesn’t mean you can say anything. Ravindra says but.. Nevi says you shouldn’t expect any respect from me at this moment. Ridoy married asmita. What is this shamelessness. Bua says shouting wont change the truth?

Asmita says I got married to Ridoy? I wasn’t in senses. Ridoy says I had to marry you. Pandit ji said we would have to wait for three years. Because of Shan we got married. I am so happy to see you better. Shan says let me tell everyone. ASmita says are you and Paro married? Shan says no. Ridoy says we are married. I am so happy. I was so scared. I will tell everyone you are okay. He goes downstairs. Asmita sits down in tears. She says why did you do this Shan. Why dd you make his wife. I never loved anyone. Asmita cries. She says you ruined my life. I don’t know what to do.

You kept your promise and ruined my life. I want an answer. Why did you do this? You don’t have an answer. You are so selfish. What am I? A toy? Was this your friendship?Nevi says asmita is ridoy’s wife. Pandit ji why were you silent then? Bua says he told you what truth is. You know what truth is now. Nevi says I wont shut down. You can’t fool me with all this. Bua says you can’t change the truth. Shan is Asmita’s husband. Ridoy nd Shan come downstairs. Ridoy says Asmita is conscious. She says I am glad. Nevi says Shhan come with me.

She takes him to room. Shan says what happened? Nevi says please save ridoy’s life. Shan says please mama why are you saying that. You owned me when I had no one. Nevi says I am begging you. Please promise me you will marry Paro today. Shan heard what bua was saying.

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