The Rules of Love update Tuesday 2 April 2024

The rules of love 2 April 2024: Ashish goes to Nandini’s room. Nandini asks why he came home so early and asks if he lied about an important meeting. Ashish says he has an important meeting, but I care more about you, so I canceled the meeting.

He calls Maitree. Nandini mocks Maitree. Maitree stops Ashish and says she will take care. Nandini sees Maitree in control of Ashish. Maitree asks Nandini to see the photo. Nandini sees the photo and says he already knows.Maitree says this evidence confirms that Vasundhara was manipulating them with false information during his six years.

Maitree says that Vasundhara wants to break our friendship, so she uses Akash to get me to the resort with Akash. Ashish asks Nandini to understand her mother’s plot to take her away. They ask Nandini to join them all.

Nandini asks Maitree and Ashish to stop. She says they lied about her mother and spied on her mother to antagonize her, much to Ashish and Maitree’s shock. Nandini, she says, may be afraid of being exposed. Ashish asks what exposure means. Maitree asks why he speaks like that. Nandini told Maitree that Vasundhara always told her to find a friend of equal status to her, Nandini reminded Maitree of her own status so that Maitree would take advantage of her and make friends with her husband. I will accuse you of stealing my son. Maitree is trembling. Nandini asks if she dares to have an affair with her husband. Ashish raises his hand to her.

Nandini asks if she is lying. Ashish asked her to stop doing this and told him not to make him hate her. he leavesNandini blames Maitree for Ashish’s actions towards her. Maitree asks her to stop doing this, saying that she doesn’t give anyone the right to refer to her characters. increase. She says I don’t want Mahanta’s certificate, but you need a reality check, so I reminded you.Nandini tells Maitree that she crossed the line. Nandini asks Maitree if she cares about Nandish why did she approach Ashish? Nandini comments on Ashish and Maitree. Nandini asks what if it’s not cheating. Nandini asks Maitree if she stole Ashish’s heart or slept with him. Angered by Nandini’s words, Maitree punches Nandini. Maitree tells Nandini that she should be ashamed to think of Maitree and Ashish that way.

Maitree told Nandini that he only stayed at Tiwari’s house for two reasons, Nandini and Nandish. Maitree tells Nandini that she will end their relationship today and take responsibility for Nandish wherever she is.Maitree asks her Nandini if ​​she wants Maitree to leave this house and she leaves this house.

Sona and Kusum see that Ashish is worried about something. Sona and Kusum ask Ashish if Nandini said anything to Maitree. Ashish asked them not to interfere in this matter and said they would handle it themselves.Maitree comes into her room and remembers what happened. Maitree packs her bags. Maitree breaks down in tears, remembering her friendship with Nandini.

Maitree is distressed by Nandini’s statements. Nandini informs Vasundhara that Maitree has presented proof against her. Nandini tells Vasundhara that if she hadn’t shown the Maitree and Ashish recording, she would have misunderstood her.Vasundhara plays a recording of Ashish and Maitree discussing their love. Vasundhara understands Maitree’s comments to Nandini incorrectly.

Ashish is bothered by Nandini’s statements. Ashish nearly runs over an elderly guy, but when he spots him, he turns the car to the side, and the car’s front tyre becomes stuck in the mud. Ashish chastises himself for nearly killing a man because of Nandini’s words.

Vasundhara tells Nandini that not only Maitree, but also her husband Ashish, betrayed her. Nandini claims Ashish did not betray her, that Ashish was lonely while she was in a coma, and that Maitree took advantage of the opportunity to grow close to Ashish. Vasundhara claims Maitree has become close to not only Ashish but also his family, and that it is very impossible to get Maitree out of this place. Vasundhara invites Nandini to accompany her.

Maitree decides to speak with Nandish before leaving. Ashish tries to drive the car, but he is unable to do so since the front tyre has become stuck in the mud. Ashish yells with exasperation. Before leaving the residence, Maitree want to meet Nandish. She approaches his room, but Nandini refuses to allow her meet Nandish and asks whether she is attempting to use him. Nandish may suffer trauma, according to Maitree, if I leave without informing him. Nandini tells her to quit the drama and to leave. Maitree walks away thinking she has always loved Nandish.

Maitree stands near the door, remembering her time with Nandish. Nandini asks Maitree if she has had enough of visiting her house and if she can leave. Maitree exits the Tiwari residence with her belongings. Nandini shuts the door. Someone is hammering on Nandini’s door. Nandini answers the door and is surprised to see that some thugs have captured Maitree with knives and pistols. The thugs brandish their weapons at Nandini. Nandini calls out to her mother. Vasundhara, Sona, and Kusum enter the room. They notice some thugs assisting in the capture of Maitree and Nandini. Vasundhara requests that the goons leave her daughter alone. Sona tells the goons that they have no idea who they are messing with.

Dhananjay’s kid arrives and declares that he will finish the game Ashish started. Kusum inquires as to his identity. Dhananjay’s son claims that your son arrested his father in a narcotics case. Sona claims your father made a mistake; what is Ashish’s error? Dhananjay’s son strangles Sona and tells her that he came to settle with Ashish but that it’s good to deal with you. He brandishes a rifle towards Nandini. Maitree requests that he leave everyone. He says you’re looking like a leader, and I’m worried Ashish may use you. He calls Ashish and points a gun at Maitree. Ashish decides to contact the support centre for assistance. He considers how to tackle his own concerns.

Dhananjay’s son requests that the ladies locate Ashish. Maitree claims they are not lying and that Ashish is not present. Dhananjay’s son orders that the entire house be searched. Maitree is concerned about Nandish and asks Nandini how they are going to save him from Dhananjay’s guys. Dhananjay’s son requests that they inform him of their chatter. He inquires as to whether Ashish is present upstairs. Maitree lies about her concern for Sona, who has Asthma and requires an inhaler. Sona realised Maitree was attempting to save Nandish. Maitree believes she must act quickly before Dhananjay’s Son’s goons arrive for Nandish.

Maitree lies to Dhananjay’s kid about needing to bring Sona an inhaler. Sona realises Maitree is lying for Nandish’s sake. Sona appears to be in need of an inhaler. Dhananjay’s son requests that one of them bring the inhaler.

Maitree hastily enters Nandish’s room. She conceals Nandish before Dhananjay’s Son men arrive. Goons inquire as to what she is doing in the room. Maitree tells them she came to retrieve the inhaler with permission from their brother. They both agree and rake Maitree. Maitree is shown hiding him in the cupboard.

Dhananjay’s son requests that family members inform him about Ashish and informs them that he will leave them with Ashish. Sona questions Nandini about why she did not accompany Maitree to save Nandish. Vasundhara supports her daughter.

Kusum wonders how they might prevent Ashish from returning home. Nandini promises to save her husband and son. Nandini is threatened with a gun by Dhananjay’s kid. The firing sound startles everyone. Maitree rushes downstairs and witnesses Dhananjay’s son shoot the vase. Maitree requests that he not terrify them.

Dhananjay instructs them to contact Ashish. Nandini dials Ashish’s number, but Ashish does not answer and the call is terminated. Dhananjay’s son inquires about Nandini and her relationship. He requests that they vote on who will die. He brandishes a rifle towards Vasundhara. Vasundhara says Ashish will answer the phone if Maitree calls. Nandini describes Maitree as a friend. Dhananjay’s son says it’s not looking good and instructs Maitree to contact Ashish if she wishes to save Sona. Maitree dials Ashish’s number. Please you not attend the call, according to Maitree. Nandini believes she will not leave Ashish if he answers Maitrre’s call. Ashish answers the phone and asks Maitree to say anything.Everyone is taken aback. Maitree inquires about Ashish’s whereabouts and when he will return home. Ashish expresses a desire not to return home. Maitree begs him to return home. Nandini requests that he arrive as soon as possible. Ashish says I’ll be late since my car is being fixed. Maitree tells him to come soon and gives him the code word. Ashish mulls about Maitree’s comments.

Maitree’s relationship with Ashish is alluded to in Dhananjay’s Son. According to Maitree, understanding the friendship bond is difficult. Maitree is concerned about Nandish. Nandini questions Maitree about why she begs Ashish to return home late. Maitree says it’s risky if Ashish returns, but I have a strategy to defeat them. Vasundhara and Sona inquire about her plans. Maitree presents her proposal with them, and they agree to put it into action. Van’s driver offers Ashish a ride. Maitree requests permission from Dhananjay’s son to prepare lunch for everyone. Maitree has Sona’s backing. Dhananjay’s Son advises Maitree not to be too smart and allows them to cook. Maitree believes she must save everyone at the expense of her life.

Dhananjay’s Son warns Maitree not to be too smart and gives them permission to prepare. Maitree concurs. Maitree invites Nandini to accompany her to the kitchen and instructs Sona, Kusum, and Vasundhara to set the table

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