The insolent heart update Wednesday 19 January 2022

The Insolent heart 19 January 2022: Episode starts with Abeer telling Meher that he felt good when she gets jealous seeing him with a girl even today. Meher says your memory might be weak and that’s why I shall remind you. She says tomorrow is Sunday and it is my engagement with Akshat and marriage will be in a few days. She says all your misunderstandings will be cleared. Abeer looks on. She says good bye and comes inside the house. Akshat asks who was he, and says I guess he was Abeer. He tells if she wants to postpone the engagement then we will postponed it. Meher refuses and says Abeer has a habit to trouble her. She says she has invited Abeer for their engagement so that he believes on reality.

She says I have a relation with you and I am sure that my decision is right seeing you with Ishaan. Akshat hugs her happily. Meher gets ready. Ishaan tells Mom you are looking awesome. Abeer says this pigeon is saying right and tells you are looking like a pearl, beautiful. Devki asks Ishaan to go out and greet the guests. She tells Abeer that it is good that you came, and asks him to sing and dance in the party, and offers money. She asks him to get photos clicked with Meher and Akshat, so that he remember. Abeer feels insulted. Devki tells my heart is unburdened today and says God saves you from Abeer’s eye. She says you are looking beautiful and asks her to come.

Akshat asks Abeer, how are you and says I am liking that you are accepting your defeat. He asks him to congratulate him. Abeer shakes hand with him. Akshat thanks him. Abeer says I accept that you have won the first round, and says game is still on as marriage has not happened yet. He says marriage will not happen and says I feel pity on you. He then asks him to cheer up. He asks Ishaan to smile and tells I will kidnap you and your father and will send you to Kashmir. Ishaan shows attitude. Abeer gets angry. Ishaan thinks to teach him a lesson.Meher comes to Suman and asks if she is happy for her engagement or not happy thinking it is not happening with Abeer. Suman says I am crying thinking about your happiness. She says I am your mum and knows that you can sacrifice with a smile.

Meher asks did you remember when I got specs in my 5th class. Suman nods. Meher says you was right, and says she wants to see her son happy. She says Ishaan’s happiness is with Akshat, and says Ishaan see his dad in Akshat. She says there was no importance of Abeer on Ishaan’s life and will never be. Waiter gives fruit punch to Abeer and Ishaan. Ishaan thinks he will take energy and then attack Abeer. Abeer and Ishaan drink the juice. Suman tells Meher that you came in Abeer’s life back, and says it is God’s wish. She says Abeer’s importance can change in Ishaan’s life and says Abeer is Ishaan’s dad. Meher looks on sad. Suman brings Meher to the hall. Abeer looks on.

Akshat greets Suman and takes her blessings. Meher looks at Abeer. Tunnu comes and stands with his family. Devki says lets start the ring ceremony. Abeer feels helpless and leaves. Ishaan thinks I have to teach him a lesson. Akshat and Meher exchange rings. Ishaan fires at Abeer from the toy pistol. Abeer says I will show you who is your dad. He runs after him. Meher asks where is Ishaan? Abeer thinks where is he? Ishaan is seen hiding and fires again. Abeer says even your dad can’t save you. Servant informs Tunnu that he gave fruit punch to Ishaan. Meher asks which fruit punch. Servant says kiwi. Meher tells that he is allergic to Kiwi and asks Tunnu to find him. Abeer catches Ishaan. Ishaan starts itching his face and his face gets red rashes. Abeer holds him and starts walking on the road. He gets in the auto and wonders what has happened to him. He calls Meher, but her phone is busy. Meher talks to someone and says her son is missing. Suman asks Meher not to take tension.

Abeer thinks what to do? Auto driver tells Abeer that your face also turned red like the boy’s face. Abeer sees his face in his mobile, and asks doctor to take urgently. Abeer reaches hospital and tells Doctor that he is allergic to Kiwi, and may be the boy also is allergic to kiwi. He asks the doctor to call his family. Doctor takes him as Abeer feels like fainting. Later Meher and everyone is seen with Abeer and Ishaan. Doctor comes and says they are allergic to Kiwi, and asks if they are father and son. Meher is shocked.

Doctor telling that the allergy is heriditary, just like in them. He asks if they are father and son. Meher is shocked and says it is a co- incidence that they have same allergy. Akshat asks him to shift Ishaan to other room, and says money is not a problem. Doctor says he will be fine here. Akshat says he don’t want his son to be in this room with this man. Doctor says he is the one who saved your son else don’t know what would have happen. Meher says it is okay. Devki asks Meher to complete the engagement ritual, and says Ishaan is fine now. Meher is hesitant, but agrees. Devki is happy. They get engaged. Abeer gains consciousness and sees Meher sleeping on Ishaan’s bed. He covers her with a blanket, and looks on. Meher wakes up and asks if you need anything. He looks at the ring and says this is Akshat’s ring, and this son is also Akshat.

He asks where is that Akshat? Meher asks him to leave her hand and says it is none of his business. Abeer tells I brought Ishaan to hospital when he got allergy. Meher asks what do you want? Abeer pulls her closer and says I want you to throw this ring, come back to me and forget Akshat. Meher pushes him and says you have gone mad. She sits near Ishaan and cares for Ishaan. Abeer apologizes and says he don’t have any right on her, but one day you will throw this ring and will come to me. I know……you will hold my hand and will become mine. Meher looks at him surprisingly.Abeer and Ishaan are having breakfast. Abeer says I never thought that we will have breakfast together. He says you should be thankful to me. Ishaan says I don’t want to talk to you, and asks him to sleep after having breakfast. Nurses come and asks Abeer for his autograph, and also insist him to sing Mere Nishan song. Abeer sings Mere Nishan song………………….Ishaan hears the song carefully and thinks he might be a singer that’s why sung well.Madhavi comes there to meet Abeer.

Abeer tells him that he was coming to him. Madhavi asks why you did eat Kiwi even after knowing that you are allergic to it. Abeer says he had juice at meher’s house. Madhavi looks at Ishaan. Abeer introduces them. Meher comes and asks Ishaan to change clothes. Ishaan asks about Akshat. Meher says he is busy, and asks him to get ready as they are going home. Madhavi asks Meher, if you are fine? Meher says yes. Madhavi says you didn’t touch my feet today. Meher apologizes and touches her feet. Abeer says she has started a new life and will marry. Madhavi blesses her for happiness always. Abeer says what you are doing, she will go far from me and asks her to return her blessings. Ishaan comes back after changing clothes. Meher tells Ishaan that Madhavi is Abeer’s mom. Ishaan says I know. Meher says we will leave now. They leave from the hospital. Ishaan asks Meher, why did you call her maa. Meher says no. Ishaan says don’t make me fool and says I heard you calling her maa. Meher says okay, and asks him to come.

Madhavi tells Abeer that Meher’s behavior is strange. Abeer says she is behaving like this only. Madhavi feels there was something which was bothering Meher, and only a mum can understand. Later Meher searches something in her room. Akshat asks what she is searching. Meher tells him that Madhavi met Ishaan today, and says she has done many sacrifices for Ishaan and her family. She says she can’t lost it at the last moment, and says Ishaan asked her why she called her mum. Akshat asks her to relax. Meher says Ishaan or Abeer can’t know the truth. She says I will send Ishaan to boarding school. Akshat says let him know and says Ishaan is my son, I will not let his reflection fall on my son. Ishaan comes there singing Mere Nishan song. Akshat asks him not to sing this song again. Ishaan agrees. Meher thinks I can’t let this happen….Ishaan and Abeer, never. She leaves.

She comes to Abeer’s studio and breaks the instruments there. Appendix comes and asks what she is doing? He runs out and calls Abeer. Abeer asks what she is doing and asks if she has gone mad? Meher pushes him on floor and he falls down. Meher shows the engagement ring and says she has a perfect family. She says she has a person in life who loves her, and don’t need him. Abeer says you are lying and loves me very much. Meher says your love is forced one, and asks him to stay away from her. She says I will never love you, just stay away from me and stop harassing me. Abeer looks on angrily and asks for 8 days. Meher asks what? Abeer says you said that you don’t love me, I need 8 days to prove that you still loves me, and if I failed to prove this then I will never show my face. Meher says you asked for time to prove Akshat wrong, but what happened? Abeer says this is last time, and I will make you realize love for me. Meher says you have much confidence in yourself, and gives him 8 days. She asks him not to show his face if he proves wrong. Abeer agrees. Meher leaves.

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