The insolent heart update Sunday 9 January 2022

The insolent heart 9 January 2022: The Episode starts with Tunnu telling Suman that they will definitely make Abeer lose in this game. They do hi five and laugh. Abeer wins the game. Tunnu says you are too much, as he writes Jhansi ki Rani. Abeer asks about Meher. Suman says she went somewhere. Abeer tells that he will use her washroom before she comes, else she will start playing my home, your home game. Suman tells Tunnu to play again, and laughs thinking Meher will get angry if she hears Abeer referring her Jhansi ki Rani. Meher comes and asks where is Abeer. Suman tells he went to bathroom. Meher comes to the room and calls Abeer. Abeer comes out and asks if she is having six sense. Meher gives him 60 Lakhs cheque and asks him to leave her house without making any excuses. Abeer says let me check the amount first and checks the cheque.

Meher asks him to take the money and leaves. She asks him not to make any relation with her. Abeer says our relation was build again in the hospital and it will not break. He says you are my wife and I want to give this money to you as whatever is mine is yours and vice versa. She takes him downstairs. Devki says Meher was in hospital because of your dad. Meher settled your money which you gave to Tunnu. Abeer says I will leave the house when my wife comes with me. Devki says you and Meher are not one, and are divorced. You don’t have any right or reason to stay here, and asks him to return to his dad’s house. Abeer asks her not to get angry else she will have to take 4 tablets. Devki says you and your dad are same. Abeer asks her not to put them in the same bracket. Devki says you both are same and asks him to tell his dad that they have returned the money.

Abeer reminds her for sending 2.5 crore alimony notice home and then accepting the cheque. He says you and my dad are responsible for our divorce. Devki says it is done now, time has come to lift curtain from your eye. Meher says please don’t. Devki shows the bank statement of Meher’s account and tells that she didn’t take any alimony. She shows divorce deed in which it was written clearly that Meher refused to took any money. Abeer says Dad had signed cheque right infront of me. Devki says we have refused to take money in the morning and I had informed your Dad, but he might not had told you. Abeer says I want to talk to Meher alone. Devki says nothing is left now. Suman asks her to let Abeer talk to Meher. Devki tells you are letting the same thing done with Meher. Suman and Tunnu goes.

Meher sits down. Abeer says I want to say………Meher stops him and asks him to let the things be in past and not to try to rectify the things. Abeer asks did you want to divorce me 8 years ago. Meher says I loved you very much and wanted to tell, I wish I was not divorced. She says Papa and Taiji have tortured her and she came here. She says when she got job offered, she thought to move on. Abeer says but you have not moved on. Meher says our relationship truth is over, and I have moved on. She says whatever time we have spent together, I can’t forget even If I want to. Abeer says we can’t change the past, but our present is in our control, what is the problem? Meher says problem is that we are two extremes. You made me laughed so much, but made me more cry too. She says she don’t want to stay in extreme. She says it is like a dream which can’t be reality.

Abeer says what have changed? We can give one chance to our relation. Meher asks him to go. Abeer says I am requesting, apologizes etc, and you are asking me to go. Meher says I have moved on, nothing can happen with us, just go. Meher says I beg you, please go. I don’t want you in my life again, and cries. Abeer asks her not to cry and says I will leave. He says I can’t see youe tears, and asks her to reply for his last question. He asks you don’t love me now, but do you care for me now.Meher looks on and takes his name. Abeer says I got my answer with your silence. I heard what I wanted to hear. Suman, Tunnu and Devki are sitting out. Abeer greets Suman and tells he is going now. Devki gets angry and leaves. Abeer tells Meher is angry now, but I am in her heart always. He tells Tunnu that Meher’s bedroom will be his soon as I am taking her from here. Suman asks do you think she will agree. Abeer says he will woo her again and tells about college days. Abeer asks Suman to call when Meher cools down her anger.

Meher comes and says nothing will change between us. Meher asks Abeer to leave as nothing has changed between them. He says a lot has changed and now he will do what he has thought. She asks what will he do. He asks her to wait and watch and leaves. She thinks he will create another drama.Abeer at studio addresses audiences that he was describing a story and let in between, today he will continue further and says it is a real story and story’s sweet charming hero is himself. His parents watch it on TV. Meher’s brother Tunnu sees it on TV and calls family. Abeer continues that arrogant heroine is channel’s CEO Meher Purohit. Meher is shocked to hear that and angrily tells he has gone mad. Abeer says Kuber Malhotra fixes money tag on everyone and he is his dad. He says Abeer made many mistakes and misunderstood Meher, but his dad made mistakes as could not tolerate his son’s marriage to a middle class girl and broke their marriage. Kuber angrily breaks alcohol glass and asks wife to clean it. Abeer says he is ashamed of his dad. Meher says he has gone made and is insulting his dad in front of whole world.

Devki says Kuber is getting a nice lesson. Abeer continues that he will never go back to his dad’s house and his dad lost his son and he is not Abeer Malhotra, but just Abeer now. Kuber shouts that this son has gone mad. Abeer continues that he and Meher will be together one day and Kuber will be defeated. Kuber shouts never..Abeer’s friends hug him and say he will succeed.Devki says he is acting mad. Meher says he is immature. Suman says she married same immature boy. Devki says if this program airs in other places also, Abeer’s parents will be shocked. Meher says she tried hard to hide this issue. Devki says she has to sacrifice even now.

Rathi speaks over phone with Nisar and angrily asks why he had to go. He says I love you and I am really sorry. She asks when everything was working fine, then why this now. She says because of 2 people, their relationship is sacrificed. Rathi asks if it is Abeer and Meher and why they should. He disconnects call. She sees Abeer going with bouquet.Satish sees Abeer and praises that his show rocked and girls were praising him. He says that is the difference between other girls and Meher. staff informs that Meher has come. Satish greets her in. Lights go off and everyone start clapping. Meher asks to switch on lights. Abeer tries to sing. She stops him and asks why is he making her life public. He says his dad forced them to divorce and now everything is sorted out. She says she is not same college Meher who used to love him, now she has changed, but he is same mischievous. She tells Satish that it is her last day in office and she is resigning.

Meher enters her cabin and starts packing her stuff. Satish enters and says all the plans are ready, he thought channel would make 100 crore profit under her guidance and he was thinking of taking his family to an Australia trip, now channel will make only 20 crores and he would not be able to take them. She says even without her, company will make 100 crore profit. He says they made profit after 5 years and now she is acting immature like Abeer. She gives her friend’s card and says he is very talented and is a better replacement than her. Satish returns card and says his star and business manager is going after giving him a big shock, now he will have to wear mall suits and small car. Abeer says he will talk to her and asks if she forgot her challenge of making 10 stars and leaving in between. She says she will go at any cost.

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