Wedding planners update Saturday 18 December 2021

Wedding planners 18 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT coming out to Nandini. He says I was talking on phone. Nandini says I thought Preeti… KT asks really, I have told all that in front of my family, you even think so, we will be going on a date now. She gives him some papers. He gets shocked. He says divorce papers. He sees Preeti. Nandini says I told you, I will make Preeti out of your life, just sign on these papers, and she will be away forever, you don’t love her, you love me, you aren’t happy with her, you deserve me. He hugs her and sees Preeti. Preeti nods. He says I want to end this marriage, thanks for this. He signs on the papers. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays….

Nandini says my saree got spoiled, I will just clean it and come. KT says don’t go, we shall talk about the date. She goes inside. Preeti hides. KT goes in and looks around. He thinks where did Preeti go. She asks for towel. He sees the water in the tub moving. She says some sound is coming from the bath tub. He says no, how can it happen. She gets lawyer’s call and goes to talk. He brings out Preeti from the bath tub. He covers her up with the towel. He asks what were you doing, if anything happened to you. He cares for her and says you are imp for me, if anything happened to you then…. promise me, you will never do this again. She promises.Ik tara….plays…. Kusum comes home. Neil greets her. She says I came to talk about alliance. He says its not the right time. She asks are you not serious about Priyanka, tell me. He says that’s not the matter. They see KT and Preeti fighting. Preeti says I will not give you divorce. KT asks her to sign the papers. Kusum asks divorce. Nandini says good you had come, you can witness their divorce. Preeti thinks sorry, you have to be a part of this drama now, you will be hurt seeing this. She hugs Kusum and cries. She says KT wants divorce, Nandini ruined my life. KT thinks sorry, you will be hurt, I can’t tell you right now. He says I want to get free of the marriage. Kusum explains him. Nandini interrupts. Kusum scolds her. She says Preeti will make your house a heaven. KT says I know, I want to be with Nandini. Preeti says we were going on honeymoon, don’t know what did Nandini do that matter reached here.

She says Kusum you have seen what happened with me, if they force me or kill me, then you tell the police what happened with me. KT asks what are you saying. Preeti says you kept another woman here when you have a wife, I will never sign and divorce you, Kusum is here to witness, she will report to police. KT says look at her behavior, she will fill your ears Kusum. Nandini thinks I have to marry KT for my motive, but Preeti won’t agree, I have to do something. Preeti says I will throw Nandini out of KT’s life. Kusum says you are saying a different thing. Preeti says when its about husband, entire personality changes, sorry, how did you come. Kusum says I came to make new relations, but old relations here…..Preeti asks what. Kusum says nothing. Preeti thinks to hide the matter from her. Nandini doesn’t see the hidden camera footage. She says did KT and Preeti got to know my plan and fooling me. She goes to see. She sees Preeti sitting sad. She goes out and sees KT sleeping outside. She thinks they are not so smart to understand my plans. She goes. He keeps pillows in his place and goes. Preeti asks why did you call me here. He says there are no cctv cameras here, how would Nandini know about it. She says there is still risk. He says I wanted to see you, I don’t get sleep without seeing you. Ik tara….plays

KT asking Preeti to trust him and close her eyes. He takes her. He opens the lights. She smiles seeing the lovely decorations. She asks did you do all this. He says its right, I thought to spend some good time with you. She says its lovely. He says there is much stress in life, I thought to spend some time with you. He gets Kulfis. She says I like it a lot. He says I also like a lot. He eats kulfis himself. She asks for me. He says you get it for yourself, I got these for myself. She sits sad. He gives one kulfi and laughs. Tere jaisa bana dena…..plays…. She feels cold. He covers her with the shawl. He rests on her shoulder. He sleeps in her lap. She covers him with the shawl. She smiles and rests on his hand.Its morning, Sushant says Juhi is getting the money. Shivraj says its a big consignment. Sushant says custom fees is 5 crores, he got costly antiques. Nandini thinks I got a chance. She says KT I will make almond milk shake for you. Sushant says our antiques will be on top after this consignment. Kushala says he took the right decisions, so life got easy for many people here, they get everything for free.

Sushant and Sneha look on. Nandini goes and drops some black paint on the floor. Juhi comes home. She steps on the paint. She says sandal got spoilt, I can’t go inside wearing this, I can’t even remove it and go, I have to clean it. She keeps the money bag and goes. Nandini smiles. Juhi gets the bag. They see stones inside. Sushant asks what’s all this. Juhi gets shocked. She says I had got money. Sushant goes to check cctv footage.Nandini thinks what will you see in footage, I know the angle where cctv will not work. Preeti and KT ask Juhi where did she stop, if she met someone. Juhi says I stopped in the garden when I stepped on the paint, I just went to clean the slipper. Kushala scolds her. KT asks her to relax. Juhi says I kept the bag here for just 2 mins. She says I will go and find out. Preeti asks where can the bag go. Nandini comes and says Juhi’s respect will be at stake, do you want to save her, sign on the divorce papers. She recalls taking the money and putting stones in the bags. Preeti asks did you do all this. Nandini says sign on the papers and then save Juhi. KT comes. Nandini says yes, I did this to make Preeti sign papers, you know I can do anything for love. Preeti gets upset. Juhi asks Shivraj to get cctv footage from manager. Kushala stops her. Shivraj says don’t forget Juhi is Preeti’s daughter.

Kushala says I don’t trust her, anyone can get greedy seeing money. Juhi says I didn’t steal the money. KT says let our truth come out, Juhi can’t suffer, she is our daughter, I can’t see tears in Juhi’s eyes because of Nandini. Preeti says I can’t let Arjun get away from you, you think I can see tears in your life. He says Juhi and Arjun are our children, what shall we do, just 15 mins are left. She says I have thought of it. Kushala says just tell us where did you keep the money. Nandini says just 15 mins, then Preeti has to sign on divorce papers. KT and Preeti come. She says I m ready. Nandini says you are smart, you agreed soon. Preeti says motherly love is my weakness. Nandini says KT and I can’t wait to get together. Nandini says I can’t take a chance. Preeti says I have a condition, I want to see if you have money, maybe you are lying. Nandini says fine. KT asks are you sure. Preeti says we will see whatever happens.

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