The insolent heart update Saturday 25 December 2021

The Insolent heart 25 December 2021: The episode begins with, suman happy seeing house papers, abeer says I told them as u said and he agreed and that shetty was my fan so he agreed very fast and u don’t worry now, suman hugs him, and says thanks a lot u relieved me from great stress , abeer says ma I want party, suman says sure I will give, suman leaves, abeer gives tunno mehars ring and asks him to keep it in its place, tunno says see I will return all ur money, abeer says sure u should but by being a good tunno.
Rati gives nisar coffee, abeer calls nisar and says come its party time,nisar says ok, abeer asks are u with someone, nisar says no I am actually, abeer says oh ya must be with rati and shd I call her rati or bhabhiji and give her phone , nisar says u wont do any nonsense, nisar gives rati phone and says its abeer, abeer invites rati for party, rati says ok I will come, rati says to nisar abeer is unwell then party,

nisar says he is a big drama, to stay in mehars house, is all this drama, rati says abeer sir is fine, nisar says yes he is, rati says it means he will join work soon and he will take back his show, u doing two shows, nisar says obviously its abeers show he will take it back, rati gets upset and says nisar u handled the both shows with ur hard work and now abeer will take it back, don’t u see fans love u too, they gift u so much, why don’t u do this to urself, I think like u, nisar asks what, rati says like abeer plays with everyone like mehar mam, nisar don’t feel bad, u always say abeer did a lot for u but I think he did it to control u, u living in guilt, nisar says no abeer deserves his rockstar image, he has earned it, and leave all this we shd leave now.

Kuber angry ask who sold 80 lakh shares for 60, the employ says abeer sir did, kuber says how could abeer do this, kuber remembers abt sham and tillu betting scene, abeer and tunno arranging for party, tunno hugs him, abeer says all ok whats wrong, tunno says no ever did this to me as u did, abeer says relax nothing happened and nothing will happen and this party is so that u shd move ahead and forget ur past, abeer sees mehar at door and says ur sister is mad, mehar says where is ma, tunno says she is resting, abeer sees gifts in mehars hand and says oh gift for me, mehar says no ur gift is downstairs,an auto, leave, abeer says u have no excitement at all, u and ur bua are like bitter guard, mehar says how dare u, tunno says not today plz, abeer says cmon mehar its party time,mehar says u are being so sweet theres something fishy.
Tunno says di why u fight with jiju he is so nice, didn’t u see from time he is with us its so nice and why don’t u get together back, he is so nice, mehar says u don’t need to think on all that, abeer opens door and sees nisar rati sani sir and nishi, bua comes and asks what all is this, abeer says sani sir threw party for u to celebrate happiness to get rid of u, bua ignores him and leaves, mehar welcomes all home.

Tillu says look at dad its his planning and I got hit, sham says if I didn’t hit u we would be in jail, sulekha shows them name plate and says its for our new house, hows it, sham says tillu go get a nails and hit it on my head bcoz we aren’t getting any house, sulekha says I spent money for name plate now get a house, sham says I still 50 lakhs and see what I do with it. Sham gets call from kuber,abeer sees theres no buaji and goes to call her, bua tells suman on phone that she will manage here and suman may take care of her friend, abeer goes to bua and says come buaji lets go down and pulls her and takes her down, abeer plays music and all start dancing and enjoying, tunno brings bua and mehar on dance floor and start dancing, nisar dancing with rati, abeer goes to mehar and start teasing her, they both stop and stare into each others eyes,music stops, mehar says what were u saying, I look like black cat, abeer says u cant st without fighting with me, mehar says don’t give urself so much importance, I am here for everyone and not u make that clear. mehar says I am here in party bcoz tunno insisted otherwise I wouldn’t even care, mehar leaves, abeer goes to nisar and says what is goi ng on, abeer says first u tell what is going between u n rati, nisar says nothing, abeer says ok I must be wrong right,nisar says exactly.

Rati goes to mehars room and asks her for charger, mehar says I will give u charger first tell me did nisar talk to u, rati asks what I didn’t understand, mehar says rati this is my house n here I am ur friend and not boss so tell me, rati smiles. Abeer says nisar I am very happy for u, nisar says abeer but it doesn’t seem u want to stay away from miss akdu, rati says nisar doesn’t speak but his eyes does, abeer says see nisar I want to run away from here bcoz since three days I couldn’t trouble mehar so see, mehar says u love nisar so much, its nice, abeer says I think I shd go home and join office too and then all set.
Kuber and sham together, kuber says what happened bcoz of u my son sold shares, sham says I am trying my best but what to do and tells him the whole scene, kuber gets angry and holds shams collar and says I will not leave u and ur family, I hate u all, and now see what I do and kuber leaves.

Mehar cleaning all party stuff, mehar thinks till party was on abeer was everywhere and now cleaning time see he isn’t here, abeer comes and says u want to say thanku for party right, mehar says abeer u don’t care abt anyone, mummy is unwell I am working but u want to party, abeer says oh hello I partied bcoz ma wasn’t here and thought u would atleast speak properly with me in party so, mehar says abeer why don’t u understand all this u do rises hope for ma that she will see us back together but u will never care abt it, abeer says but we know we will never be together why don’t u tell ma abt this and plz I hope u don’t want us to be together, mehar says abeer get real, abeer says see I don’t care abt u, u called me curse right so even I don’t want a living curse like u in my life and all u can do is cry and I don’t want to see ur face and take this as our last talk here after I wont even see u and by morning I will be out of this house.

Abeer in his room thinking abt mehars words that ma wants them to see together, he couldn’t sleep thinking abt mehars words, he tries hard but couldn’t. kuber makes a drink for himself and calls mehar, mehar says why must have he called so late, mehar picks it up, kuber says looks like u are busy, mehar says u called why, kuber says come meet me now I want to clear few things, mehar says its too late, kuber says if u cant I will come there, so tell me , mehar says ok I will come.
Mehar abt to leave thinks shd I talk to abeer and then goes to his room, mehar sees abeer isn’t in room, she goes down and abt to leave bua stops her and asks where is she going so late, mehar says bua office crisis I will be back soon, bua asks but few hours before u all were partying and then says mehar cmon I know u are hiding tell me the truth, mehar says bua abeers dad called me, bua asks why, mehar says he said he wants to clear some things and said its urgent and he will come if I don’t so I thought of going, bua says mehar I will come with u, it will be easy for me to deal with that man so come.bua and mehar leave.

Abeer comes out of washroom, and tries to sleep again, mehar and bua reach abeers house, mehar looks at the house and sees kuber sitting n drinking, bua looks at mehar and walks along with her in,kuber looks at them and asks his servant to leave, and says so u brought ur bua too, I didn’t ask for a lawyer but anyways tell me what u want, come sit first, mehar says u look too drunk bua is here bcoz u insisted me too come, kuber laughs and says even u don’t leave a chance to come back to my sons life so u joined his channel, mehar says plz its my professional decision and not personal to join channel, kuber says I am not a fool u see, bua says if u are here to show off we will meet for that next time and will talk abt u and ur son later so we shall leave, kuber says before u leave give me my 60 lakh rupees.

The insolent heart Sunday Update


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