The Inseparables Starlife teasers June 2019


The Inseparable starlife teasers June 2019, There’s a wedding bell ringin and more bonding for the two sisters. Read more….

The inseparables plot summary, full story

Monday 3 June 2019
Episode 19
Madan tells Dadi about finalising the wedding date. Viren tells Jeevika that if he gifts a laptop to Maanvi, the sisters can video chat even after their marriage. Virat finds out about Jeevika and Mannan.

Episode 20
Beeji, Maanvi and Madan discuss the wedding preparations. Swamini prepares the guest list. Dadaji asks Beeji to change the venue. Virat tells Viren about Jeevika and Mannan.

Tuesday 4 June 2019
Episode 21
Viren grows suspicious of Jeevika and Mannan, and confronts Jeevika about it. When Maanvi tries to clear the air, he tells her he needs time to think. What will Viren do?

Wednesday 5 June 2019
Episode 22
Jeevika and Maanvi are excited about Diwali. Viren ignores Jeevika. She thinks he has decided to call off the wedding, and decides to talk to him in Chandigarh. Has Viren told his family?

Episode 23
Jeevika and her family reach Chandigarh for Diwali. Maanvi asks Virat to stop meddling in Jeevika and Viren’s relationship. He doesn’t listen, but Maanvi breaks down. Will Virat listen to Maanvi?

Thursday 6 June 2019
Episode 24
The families exchange gifts on Diwali. Virat and Maanvi set up Jeevika and Viren’s meeting. Jeevika assures Viren that Mannan is just her friend. Will Viren believe her?

Episode 25
Swamini stops Maanvi from bursting crackers. Jeevika is happy to see her family photo in Viren’s bedroom. Viren makes a promise to Jeevika. Will he keep up his promise?

Friday 7 June 2019
Episode 26
Jeevika and Maanvi celebrate Bhai-dooj with Dabbo. Dabbo gifts Jeevika a bag full of coins. Swamini wants to help Jeevika’s family with the wedding arrangements, and sends a designer for Jeevika’s clothes.

Episode 27
When Rohit misbehaves, Maanvi asks him to leave, infuriating Swamini. Beeji, too, scolds Maanvi for her behaviour, and tells her since they are the bride’s family, they have to tolerate everything.

Monday 10 June 2019
Episode 28
Jeevika asks Beeji if she can wear her mother’s jewellery on her wedding. Maanvi apologises to Swamini for her behaviour. Beeji takes a stand against Swamini, but, is scared that she might call off the wedding.

Episode 29
Virat refuses to rectify Maanvi’s problem. Swamini visits Jeevika’s house, and apologises to Beeji. She allows Jeevika to wear her mother’s necklace. Viren and Virat are shocked to see this. Is Swamini hiding something?

Tuesday 11 June 2019
Episode 30
Things get better between Jeevika and Viren. Beeji challenges Maanvi to prepare lunch. Pinky, Jeevika and Daboo offer to help her, but she refuses. Will everyone like her food?

Episode 31
Maanvi wants to enjoy a day out with Jeevika. But Jeevika lies to her about her health and they drop the plan. Later, they enjoy having favourite food and visiting favourite places.

Wednesday 12 June 2019
Episode 32
Jeevika finds it difficult to bid farewell to Maanvi, so she ignores her. Maanvi complains to Viren telling that Jeevika ignored her. Later, both Jeevika and Maanvi recall their childhood days.

Episode 33
Dadaji asks Swamini about the marriage arrangements. Jeevika hesitates talking to Viren in front of her family. He takes Beeji’s permission to take her around the city.

Thursday 13 June 2019
Episode 34
Beeji is unhappy hearing that Viren has invited Dr. Mannan to this marriage. Jeevika tells Beeji that Viren knows the truth about her relationship with Dr. Mannan. Beeji blesses Jeevika for her prospective life with Viren.

Episode 35
Maanvi feels dizzy in between rituals as she helps Jeevika. Swamini and Vanshika share the responsibilities of pre-marriage rituals. Later, Virat aids Maanvi as her health goes worse and she faints.

Friday 14 June 2019
Episode 36
Swamini shares her worry regarding Maanvi’s behaviour with Vanshika. Virat makes Viren drink alcohol instead of syrup and insists on meeting Jeevika. She worries as Maanvi faints.

Episode 37
Beeji is shocked to see Viren hiding in Jeevika’s cupboard. He is drunk and keeps stumbling and talks repetitive words. Meanwhile, Swamini is angry atViren for visiting Jeevika in a drunken state.

Monday 17 June 2019
Episode 38
Jeevika’s family is busy in marriage arrangements, while Maanvi is stressed about her sister’s departure. Viren persuades Dadaji to let him handle the case. Swamini wants Virat to stay away from Maanvi.

Episode 39
Maanvi praises Jeevika in front of the guests. Virat and his uncle sneak in to the function dressed as women. Maanvi compliments Virat, but he’s upset as he breaks his vow of not singing again in life.

Tuesday 18 June 2019
Episode 40
Vanshika is happy to bring Jeevika into their family. Virat surprises Vadhera family by his singing. Meanwhile, Maanvi and Dabbu hide the marriage plans from Jeevika.

Episode 41
Viren cheers up Virat and their family welcome Jeevika’s family. Viren compliments her beauty while, Maanvi hesitates to perform in the presence of a renowned singer.

Wednesday 19 June 2019
Episode 42
Maanvi and her friends present various programmes on the stage. Maanvi presents a programme where she and her friends imitate Vadhera family members. The killer looks for an opportunity to kill Viren.

Episode 43
Swamini feels disgusted and leaves, while Maanvi regrets her actions. Beeji apologises on behalf of Maanvi, but in vain. Jeevika scolds her for her childish behaviour.

Thursday 20 June 2019
Episode 44
Maanvi comforts her family. Virat is worried about Viren and asks him to transfer the case to other lawyers. Beeji alerts Maanvi to stay away from Swamini and from Jeevika’s marriage.

Episode 45
Jeevika’s family is busy with pre-marriage rituals while she consoles Maanvi. To fulfil Beeji’s promise, Maanvi misses Jeevika’s marriage.

Friday 21 June 2019
Episode 46
Virat finds Maanvi standing sadly in a corner and tells her to be prepared for the marriage. Later, Maanvi and Beeji ask Dabbu to stay by Jeevika’s side during the marriage.

Episode 47
Viren promises to Swamini and Vanshika that he will take care of Jeevika. Jeevika gets emotional as Maanvi gifts her Utrasam chain.

Monday 24 June 2019
Episode 48
Dr. Mannan calls Jeevika to apologize for not attending her wedding. She is restless, as Maanvi does not answer her calls. When Badi Beeji tries to convince Maanvi to attend the marriage, she refuses.

Episode 49
Virat overhears Beeji that she has restricted Maanvi from attending the marriage to please Swamini. Jeevika learns about this and refuses to get married without her. Virat accuses Swamini for Beeji’s decision.

Tuesday 25 June 2019
Episode 50
Viren, Dadaji and Swamini request Beeji to get Maanvi to the marriage. Jeevika gets emotional after seeing her. Meanwhile, a sharpshooter makes his way through the gate.

Episode 51
As a part of the marriage ritual, Maanvi hides Viren’s shoes and demands for money in return of the shoes. He promises to keep Jeevika happy throughout life.

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Episode 52
Dabbu informs Jeevika that Maanvi has high fever. The family members are busy in post-marriage rituals. Jeevika waits anxiously for Viren, while his family teases him. He gets a call from office and he leaves for emergency work.

Episode 53
Virat tries to make Jeevika comfortable. She and Maanvi are lost in each other’s thoughts. When Viren returns from work, he finds Jeevika asleep. Later, she calls asks Maanvi to take care of her family.

Thursday 27 June 2019
Episode 54
Jeevika calls Maanvi to ask for a recipe to prepare as a part of her post-marriage ritual. Viren apologizes to Jeevika for returning home late.

Episode 55
Jeevika thanks Viren for saving her from embarrassment. Maanvi’s family is happy to see her learning to cook like Jeevika. When Maanvi lies about her ill health, Dr. Mannan asks her to take it seriously.

Friday 28 June 2019
Episode 56
Viren manages to get a day off from his work with Swamini’s help. Dadaji prohibits Virat from having lunch as he arrives late and stops Jeevika from serving lunch to him.

Episode 57
Jeevika is confused and gets scolding from Dadaji for bringing food for Virat. Viren is not keen on visiting the temple with his family, but wants to spend time with Jeevika.


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